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Hi there this theme is absolutly great, I was wondering if it is possible to have just the profile section where customers add their product, price & images etc

This would be great to plug into my skill sharing platform i am developing. theskillshed.com

Please Help..

I’m not exactly sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish. Can you please elaborate a bit? Thanks!

Ok, so i am starting a skill sharing website and i am currently using a vibe theme which is great, the only issue is that if a customer wants to add a course (produt) then i have to add it for them. Your theme is ideal as the customer (author) can create their produts themselves. Its ideal

My site: theskillshed.com

Currenlty under development but hopefully you would get the idea.

Yes, using Frontend Submissions allows frontend vendors and products to be added via the frontend.


You have been recommended by Caleb Sylvest from upthemes.com. I have a few I have a few pre-sales questions for you. I’m trying to build a WordPress website similar to Shutterstock, Fotolia or Dreamstine.

This would be basically a full blown e-commerce website where buyers can purchase the stock images (digital photos), create their own wish lists (galleries) and keeping up with their digital purchases history.

The image sellers can create their accounts and earn commissions from the sale of their images. Their commissions will vary based on the purchased membership plan and the size of image sold. The sellers’ accounts need to be updated with earned commissions after each sale. I would like to see sellers being able to create their member profiles using unique URLs and showcase their portfolios or image galleries.

Does your product fit into what I’m trying to accomplish?

Thank you for your time,

Jake Vizner

We have an Express Setup service for $200 that will get you set up exactly like our demo: http://demo.astoundify.com/marketify-stockphoto

Note: this price does not include the price of additional addons/extensions.

I’m definitely interested and want to include all adds-on that are needed to have a fully functional stock images website. Let me know how to get started. My email address is jake.vizner@gmail.com

We will have someone reach out to you.

I like this theme but I am very disappointed in how many third party plugins it needs to work.

I purchased this theme when it first came out with the impression that a physical goods plugin was in the works and would be out “In a few weeks”.

A lot of people have been asking for this plugin and it has yet to be created. I understand you don’t make the plugins but your theme is heavily reliant on them, maybe you can contact them and persuade the developer to hurry up.

If I had an option I would ask for a refund but I know that I would not get one. I hope you understand just how disappointed a lot of us are on this theme.

I’m sorry that you are disappointed with the theme.

Can you point to others who are disappointed? to us it seems that most people are not disappointed, see our reviews below, most people are very happy (apart from a few trolls) with the theme, keep in mind this theme is less than 4+ weeks old and we are continuing to add more features and more design options, we aren’t done yet.


In regards to the physical goods plugin, it is coming and it will be free, we created it. we are currently testing and ensuring it works well with the Frontend Submissions plugin, we aren’t like other authors who rush themes/plugins out the door we take our time to ensure its the best product we could create and free from bugs.

Thanks and keep the faith!

I would recommend adding your email to our mailing list or follow us here on Twitter for theme updates & here on ThemeForest for our new theme releases.

I love the looks of this theme and want to buy it, but I’d like to use it as a standard WooCommerce theme. I sell apparel. Are there any plans to make this theme work just as a standard woocommerce theme? I would buy that right away. Thanks!

The theme only works with Easy Digital Downloads, sorry. We are considering porting it to WooCommerce but have no definite answer or ETA.

I would recommend adding your email to our mailing list or follow us here on Twitter for theme updates & here on ThemeForest for our new theme releases.

Also looking forward to the physical goods plugin!

Also, can you help clarify something. In terms of setting this up as a marketplace, how would it work with charging a transaction fee and having the payments go directly to the vendor, or is that not possible with the plugins you have suggested? My understanding is that it can “suggest” what the commission will be, but you still have to manually accept payments from a customer, and manually pay a vendor?

You don’t have to manually accept the payments, but you currently do have to manually pay vendors using the Commissions extension. At this time there is no way to directly/automatically pay vendors.

Alright thanks! Do you guys offer more complicated custom buildouts?

We refer all custom work to our friends over at WerkPress.com or you could try MicroLancer.com

Ditto – physical products plugin needed badly for this theme!!!


This is something we are working on, but requires coordination with a couple of plugins and developers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and ThemeForest for updates.

I would recommend adding your email to our mailing list or follow us here on Twitter for theme updates & here on ThemeForest for our new theme releases.

hi there.

Please can you tell me if it is possible for the bundle: https://easydigitaldownloads.com/extensions/marketplace-bundle/?ref=7

To be easily integrated with my site TheSkillShed.com which is using the following theme:


As i want to use your frontend submission, social login etc but i want to keep the theme i already have.


Replied via Email.

Hi, amazing stuff, great theme to be honest. Can I also implement ‘Online Bidding System’ and ‘Escrow System’ on this theme by further WP customization ? Thanks

Sorry, these options are currently available and would require a custom plugin to be developed to add this functionality.

