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Please instruct me what files to update in order to get the latest Visual Composer. It is not loading for me as I have an old version.


Please refer this FAQ and provided links in that for more info : https://goo.gl/itwRUf


Hi… you have new visual mode the blog in this theme? or some this mode blog? i need a visual that i can look in right the right posts… i can change it? for other visual?


Blog page have styles only as shown in demo. What can be changed is position of sidebar.
Blog page can be either with left sidebar or right sidebar ( as in demo ) or without sidebar.

Let me know, if this is not what you are looking for.

i say in this format www.agenciadomarketing.com.br/blog <- i can change for this layout in this theme? ..

Unfortunately, not possible without customization. No such default layout provided.

Hi, I have a problem on the home. Im using 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 but the first column is not aligning to the top. Thanks,


Not possible to guess any reason without having look. Please drop a mail via support tab along with your link. Thanks.

Get Support Here

This theme is very beauttiful!

But demo´s score in Pagespeed is 54. It is VERY BAD! It doesn´t like to apply seo technics.

Theme Update : v1.4.0

  • Those who are looking to update woo-commerce plugin, please update theme too.
  • After theme update make sure to update visual composer plugin. Updating visual composer plugin is important esp. in relation to tabs / accordion.
  • Please refer online help document for how to queries of plugin and theme update. You can find link in local help document.
  • Changelog – link is provided in theme options.
  • Drop a mail via support tab if any other query.


how can i update the theme and wordpress?


Please refer this FAQ for theme update : https://themeforest.net/item/marketplus-marketing-responsive-wordpress-theme/10520159/faqs/26855

For WordPress update you will find update now button when logged in to your WP admin. Just click, it will do the rest.

Refer any of these if required : https://www.google.co.in/search?q=how+to+update+wordpress&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b&gfe_rd=cr&ei=lnOpV5NyqdPyB8yBgeAC#q=how+to+update+wordpress+automatically

Make sure no cache plugin on while updating any – theme / plugin / WP


Hi when do you update the theme in order to be compatible with WP 4.6X ??

So is this a Visual Composer heavy or shortcode/template heavy theme?


Can be considered Visual Composer heavy. Thanks.

I had a feeling that was the case. Thanks for the reply.

Hi there is a problem i use wp 4.7 and portfolio template in 5 column for exemple does’nt want to order by title like i configure in the admin…. and grid portfolio in visual composer doesn’t display the Featured Image also.


  • portfolio template in 5 column for exemple does’nt want to order by title

Are featured images of various size? If yes, masonry layout for portfolio rearrange them again to fit properly ( hence ignore arrange by title ).
If images are of same size, images will be in order as specified via Theme Options.

  • Visual composer doesn’t display the Featured Image

Portfolio Grid Shortcode via VC?
Check if image size more than 400×300 ( min. required size). Images should display properly then.
Arrange by title / date etc. will work as expected, as images are cropped here.

If any further query, please drop a link via support tab. Thanks.

Hi, pre-sales question. How fast does the theme load? Interested in buying, but wanted to ask about load time/performance


Please check with pingdom / gtmetrix / google page speed test. URL :


No cache plugin ON for demo or optimized images etc., so google page speed test will not be in much favor.

Apologies for not being able to provide exact answer, as we are aware that we missed to optimize demo. Will make sure to do this by next week.


duplicate <title> when i use YOAST


Are you sure? I’m not getting double title for the link.

Also, as recommended by yoast, theme uses following and not the custom <title> via theme file: add_theme_support( 'title-tag' );

Let me know via mail.

Hi with the Version : 1.5.2 of market plus theme the FAVICON setting have disapear… Is it normal ??


Yes, removed favicon option from theme options as WP now has this by default.

Favicon will be visible for old setup as already saved. In case need to change can be done via customizer. Site identity > Site Icon



We are looking for a Groupon / Coupon type theme that is multi-vendor capable, allows us to setup, track and pay affiliates to market our site thru their own affiliate links (similar to how WP Affiliate Manager https://wpaffiliatemanager.com/ does) and allows us to pay vendors and our marketing affiliates using PayPal Mass Pay.

Can you please tell me if this theme can do all of this and if so, what additional plugins or add-ons will be needed?


Unfortunately theme is not crafted for above mentioned specific purpose.

Of course it can work with most of the standard plugins, but will suggest to opt for theme which is specially made for the purpose / or compatible with related plugins.

Few examples: https://bit.ly/2RRXPlM



I want to renew my support, but you don’t do any update of your theme ! And with PHP 7.2 it don’t work ! Will you update your theme or it’s finish ??

It’s strange cause it’s write you have update on 2019 but it’s not true…


We keep updating theme as and when required time to time.
You can download latest update from themeforest account, no need to renew support just to receive update, unless you need any specific support.
Once theme is updated, included premium plugins too can be updated.

Please refer help document for more details: https://themeforest.net/item/marketplus-marketing-responsive-wordpress-theme/10520159/support

Not sure why you have mentioned :
It’s strange cause it’s write you have update on 2019 but it’s not true…
As we can see for your link, you have theme version (v1.0.1), visual composer version (v4.4.1.1) etc. active.
Those are too old versions and incompatible with latest WP.

Current theme version available is v1.6.1.
We have no issue reported with updated versions.
In case you are facing any issue with latest version, please drop a support mail with necessary details.
To the best we know, that should work fine :)