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Beautiful design ;) gr8 work! GLWS !

Thank you so much !

Beautiful! You produce some awesome themes! :)

Thank you so so much Evan !

To all our customers , if you need any help please feel free emailing us at we will be so happy assisting you .

Thank you .

great work,. Congrats.. :)

Thank You !

Wow SO COOL aka AMAZING (and on Mobile too!!) I’m not very good at html, do you think possible (I’ve done many wordpress sites for friends) for me to figure out how to customize for a site here without knowing coding too well…? Either way GRT DESIGN and Functionality!!

Hi sterlingwilliam .. Thank for purchasing our item .

this is a Plain HTML template .. to edit it you must have Basic HTML knowledge .. you can’t do it via wordpress .

Please if you need any help email us at and we will assist you in everything .

Thank you again .

Very good looking, I like it!

Thank You so much !

This is exactly what i was looking for. Awesome, thanks.

Thank you pdonelli .

This is great. I have the theme installed and uploaded, but how do I change the video to my video???

Hi marklaw ..

the video is an iframe embeded inside the HTML file .. located on line 504 ( on the bottom ) under the name of “Video Popup” .

replace the iframe with yours and it’s done.

Thank you


Beautiful theme. Could you tell me where to change the images for the moving background?

Thank you.

Hi PH4321 Thank you ..

as the documentation show .. the backgrounds are located inside the /img/ folder named “Background.png – Background2.png etc ” please replace it with yours .

Thank you again .

Having some problems with video. The video won’t stop playing when I select to close. The video also does weird things on ipad.

Hi dhrylanton .. we are investigating this right now .. we will update the item asap . Thank you

The contact form input placeholders do not show up/appear in IE9

The live sample on Themeforest has the same issue.

Can you provide instructions on how to correct this since it’s the most important part? It works fine in FF.

I am experiencing similar problems to dhrylanton with video.

I just replied your email ..

hey :) i wanted to ask you if i can use this theme (screenshot of the live-preview) for the preview of a tablet mockup on graphicriver. In return I´ll credit your work in the description of the product. Best regards

Yes you can .. Good luck with your tablet mockup .

Fantastic theme!

Is there any way to allow the tabbed content area to expand to the size of the content put it, rather than be a fixed height?

Thank you

yes it’s possible .. please send us a email to and we will show you how to do it .

Thank you .

Uhmmm… Nice but, Stopping the video doesn´t work; Video plays in background.

Bugfix is needed my friend

Yes wmunguiam .. we will notice you when the update will be available

Thank you .

To all our customers, Thank you for using Marketex .

We just Release the Marketex Version 1.1 .

This release include a fix to minor bugs .

Fixed : Video Stop Playing when Popup is closed.

Improved : Input Border and Text Color on focus .

The Updated Files are : Main.js and Styles.css .

if you have any question or you need support , email us at

We usually get back within 6 hours . We try to give our customers the best support possible . Please if you need any help , let us know.

Thank you again !

Edit – The Updated Files are : Main.js , Main2.js and Styles.css .

Thank you so much Andrew .

Funny behavier. The web page reloads over and over again. Any ideas? Thanks.

Ok aitsuCMS .. Please email us at so we can assist you better and solve your issues .

Thank you .

I found the problem within main.js. Removing the “Tabbed Section” solves the reload issues but of course disables tabbing.

Any idea why? Is there an update? Something that will solve the problem mit tabbing? Thanks

BTW: I send an email message to you.

Hi, I’ve purchased this and have emailed you about some support just today. Looking forward to your response. Thanks

yes we have received your message , we are investigating the issues you are facing , we will reply to your email .

Thank you

What’s the theme folder called? Getting a stylesheet error, and I’ve tried uploading all the folders with a .css file in them to no avail.

You got this message because you are trying to install it as a theme … and this is only a HTML plain template .

Thank you .

What does that mean? How do I install it then?

Is there any way to tell which version of Marketex is being run?

there is only 2 versions .. the old version has some issues with the video popup wich we have solved in the current version .

Thank you