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I get the same error on the contact page: the first 2 fields appear to have empty after i write something in them. Any updates here?

Also, is there possible to introduce some sharing buttons anywhere? Even a float version would be grate, but only with 4-5 social channels.

Thanks, Mihai

we was on Holidays .. Please email us again . Thank you

I emailed support.

Thanks, Rob

Holidays .. Please email us again . Thank you

Nobody responding. What happened to support?

Holidays .. Please email us again . Thank you

How can i make the video auto play and close after finish playing?

Hi Gongze , it will need some special skills on Javascript to do it .. anyway with the new update we will try those nice extras ..

it will be available in few days .

Thank you so much .

Awesome! Thanks for looking into it.

You’re welcome gongze and sorry for the late reply ( holidays ) .. you will be noticied via email when the update will be available .

Don’t forget to follow us .. Thank you again .

Hi, can the top menu of the site (home, about, blog) remain visible even when users scroll down?

Yes but it need some skills to include plugin .. there is a lot of tutorials in the net that show you how ..

we will include this in the next update .

Thank you so much and sorry for the late reply ( holidays )

How can I change the video?

Hi Charious07 .. Please open (index.html) and locate line 504 .

There is a comment that indicate the location named :

 <!-- Video PopUp --> 

You replace the iframe bellow and it will work fine .

Hope you find it .. Thank you .

Thank you …. I feel silly now…lol….I never looked that far down….you are the best….count me in as a regular customer…I love your work!

Thank you for your kind words Charious07 , Don’t forget to follow us to get notified about new updates and releases .

Thank you again and wish you the best .

Hello: The content of the contact form text fields disappears when we toggle to the next field. Can you please let me know on how to fix this?

Thanks for the reply. I need to turn around a project to the client by Monday. I am in a little bit of a bind. Can you please let me know what edits I need to make to get this to work correctly?

Nevermind… figured it out. For others having this issue, please change the line# 369 in style.css. Color should be: color:#000000;

Happy to hear that you figured it out .. Thank you so much for sharing the solution .

if you need anything else , let us know .

Hello Atlaspix: Is it possible to make the video autoplay when the button on the home page is clicked? Right now, the user has to click on the button and once again on the player to start playing the video. And how about making it autoclose after the video has finished playing?

When I set the autoplay=1 option in the video page, the video loads in the background irrespective of whether the user clicks on the button to watch the video.

Hi sujiththomas .. Yes it’s possible but it depends on wich API you wil use .. it’s possible with Vimeo and youtube .

please send us a message to support and we will do it :)

don’t forget to rate our item and to follow us .

Thank you sujiththomas

I’d like the play button to go to a href=”#” instead of the popup video. How can I disable the pop up and just make it a normal href button?

please open main.js and disable the pop-up function ,and then put your URL a tag .

Thank you so much

Hey Atlaspix,

i recently purchased this theme and when i tried to upload the .zip file on wordpress it doesn’t upload. please help!

Hi, I like your theme and it looks great! I usually work with wordpress themes. Have not really tried the bootstrap framework before. Does your documentation covers how to set up the site using the files purchased? Or do you have any good online resource that teaches how to do this after I make the purchase? Thank you in advance!

Is there a video that shows me how to install step by step because I have no experience with this kind of work, I thought it was simple.

can i edit the subscribe buttone for using it with mailchip?

This template looks fantastic! Congratulations! Do you have this template available for wordpress?

Kind regards.


I buy the Marketex in Themeforest, but my contact form, not is working.

I edit in mailer.php line six, but not work yet.

Please, helpme.


I send email for you, and MP for here, but you not answered . I need your help, i have problem for configure my email, i change mail;php, but not work.

Hi, I am having the same autoplay problem with youtube. Our video is starting in the background. Is this still something we need to message support to accomplish? Thanks

Hello I just purchased and I’m not able to install – please check email