Where can I find the CHECKOUT button in the source code for the index page, as I want to delete it and have only the DETAILS button visible? Also, how can I delete the PURCHASE button on single page as I want to have there only DEMO button?

I mean BUY NOW BUTTON (instead checkout) on the index when going mouse-over on images

Hey there! Thanks for purchasing one of our themes! We can’t thank you enough. Just so you know all of our theme support is conducted through the Astoundify support forum, Head on over and we’ll get you the help you need by one of our support team.

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I purchased this theme and i am really disappointed. My intention was to use it as an audio store… But the only way to have audio files available as download only and NOT exposed to the user inside the audio player is by compressing the audio tracks into a zip file. To me that destroys the user experience… You could easily have added a separated file upload field for previews (that feeds into the audio player) and another one for the file that people purchase. Just expressing my concerns…

Hey, I didn’t get an email from you, did you send one yet?

Thanks Adam

Sorry Adam… Just did…

Hi, why cant i add logo to the theme,only text is displayed.How to add logo to the theme

Great! Question, other than the physical goods plugin, what features, are you excited/waiting for?

Hi, really i say you, u did a daring job in beginning this theme, because no one thinks to bring tis type of excellent theme.Kudos for you..the features im waiting and expecting for is 1.messaging system between vendors to customers, vendors to other vendors. 2. Beautiful audio previews,users can upload their audio preview and zip files. 3. Well defined search system. 4. Video previews with inbuilt video players,other than vimeo,youtube.

there are just suggestions to make your theme to be in top-list with many more supporters. But i know it needs many of development process,its really hard. To be top if you implement tis would be great. This theme has great future, Thank you absolutely loving..I already rated it 5 stars..

Thanks for the kind words!

I think this theme is nearly perfect I would just suggest these features.. 1) Expand the information displayed about the seller 2). Have a seller rating system… 3). Item Rating search filter…4). instant commission pay out …5). Onsite messaging system to sellers ….Would be cool if you guys had a feature development vote system

Thanks for the suggestions we added these and many more to our GitHub which is where we track suggestions and build our themes.


Waiting for physical products build in …before I buy. Also, any way that it w/could include a product count?

Thanks so much!

Quantities, yep. Great to hear. Thanks so much. Looking forward to the update!

Wondering…if I buy and download now and start making minor modifications…will I have to start all over again with the physical products upgrade?

If you make the changes via a Child Theme you will not lose any changes. The physical products will be handled almost entirely via a separate plugin so not very much (if any) of the theme code will need to change.

How can you redirect login to home page or another page instead of Vendor Dashboard? If they are not a vendor it makes them go through application process.

Just so you know all of our theme support is conducted through the Astoundify support forum, Head on over and we’ll get you the help you need by one of our support team.

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Love your theme.

Presale questions:

1. I would like to make a web that only distributed academic ebook (PDF) such as theses etc. And the books is free to download. Is the theme workable for that model?

2. Is it possible to add another option in the price? I mean, if the reader like to read in PC, she/he can download it free. But she/he would like to read in printed format, they can choose PRINT option and pay.


Both of those options are definitely supported.

Check out this page to see how variable prices works: http://demo.astoundify.com/marketify/downloads/up-lifting-audio-pack/

Click “Buy Now” and you will see different price levels. In your case you would just have “Free” and then a paid version for different formats.

The only issue is restricting the printing part. There is not really a way to control that if you are distributing PDFs as anyone can print a PDF.

What you would likely need to do is set up text-based versions on your website and restrict access to those pages to only people who have purchased the item, and then only deliver the PDF to people who have purchased the print option. You can accomplish this using a plugin such as Restrict Content Pro and the Content Restriction extension for Easy Digital Downloads.

I was debating buying this theme but Easy Digital Downloads website is down so previewing the required plugins for it is impossible.

The issue with their site and many others is related to DNS and Comcast – http://status.namecheap.com/?p=14986

Just want to report potential bugs from new update … Really hard to scroll up and down on tablet (nexus 7.2) due to item hover details … Also Cannot click on buy now or details buttons on item due to hover …

We removed the effect on the demo, and issued a fix.


hello man what is the best webhosting for theme please give me a link of the webhost.

We recommend the following companies for web hosting.

https://www.digitalocean.com/ https://www.wiredtree.com/


i uploaded the "updated 1.1.1" and the version inside of my admin area still shows 1.1.0? Can you tell me what the latest version is as of March 1, 2014? and WHERE I can download it? I've already tried to download it from the sales page...and also from my "downloaded" products in themeforest.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


The version in style.css was not updated even though the theme was updated, this was fixed and we pushed out an update.

Just so you know all of our theme support is conducted through the Astoundify support forum, Head on over and we’ll get you the help you need by one of our support team.

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Thank you for the reply!


Love your work… Just wondering if you have any plans for a ‘directory’ theme – such as ‘metrodir’ or ‘atlas directory’ themes on theme forest…

We have a lot of themes in the works! We don’t really discuss what we are working on though.