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I just installed the Marketify theme on my domain and everything went okay with the set-up; however, when I activated the Soliloquy plugin, the slider captions stopped working and the whole theme get distorted.

Could you please advise on how to resolve this issue as the Marketify theme requires the Soliloquy plugin?

Lol years! We hope in the next few weeks for sure!

:) SHweeet!!

Hi, your theme is so amazing that I have really wanted… I have some questions

1) Author Portfolio - Author profile in your demo page is too simple. Can I add on portfolios of each author?

2)About product - In new product page of author’s, can I add plug-in like TinyMCE? Because I think, authors want some more functional writing tool

3)Payment - I’m in Korea and also most of my users are in Korea. Can I use other payment gateway?

4)Woo-Commerce - Do you use WooCommerce?



8)How can I inform promptly to the authors when client buy the author’s product?

9)There is no ‘Korea Won’ at default currency setting. How can I add on Korea Won?

1. Yes you can modify the template file via a child theme to add any additional information you may need.

2. The box uses the standard TinyMCE editor so any plugin that correctly modifies TinyMCE should work.

3. All available gateways are listed here: https://easydigitaldownloads.com/blog/extensions/categories/gateways/

4. No. Only Easy Digital Downloads.

5. Where is this you are referring to?

6. Not that I am aware of. You would need to use something like https://easydigitaldownloads.com/extensions/gravity-forms-checkout/ to create custom purchase forms to collect information.

7. This is coming in Frontend Submissions 2.2

8. https://easydigitaldownloads.com/extensions/per-product-admin-notifications/

9. https://easydigitaldownloads.com/docs/adding-currency-support-edd_currencies/

Please post any further questions in our dedicated support forum: http://support.astoundify.com

Hey there – Brilliant work! Love it. Pre-sales question: Can I hire you for express install? Kinda important.


We offer an Express Installation service for $200 (not including the price of premium plugins/addons).

Once you’ve purchased the theme and plugins please visit http://support.astoundify.com/express-setup-service/ and we’ll get you sorted. Thanks!

Does this WordPress theme have any affiliate program? Or Do I need to add an affiliate program plugin to this theme?...


The theme does not include an affiliate system. You can use any affiliate plugin though, and I would recommend the newly released http://affiliatewp.com

I need to set up an ebay & etsy style web site. Is this only for digital downloads or are the necessary tools available to create an etsy or ebay style site

In the future you will be able to create a site like Etsy with the Marketify theme. I would recommend adding your email to our mailing list or follow us here on Twitter for theme updates & here on ThemeForest for our new theme releases.

installed it at big albums.com, tried to install demo database, but the images don’t show up? big albums.com

The demo content does not include the stock images as we’ve paid for licenses only for our demos and cannot distribute the images. You can set featured images for your downloads very easily though, like a standard WordPress post.

Please post all further technical support questions on our dedicated support forum: http://support.astoundify.com and we will be happy to assist you. Thanks!

Hi guys, I’m considering a migration to this theme and I was hoping to see a few examples of how it’s being used on a live site. Do you have any live examples you could provide?

Not currently, but we can work on getting a list together.

Hey guys, so far, i’m 100% happy with the install process. Question, when I update my image in the soliloquy slider, the text disappears and i don’t see where I can go to add the text again. I’ve replaced the: Power to the Designer Image (on the demo) but no longer see the text. Where do I go to reenable it, or to make sure the text is overlayed on the image?

Which version of the Soliloquy slider are you using? Make sure you use this version: http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/soliloquy-lite.1.5.2.zip To add text to the slider go into the image, click on the “i” icon next to the image slide, then a pop-up will show when you can add an image caption and title, see screen shot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1657501/Screenshots/h3wyz9xj-bxv.png

If you need help beyond this basic support provided here please join our support forums and post a topic. Thanks!

Our dedicated support forum can be found Here. To register go Here.

I’m looking to build a marketplace to steel non-digital stuff (books mainly). Therefore, I need a certain geolocation-filter in order to let buyers find sellers from their own city/town (preferably including a Google Map-widget). Is this possible with this theme? Or is location-filtering not an option?

Geolocation filtering is on our road map but its not currently a feature that is included with the theme. If you need this asap I would look at getting a developer to help you implement the feature.

Hi Astoundify, I would like to buy your theme. But i have 2 questions before. Can i have more information about the system of payment. Customer side ? I would like to sell large file size, type .stl. About 30 or 40 mo. What is the maximum weight for uploading a file on your theme? Thanks in advance

All payment processing is done by Easy Digital Downloads. Please review http://easydigitaldownlads.com to learn more about the plugin, as well as visit https://easydigitaldownloads.com/blog/extensions/categories/gateways/ for a list of available gateways.

The limit does not depend upon the them, only your server. If you already have a host you should contact them about any upload limits they may have, or ask before you purchase a hosting package.

hi, I would like to create a Knowledgebase for my website like themeforest has.Also a vendor guide like an instructional map do you know any plugin for those? will work ok with this theme and the bundle from FES,EDD? thank you

I’ve seen a knowledge base plugin on codecanyon.net but I’ve not tested it, perhaps you could also search wordpress.org to a free solution that could work?

Hi Astoundify,

Thanks for not abandoning this theme..

