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Hey all, hope you are doing well this week!

We are working hard on the next release of the theme, we are looking to our current Marketify theme customers regarding an optional page design we have completed for the product page. We just posted a screen shot of the new re-design and we need your thoughts!

Please visit: http://support.astoundify.com/topic/upcoming-theme-change/

Looking forward to chatting to you over on our forums!

- Adam

What are the login detail. Also have you got the theme ready for actual products yet really would love this to be integrated for our skill sharing business

Please see the Item Details page for the login details.

Physical product integration will come in the form of a separate (free) plugin that works alongside of the Simple Shipping and Frontend Submission addons for Easy Digital Downloads. We hope to have it ready by next week.


I have a couple of questions:

1. Can this be a marketplace where actual products are sold and shipped? 2. When someone buys from the marketplace is money distributed to the Author automatically?


Yes, but actually this has changed a bit. In order to get this out sooner (rather than waiting on an update to Frontend Submissions) the list of orders will be on a separate page. We plan to have it out sometime next week.

If I buy the theme now and you make these updates, how do I update the theme?

If you buy the theme now and want updates later follow these steps:

To update your theme to the latest version first go to your WordPress backend and click on Appearance > Themes and delete the theme you currently have installed. Only do this if you have not made any CSS changes to the theme core files, you should ALWAYS make changes to the theme using a Child Theme and code changes using a custom plugin, we have information on creating a child theme in our theme documentation.

Next go to ThemeForest.net and download the latest version of the theme by going to http://themeforest.net/downloads While your here please rate the theme :) and click on the Download button next to the theme name and click on “Installable WordPress file only” upload this zip file to your WordPress site.

Your done!

Would this be possible?
To set up the marketify theme and use your jobify theme as a separate section inside the marketify site?
Would there be anyway to have it that when users sign up to be a vendor on marketify, that their login details work and allow them to post a resume on the jobify section of the site?
I would love to somehow be able to combine the 2 themes and deliver a great user experience!

You could probably set up a multisite install and there might be plugins to automatically register users for the entire network. However you may run into complications when it comes to user roles and capabilities.

Hi, will you use a Woocommerce for selling physical products in a new release?

We are working on a plugin for Easy Digital Downloads that will allow the site admin to setup a physical marketplace and pass all of the shipping information onto the vendors. There will be a new tab on the vendor dashboard which will show all of the orders that have came in for that vendor, they can then ship the product and an email will be sent to the customer who purchased the product and then the shipping details can be marked as shipped.

Cool, and when can we use it?

Hopefully sometime next week!

Hey, I.m looking for a reply on support forum. It takes some time.


We will respond today! Thanks!


I would really like to use the “express setup” to have it exactly like the stock photo demo – http://demo.astoundify.com/marketify-stockphoto. Or is there a file that comes with the download of this theme? I heard it costs $200, is that right? Does that include the cost of the theme as well?

Best regards, Philip contact: exhibit@gallerisso.com

Please contact us via: http://themeforest.net/user/Astoundify to inquire regarding our express setup service.


I’ve posted 2 issues on the support site and have been waiting for a few days so maybe i’ll try here.

question 1. Logout issue.

When I’m a user and I log out, instead of logging me out and bringing me back to the same page I was on, it brings me to a page and I see.

You are attempting to log out Do you really want to log out?

Even if I click logout it leaves me at a blank page.

question 2.

Is it possible for vendors to have their own links? for example if a vendor/author signs up as coffeeman31 is it possible for him to have his http://www.mydomain.com/coffeeman31 ? this way he can share his page to his clients.

We’ve answered your questions on our support forums.



Awesome theme! Could you please advise how to add video as a header background? Thanx

Hey there! Thanks for purchasing one of our themes! We can’t thank you enough. Just so you know all of our theme support is conducted through the Astoundify support forum, Head on over and we’ll get you the help you need by one of our support team.

Our dedicated support forum can be found Here. To register go Here.

i have just installed everything is ok but when i press sell item on main page i get this error :Oops! That page can’t be found. what must i do? thanks

Try re-saving your WordPress permalinks if you still are having issues please post an issue on our support forums and tomorrow our time our support staff will help you.

