Discussion on Marni – a WordPress Blog & Shop Theme

Discussion on Marni – a WordPress Blog & Shop Theme

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Hi Gerda – have sent you an email regarding the post display intro text (needed to attach a screenshot to show you which part I’m unable to access/change). If you can please show me how I can change this that would be great. Thanks :)

I replied to your email.

Hi Gerda,

I sent this comment via email directly to you as well as I needed to attach a screenshot so you can see what I’m seeing. I am trying to customise the Widget/Sidebar Footer Right at the bottom of the page. It won’t allow me to display the categories in the menu in the order I’d like them – always defaults to alphabetical no matter what order I enter the Category ID’s in? I would like to be able to move/change the order of the categories as needed. How can I do that please?

The top nav menu allows you to choose the order that the menu categories appear in, however the Footer doesn’t seem allow that…. Thanks!

Hey there!

Make sure you’ve installed and activated the recommended “Intuitive Custom Post Order” plugin.

Go to Settings > Intuitive CPO, check the “Categories” checkbox and click Update.

Go to Posts > Categories and simply drag and drop items into a certain order.


Hi Gerda, I emailed about a bulk post editor (to change the layout of a large number of posts on our blog) and you replied with a plugi suggestion and some instructions as to how to do it. Unfortunately this hasn’t worked… I’ve emailed details of what happened if you can please advise? Thanks so much!

Hi Larissa! I replied to your email.

Hi Gerda – I emailed you this enquiry but it may have been missed. I attached a screenshot to my email so you can see what I’m seeing.

I am trying to customise the Widget/Sidebar Footer Right at the bottom of the page. It won’t allow me to display the categories in the menu in the order I’d like them – always defaults to alphabetical no matter what order I enter the Category ID’s in? I would like to be able to move the order of the categories as needed eg. to have them currently be (top to bottom) Wellness, Fashion, Beauty, At Home (this order will need to be able to be changed in the future too as we add more categories, we’ll need to constantly be able to re-order these as needed). How can I do that please?

The top nav menu allows you to choose the order that the menu categories appear in, however the Footer doesn’t allow that…. Please advise. Thanks!

Hi Larissa! I’ve already answered this question in your comment above. I’ve also replied to your email just now.

Does this theme work with Elementor?

Hey there! I know that other customers of Marni are using Elementor so I assume that it works ok. I’ve tested Elementor with Marni quickly and everything seemed to work and display ok, I only saw some minor styling issues with Icon Lists and Social Icons.

How can the template for homepage be set to full width?

Hey there!

You can set the site to fullwidth by adding the following CSS code into Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

.site-content {
    max-width: 100%;

If you want to only change the home page to full width, add the following code instead:

.home .site-content {
    max-width: 100%;

Hi there! Is it possible to create Subcategories within the Categories in the dropdown menu at the top of the homepage? For example, one of our blog Categories is RECIPES – within that we would like to create, say, BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER subcategories. I couldn’t see find where/how to do that in the CUSTOMIZING/MENUS/PRIMARY MENU section? Thanks.

Hi! Yes this is possible. I just replied to your email with instructions.

When I imported the Demo Content and then imported Style 1, only these pages were imported:

1. About 2. Cart 3. Checkout 4. Contact 5. My Account 6. Shop 7. Shop Frontpage 8. Shortcodes 9. Typography

The homepage nor the other pages import. Please help.

Thank you

Hey there, thanks for purchsing Marni!

You don’t have to add a page for the home page. You can find the instructions on how to set up the home page in the documentation at Pages > HOME Page: http://files.redsun.design/marni/documentation.html#homepage_help

Same goes for the archive pages (category, tag, author, ... pages). Please find the instructions in the documentation under Pages > ARCHIVE pages.

I hope this helps!

That does not help. It does not make my website look like your style 1 demo.. please have a look—>

Ignore my last comment, I figured it out how your theme works, slightly different but I like it!

How to place button in header at menu section with the following shortcode: [button window=”new” color=”#DEC7CD” link=”“]Click me![/button]

Hey there! Are you talking about the navigation menu? I’m not entirely sure what you are trying to do…

Yes i am referring to having a button with link in same line as the menu part.

