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Great theme!

Is there a way to make the background image fixed? It kind of has like a parallax effect and shows up on the footer. Just want it to stay put when I scroll and can’t find the code to change it. Thanks!

yes it’s possible but not a easy task .. Please email us at and we will assist you with everything .

Thank you

Hi, very good theme!

Question: when I use latest version of Bootstrap from, the screenshots section is messed up: pictures are mega enlarged and on a single column.

Is there any customization of this template’s Bootstrap file?

Hi Instaroid

Please email us at and we will assist you with everything .

Thank you

Hi Sent an email to support April 29 i.e. I have a question I have a mockup logo when I go to the home page It shows up- click on about it shows up click back to home it gives the blue box – cant find, and changes the index to the following with the #sign

index2_slider.html# Marketex/Product/index2_slider.html#

Do you use only one of each index and delete the other ones?

Thanks Gary

Please resend the email so we can assist you better . Thank you

Have sent several no reply “direct” Here is what is left This brings me to the second question The signup to get xxx—- Subscribe link with MailChimp Signup Form doesn’t seem to work , the regular contact for works, does the php form not handle both? Thanks Gary

Hi Coolj

the php form handle only the contact part .. not the subscribe form .

Mailchimp will help you to setup the subscribe and add listed users .

All the photos shown have a cool “Instagram-ish” filter effect. Is that automatically apply to any photo we use, or we have to edit the photo on our end before using the theme?

Hi alineamedia it’s possible to play different videos when clicking the tabs content images .. but it will be so hard task for begineers .. as this is a special request ... Please email us to support(@) and we will assist you with this .

Thank you .

do you have a different email address? That above email address got bounced back after multiple attempts. thanks

our server was facing some issues .. now everything is ok . please re-email ou support and we will be so happy assisting you .

Thank you .

Hello! I started customizing Market index. Today I don’t have bacground image to rotate, so I used the index.html file. What if tomorrow I need the rotation? There’s a simply way or I have to cut and paste all my work in index_slider.html?

Hi Nitro

no need to cut and paste your work .. Only copy the Javascript backstretch function from main2.js to main.js .. and you will have the rotation background in index.html

hope it help , Thank you

Hi, on the contact page… after you enter something into any of the fields and move to the next field, the content seems to have disappeared? when you focus on the field again, the value are there again… is this a bug or part of its design? thx

Hi jleefw

yes seems to be a bug .. we will fix it and update the package asap .

Thank you for noticing .

Hi, Brilliant work on this theme !! I am having trouble with the position of the Youtube/Vimeo iframe video pop-up overlay light box feature.. the embeded framed player is overlapping the top transparent menu bar,

  1. What must the lightbox script be changed to, to lower the position and center the screen of the player?
  2. And
  3. where do i put the “wmode=transparent” to make the players window frame invisible
  4. Also I messaged you a question about the whit content block and that im excited to get answer for.
I will email you the web-address of my site! `,;-D Thank you Kindly.

we are so sorry we dind’t see your message :/

if you need anything else let us know

Hi Yeah just waiting..

Just replied your email .. Thank you

This is very beautiful. Can this be added to an Opencart website by uploaded through the FTP?

Hi @tscustomsuits

Yes , but you must edit it manually and setup it manually trough FTP

if you need assistance let us know

Thank you .

You skipped my questions to answer/ reply someone who hasn’t purchased yet…?! trying to understand that one.

Q—how does the blog post set up work?

Oh okay, I understand, thanks

Standing by `,;-]’

please email us at support(@) and we will do all the necessary to help you with your needs . apologize

Thank you for your patience .


Just replied your email .. Thank you

Standing By..

Just replied your email .. Thank you

Emailed Support..

Just replied your email .. Thank you

Hi yes, been searching.. so where specifically in the style.css? there isnt a block with a background color of #fffff `,;-]

Hi Truest

it seems like you have difficulties to customize it .

please send us your package to support email and we will customize it for you .

Is It an Matter of altering the .psd elements?

no you have to alterate the .css file

can you please locate the responsible element in the css file that your speaking of for me?

Hi Truest please send us your package to support email and we will customize it for you .

Thank YOu! Sent..

HI, Yes Still waiting Thanks `,;-D !!!

Hi Atlaspix, Before I buy the template, a question. Is it possible instead of having one “play’ button to have 3 videos with Video 1, Video 2 Video 3?

Thanks, Rob

Hi Nacre , Marketex only include 1 video , buy you can create 3 buttons and 3 videos too , it’s a easy task .

if you need any help please contact us at support(@) and we will assist you in eveything .

Thank you .

Good Morning,


I just have one question. How could I connect the email form to GetResponse? Thanks in advance!

the subscribe form is only a HTML plain one , you must follow the tutorials of GetReponse , we have only tutorials for Aweber and Mailchimp .

Thank you

Yeah Hi, still waiting for the code alteration you offered. Thank you!

Sorry for the late reply , but we can’t do free customization at the moment , support is here to fix any bugs or issues you may have , but not for alterations or complex customizations .

Thank you .

I know your busy and i respect the current state of you availilibility but… (below)

Regarding the White content blocks color change—-According to you its a .css file background-color code change-Not Complex. So it shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds locate it for me and Post it here at least, After all, you did Email me this….....”Hi Truest please send us your package to support email and we will customize it for you .” -Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 12:36 PM

thank you Kindly Truest