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I purchased this plugin – but its not displaying any of the tabs in settings except the first tab. I am not sure why that is. I am using the latest Wordpress update. and I have a few other plugins installed. is there any known conflict with other plugins? please help!

Hi androdizer!

Sorry for the troubles!

Can you please open a new ticket?


Hi, really like the template, you’ve done a great job.

Everything is working great apart from when i try to create animated gifs like the one in the template. Once the campaign is sent in Campaign Monitor the image becomes static in the mail client (outlook, which i would anyway), but when you view online your animation works, but ours doesn’t. Is there any advice you can give?


Outlook doesn’t support animated gifs. Please check this link: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/post/3682/animated-gif-support-in-email/

Is the html code compatible with SEND GRID’s newsletter editor??? I am doing large scale transaction emails.

Just tested it and it works if you copy and paste the raw HTML with absolute image pathes!

Hi, I really like your clean design, but before I buy it I would like to know the size of the zip file I need to upload to my webspace. I would like to know if it will fit in a free webspace account I hold. Thank you.

Hi, I realised that when I am sending an email with your code through High Impact Email “online marketing service” the email arrives to Windows Mail with the correct background colours but the pictures arrived blocked. When I am sending it through my desktop client to avoid that the pictures arrived blocked is when the background colours are mixed up.

Hi, I just changed the code: ”.invert div,.promo div{background-color:#353535;color:#FAFAFA;}” to ”.invert div,.promo div{background-color:#FFFFFF;color:#FAFAFA;}” and ”.wrap.body-i{background-color:#353535;}” to ”.wrap.body-i{background-color:#FFFFFF;}” and all works fine in ALL email clients. :)

Background images are not embedded. this causes to get blocked by some clients.


Fantastic Design. After much pondering I bought it.

But there is one major issue, the button code is just not working. Everytime, I change the default text from read more , it just doesn’t change . The problem arises as the button is an image and is not coded in. Please do let me know how to fix this.

You have to create new buttons from the included “sandbox.psd” or sandbox.png” file

Hope that helps!

Is this compatible with Contactology? Thank you in advance!

If they support HTML templates it should work. Didn’t tested it though

Is there any way to like uninstall/not install template builder? Wouldn’t it eventually be found in search engines and stuff? I really don’t feel I need any template builder, even though it might be a good thing for some. I just feel it steals space and is good for nothing for me.

Hi Skad! If you have created your template you can simply remove the _tempaltebuilder directory. Don’t remove the folders of the template version you have used cause it contains the images for your template.

Hope that helps!

Yes I found out. As always, minutes after asking support – having spent like an hour before that trying to get things straight. Thanks anyway. ;)

Ok Great!

Never mind, I am too tired and too stupid obviously – got it now, sorry… ;)

Ok, great :)

Is there any way to make this template work perfectly in Gmail ? the formatting and fonts aren’t correct when displaying in Gmail

Hi Stefen!

Please use a service like Mailchimp or MyMail or inline all your styles to get a proper result on Gmail!


Looking for some answers, i’m not a programmer or a developer….but we are looking at switching from constant contact to mail chimp and have a question on the templates. If we purchase these templates, do you edit within the templates in mail chimp, or do you edit and add your content to make a newsletter in the coding/html within mail chimp? thanks


Sorry for the delay!

You can use the Mailchimp editor. Please check out MyMail as well if you are running a WordPress site.


Thanks, so I purchased the Market one already, that i wont be able to edit without this? sorry for the questions, this all fairly new to me..

If your familiar with HTML/CSS you can edit it without any service. But it’s much easier todo it with one

Tried to view Template Builder 2 on Vimeo – not playing. Uploading email templates works fine. Really want to see the template builder in action. Thanks!

That’s it. Strange, couldn’t get it to play the other day. Works fine now – Thanks!

Ooops! Wrong – this one… http://vimeo.com/27926008. Not playing.

Strange, plays here well. Here’s the Youtube version

Hi there great newsletter template!! I have a problem and I was wondering if you would be able to help me out….

I am using an email management system called e-clinic and they have given me code to be able to display the persons name in the email.

The code is this … </>Forename<=> Do you have any idea where to place this within the email newsletter code? I have tried within div class=”h” with no luck. Any suggestions??

Thanks very much.

Hi Eric!

It’s best to contact e-clinc how they can handle tags. I guess you just have to place them somewhere in the HTML. Maybe you have misspelled them or it’s not allowed or the Forename is just missing

Hope that helps!

Hi, the license certificate link is not showing up for me. It has before, but just not now. Has something changed? Thanks!

Trying to edit the read more button using Mailchimp and it only gives me the option to replace the image not put in a URL…might I be doing something wrong?

This is a known issue of the MC editor. I’ve already talked to MailChimp without a solution.

The fix is simple but annoying:

  • Edit the button
  • Upload the (same) button image
  • enter a URL in the new link textfield

That’s the only way it works

umm dl this and have created a template and loaded into MAILCHIMP, however, the CSS seems to not be working correctly – in the MC editor the padding for example appears fine, but when i do a test email, the padding has gone and everything is really close together!!

Hi! Ben!

In which client do you test your mails?

I have two questions if you can help me…

I see that you have said that users can edit this template in mailchimp. But. Can we start from scratch or do we have to create the initial elements using your template builder and then copy the code over, depending on the overall look and style wanted? If all of the elements can be added/amended in mailchimp – how do you set it up to do this?

Secondly, I have a client that I would like to put this to for use. I think they would need the extended licence. But for the life of me I can’t find out how much it costs or where to actually buy it. Can you help?

I would recommend to build you layout first. You can also use all modules and remove them later in MC.

The “License Certificate” is not available after I purchased this. Without that link, I’m not able to access the purchase code. Therefore, I can’t use your Template Builder. Please help.

I’m contacting you here since you gave no response on the support tickets. I followed exactly what is shown in the video. I created a layout using the “template builder 2”. The modules are in the following order: 1-Quotation 2-Separator 3-Full size image 4-Intro 5-1/2 image features left I uploaded the layout to Campaign Monitor using the API key, however when I try to add some content to the email using Campaign Monitor I only see the “Full size image” module.

Moreover, using the template builder 2, in the third section (after I click on the “get the HTML” button), the preview I see in the options (top left corner) is right. However when I try to edit it in Campaign Monitor, there are no moduled other than the “Full size image”.

When I upload the template to Campaing Monitor the default unsubscribe message appears even though there is an <unsubsribe> tag. Might you be able to instruct me on how to remedy this?

thank you, Jason

Sorry for the troubles! I’m using the unsubscribe tags in my templates as it should (source) Please contact CampaignMonitor if you have problems

I actually found the issue, you can not have an unsubscribe in an editable line. any campaign monitor template should abide by this rule ( as per cm) thanks!

ok, thanks for the info! Didn’t know that! I’ll check that to update my templates

Hi Im using MyTemplateBuilder, and whenever I try to upload to Campaign Monitor with a certain template, it says FILES MISSING FROM ZIP FILE. Could you please help?



Just tested it and worked without problems. which modules did you use?