Ok. Well you can’t use shortcodes in the navigation menu. What you can do is to add a CSS class to the menu button and then style the menu item:

1. Add the new menu item in Appearance > Menus
2. In the top right corner click Screen Options and check the CSS Classes checkbox
3. Click on the arrow next to your menu item and into the CSS classes field add the word: button

The menu item should now look like a button but the colors may not be what you want. You can change the color by adding the following code into Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and changing the color values to whatever you like:

.menu-item.button {
    background-color: #101020;
    border: #101020;

.main-navigation ul li.button a, .main-navigation ul li.button a:link {
    color: #ffffff;


Hi there!

I have noticed that on my site every time I reference a Font Awesome icon, I now get the following text appear next to the icon “Font Awesome fontawesome.com—>”

It’s only visable on the front end in browser, I can’t see it in the web editor, so unable to remove it from the code. The icons look slightly different in design too, so I’m wondering if Font Awesome have made some updates.

How can I get this issue fixed?


Hey there! Have you added any new plugins recently? Try deactivating all plugins that are not recommended by the theme at the same time. If that fixes the problem, activate one by one to see which one is causing the issue. If that doesn’t help, please send me a link to your site so I can take a look at the problem. Cheers!

Thanks, that’s solved it! It’s working fine now.

i love this theme does it come with slider revolution?

Hey there, thanks for your interest in Marni! The theme does not include Slider Revolution. It does include a built-in slider to display blog posts though. Cheers!


mapdip Purchased

Hi, in firebug there is the error masonry.min.js?ver=4.2.2:10 masonry not initialized. Cannot call methods, i.e. $().masonry(“layout”)

Hi! I just replied to your email.


notoire Purchased

Hi @red_sun, this theme has a problem with loading/displaying the custom fonts included in the theme files. For some reason the woff files get me a 404 error in the Google inspect console, since a couple of weeks maybe. They fail to load on all pages except for the homepage. I did not make any changes to the theme since I experienced the font issue. And the woff files are still present in the wp-content folder.


notoire Purchased

It does load the fonts properly in the Wordpress Customizer, funny enough. But on Chrome and Safari the fonts fail to load.


notoire Purchased

Fixed: deleted the font folder (wp-content/fonts/lato) completely and reselected the Lato font through the customizer and therefor reinstalling it on my server. This is apparently the solution. Maybe due to an old font file?

Hey there, thanks for purchasing Marni! Oh nice, you already found the solution to the problem yourself. Have a great day!


henbane Purchased

Hi there… I emailed a couple of weeks ago but no reply.

Just wondering if once you’ve clicked into individual posts, there’s a way of showing the featured image caption? I’m using Standard/Full Width Page Narrow (No Sidebar) settings.

Also, on the mobile site, is there a way to keep single word Page Headings on one line? For example, at the moment on some devices the page title is displaying as:




Hey there, I’m very sorry I missed your email!

1. There is no option to display captions for Featured Images. But instead you could for example add the HTML Block first thing in the post and add the following HTML code:

<figcaption class="wp-caption-text" style="margin-top:-24px; text-align:center">add caption text here</figcaption>

2. I recommend you to reduce the responsive Page Title Size. You can do that in Appearance > Customize > Typography > Responsive Typography > Page Title


henbane Purchased

No worries, that’s fixed it thank you…

One last question:

On the mobile site menu, clicking a parent menu item only opens and closes the drop down to that submenu but I can’t navigate to the page itself. Is this something you’ve encountered? Thanks

Hey there,

the mobile menu does not allow parent links by default. If you want to allow parent links, you would have to make a little change in the theme files:

Open the file js/scripts.js and find the code for the mobile menu starting with line 131 and add the following code (for example right below the line closeOnClick: true,:

allowParentLinks: true,


Hi, is there an option to add rel=”noreferrer” to the social icons in the top bar? It would be nice because they are on each page. Thanks

Hey there! You can make this change in the file inc/template-tags.php, line 15. And I will also add this to the next theme update. Cheers!

Hello I’m havong the following error when adding the demo. Error: Internal Server Error (500). Can you please help me?

Hey there!

Please get in touch via the support tab above, I will help you install the demo content.