When can we look for an update? This theme seems like it’s well over due for a update? Looks like the steam is sort of fading into oblivion….. I have high hopes for this theme… as it seems very promising…


Back about 15 pages or so.. there was a lot of “promises” but no update or FES 2.2 or anything? Nothing? ANY UPDATE AS TO WHEN OR HOW MUCH LONGER??

Anyway..hope you guys stay “committed and understand” that when you make statements to “sell” your products…that you are showing what your business culture is.

That can “help” or “hurt” your reputation going forward.

Not trying to rain on your parade or anything…but if you go back about 15 or so pages…so many promises…but not a lot of delivery.. I’m sure you will keep true to your initial goal…which is to help and maintain a good product!

Looking forward to working with you guys on this and future projects! :0



Thank you for receiving my concerns well...and not taking it personal. I look forward to moving forward with Marketify and your team.

Can you give a date as to WHEN? Marketify will be updated and ready for download? I can contact the other devs with regards to there plugins.

Really would like an update for Marketify...as it's been over a month since any update?

Thank you again!


We try not to give release dates for the very reason of setting expectations for customers and not being able to deliver (whatever the reason may be). We’ve found it’s just easier on everyone to release things when they are ready to be released, not just to “keep a deadline”

FES 2.2 beta has started; so soon is all I can really say about the next release. If there is a pressing issue before then we will definitely release an update but for the time being there is nothing critical enough to warrant an update (if you see otherwise, let us know—unrelated to plugins).


Here’s an idea of what is in the next release of the theme so far, and we have tons more improvements and features being added daily:

  • New: Projects by WooThemes support.
  • New: Product page layout using inline previews moves buy now/action buttons to “Product Details” widget.
  • New: Recent Blog Posts widget can be styled like other grid items.
  • New: Manually set Audio Previews using FES and a meta key of preview_files.
  • New: Output ratings breakdown in widget if available.
  • New: Homepage taxonomy widget to display tags or categories in a “styled” way.
  • New: Add a “Description” field to some homepage widgets.
  • New: Images for the “Audio” post format are output under the audio player.
  • Fix: Soliloquy 2.0.0+ compatibility. Requires Soliloquy 2.0.0+ to continue using widget.
  • Fix: Make sure ratings schema is properly output.
  • Fix: Only output the first audio file for audio previews in the grid to improve load times.
  • Fix: Truncate titles longer than one line (optional in “Appearance > Customize”)
  • Fix: Hide comments title when comments are disabled.
  • Fix: Sorting on search results is now more accurate.

And much much more!

Is it possible to sell / download pdf files with this theme?

Yes! You also may be interested in using https://easydigitaldownloads.com/extensions/pdf-stamper/ on your website to protect your PDF downloads.

hello, before i go further i need to know if i want if i want to sell my own digital items do i have to purchasing the “Marketplace extension bundle”?

am sorry to break with one more question if i want to sell themes or something that has demo should i run multi site wp? and is that included with the docmentation

hi admins i want to sell my Marketify teplate bcoz its not match my needs.can help me?

Please don’t! This is against ThemeForest.net rules and guidelines, they will suspend your account if you were to sell a product that you do not have permission to sell.

Hi, I’m desperate to get this theme but need it to support physical products.

Do you have a likely release date for that?



Its not currently possible to create a physical products marketplace with Marketify but it will be possible in the not so distant future.

I would recommend adding your email to our mailing list or follow us here on Twitter for theme updates & here on ThemeForest for our new theme releases.

Hi there,

Pre purchase question. I am thinking of setting up a marketplace that would sell physical goods. Using the correct plugins, (i’ve had a look)

Could I have a shop, a front end user uploads a product. The product is sold, the user receives funds less a commission/fee from us.

Could you let me know if this is possible and what plugin etc I would need.


It is possible currently only for digital products very soon you will be able to create a Esty.com like website that will allow you to create a physical goods marketplace and you will be able to split funds with your vendor and the site administrator.

I would recommend adding your email to our mailing list or follow us here on Twitter for theme updates & here on ThemeForest for our new theme releases.

Yeah that sounds more like what I’m after. I’ve signed up to your mailing list. Any rough timescale?

It should be pretty soon, we are waiting on the developers of the marketplace plugin to release an update so we can update the theme with the physical marketplace features.

Love your theme. Real quality stuff. I am definitely interested in purchasing. Could you give an eta on when we can use woo commerce with this theme? Given the many requests for this feature I can imagine that you must be working on it now. Also, when will the ability to sell non-digital products become a standard feature? Thanks!

Do you wish to create a site powered by WooCommerce but that will be a marketplace with many vendors? or do you want a eCommerce store powered by WooCommerce that will just sell products from one vendor?

The site will have multiple vendors selling physical and digital products using the woo commerce vendor plug in. Is this possible?

Its not currently possible but it is on our radar for a future update of the theme.

Presale Question.

Is it possible for users to sell physical products? I dont need commision on product sold but I want to have a premium account (paid) for the users and there products will be prioritized over free accounts. is that possible?

basically I only want to gain revenue based on premium account subscription and ads.

It is possible currently only for digital products, very soon you will be able to create a Etsy.com like website that will allow you to create a physical goods marketplace and you will be able to split funds with your vendor and the site administrator.

I would recommend adding your email to our mailing list or follow us here on Twitter for theme updates & here on ThemeForest for our new theme releases.