Just so you know all of our theme support is conducted through the Astoundify support forum, Head on over and we’ll get you the help you need by one of our support team.

Our dedicated support forum can be found Here. To register go Here.


Did you post your issue here? http://support.astoundify.com/forum/marketify-theme-support/

We don’t see anything?

1. Do you have an easy way to complete import the entire site so it looks/works like your demo?

2. Is it possible to set up a commission structure based on user level or # of products sold (similar to themeforest). The only thing I saw you included was a way to go in an manually set the commission for each product.

1. We offer an “Express Setup” service for $200 that will get you up and running just like our demo (this does not include the price of addons).

2. Unfortunately commission level must be manually changed on the user level at the moment. The Commissions extension currently does not automatically change depending on number of sales.

Hope that helps!

when we import xml file and widget file after everthink ok but not showing pictures product images

Hey there! Thanks for purchasing one of our themes! We can’t thank you enough. Just so you know all of our theme support is conducted through the Astoundify support forum, Head on over and we’ll get you the help you need by one of our support team.

Our dedicated support forum can be found Here. To register go Here.

yes i wrote there but 5 hours no helping!

We offer support Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time, we are not located in Istanbul, we are in a different time zone.

If you need urgent support please subscribe to VIP .

Pre sales question:

Would it be possible to assign the buy now button a different link and text? Say a link to download the file instead and download instead of buy now. Both the ones on the homepage and product page

I’m comsidering using this theme for my membership site.

This plugin should allow you to do exactly that: http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-digital-downloads-free-download/

Hope that helps!


What kind of plugin do you have to buy to show more then one picture like this: http://themeforest.net/item/marketify-marketplace-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/6570786

Regards, Philip

That is an optional layout you can choose from in the theme via the WordPress customizer. You don’t need any of the plugins to use that.

It automatically loads images attached to the download.

Hope that helps!

thank you!

Hi, I see that you did write , that you will get next week a new update for the Marktetify theme. If i buy it now , will get the update free or schould be again to buy it or to pay some thing. and what about multilangauge.


You will always get updates for free in the future. Regarding multilanguage our themes support WPML and also you can use any of localization plugins to edit the language such as Codestyling Localization.

Purchased.. :) Working on it..

Awesome theme with beautiful design.

Just a quick query, The “Buy Now” And “Details” buttons in your demo don’t work on iPad and iPhone. And the side scrolling of featured and popular items don’t work on a computer. Is there a way to disable the hover effect?

And then lastly when can we expect the physical product plugin for EDD? And how much will it cost?


Those issues will be fixed in the next version on Marketify. The physical product plugin should be available later this week and will be a free plugin (but will require Frontend Submissions and Simple Shipping)

Hi Guys, This theme looks like a winner! I can think of so many possibilities with it!

I have a pre-sales question for you! Can a reservation system be added similar to that of Airbnb? If not, can you suggest a plugin that would be able to accomplish this with your theme that allows front end access by customers? Thanks!

There is currently one being built but it is in very early stages. See this forum topic for more information: https://easydigitaldownloads.com/support/topic/booking-calendar/

Ok, after i’ve been trying to sort refund from you guys and easy digital downloads all was going well till suddenly i am not able to replay anymore to easy digital downloads emails and also all my topics from your forum despair. So i wonder is this the way you work. After all troubles i have with set up of this theme i decide to ask nice and explain my reason of refund request i expect some decent replay and help from you. Instead of this i got my topics in your support forum vanished and my chance to get the money i spend back. Well if this is how you do business that’s fine but i won’t stop here. I will ask for my refund and keep trying in a nice way because i still believe that you respect your costumers and you will try to resolve my problem


We we replied to your email again.

Thanks, i have replayed as well.

Thanks for your email, looks like we got it sorted! If you have any more issues please email us back. Thanks

in marketify, do users get notified if a new update of the product they bought got updated?

I’ll suggest this as an update to the Frontend Submissions plugin author. Hopefully it will be implemented in the future releases!

its much needed. Thank you :) i downloaded all suggested plugins (free and paid) now its time to play. hopefully by the time i finish playing and before i go live “auto File update notification” feature will be added :)

Sounds good! :)