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Hi author, how i build statistic page in this theme like in invisio theme? http://prntscr.com/bz26il

hi author, can you made this theme with register/login page, cart, and check out please….

Hi there, replied to your mail. Thx.

thankyou author….

footer contact doesnt have submit button, can you please specify the correct setup?

hi there, we updated our template, added submit button, you can see it on live version, also will be able in few hours to download, if you need quicklier, please let us know to our mail. Thx.

Thanks. I´ve noticed that there is no social sharing script, only for the email configuration. Please let me know if the template counts with the script, or the correct configuration for the social sharing buttons.

Also, for the comments post option, there is no script associated

Does this template come with images & graphics?

Hi, images are not included, but we can give you links where you can buy them, thx.

i hope the update bring Login & Register page.

I uploaded and extracted the zip folder to “wp-content/themes” but it is not showing up in my themes. On the theme manager page there is an error near the bottom of the page:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Name Description documentation Stylesheet is missing. Delete html/css Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index.php template file. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet. Delete psd Stylesheet is missing. Delete themeforest Stylesheet is missing. Delete

“themeforest” is the theme i purchased


I was wondering if this theme is compatible with WordPress?

Thank you,



Validation doesn’t work in Safari. I can send request from site with empty fields. In Chrome all is ok.

Can you verify and get back with urgent update please.


Hi is the validation working for chrome? can you verify and update this is my site: http://www.digitalmoveragency.com

What images are not included with this website?

I don't mind if it is just the background images, etc, but am wondering if this also includes the buttons under "Simplify your business" in the default home page?

Hi I sent you an email the other day about something to do with the theme and i am still waiting on reply.

Hi, the theme icons are not showing up on page, along with the slider arrows. Please take a look. carambolamc.com

apparently linear icons is down so alternatives are required in order for the theme to work. Have a look and let me know, since the same is happening on your templates.

Having issues uploading the theme, need to get this resolved as soon as possible please. Thanks!

Hi if you like Wp or Joomla or Drupal version please contact me via our profile


Hi I’m curious if this theme is also owned by the Theme Bubble author? They are almost identical

hi, this is html version, they have WordPress version.

Getting error when theme is uploaded to Wordpress. It looks like all necessary files aren’t there thinks it’s a broken theme. We need the version with all files. I’ve spent total of 4 hours trying to fix this with web host support. Please Help

hi there, its html version, not Wordpress

Anyone use this theme wordpress platform? when I install this theme wordpress error in css

hi there, this is html template, not WordPress theme. thx.

Will this be available for Wordpress? If so, when?