Discussion on Marquez - A Creative Agency HTML Template

Discussion on Marquez - A Creative Agency HTML Template

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I have tried uploading this theme with no luck, I get this message:

“Installing theme from uploaded file: themeforest-4jkmiRQS-marquez-a-creative-agency-html-template.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.”

Please help

Hi there, are you still supporting this item? I sent a ticket over 5 days ago but no reply yet.

Hello, may I buy this template and convert it to codeigniter then sell it on codecanyon? We can discuss about royalty if needed.

Pre-sale question … your demo’s menu doesn’t work on my mobile device. Wonder what the ‘fix’ is mentioned by Aerofix above, and why y’all haven’t fixed it on your demo? Love the theme, but won’t purchase without knowing that the menu will work on mobile. Thank you!

Hi there, we are getting lots of spam messages through the contact form. Is there anything that can be done to prevent it?

I see others on here had the same trouble I’m seeing with the ‘black bar’ on tablets & mobiles… above the slider images, in the header? Is there anyone who can help I’ve tried for a few hours to fix with some overrides, but nothing I’m trying seems to resolve it. I see the demo actually has the same problem, but then chinomiralda’s site above, seems to have found a solution? I raised a support ticket a few days ago, but wonder if anyone whose solved this already could point me in the right direction… anyone?

Fantastic theme, just noticed issue with Avalanche Slider doesn’t work in Microsoft Edge or any browser on Mac when you use a combination of “grid-item portrait large” however works fine with “grid-item portrait” is this something that will be fixed?

Actually just to add, it not a browser issue but height, mac resolution is 1680×1050 if you have a higher height resolution than it works

This seemed to be a CSS transition issue, by changing the data-threshold to another number other than 1 I was able to fix this :)

Hey. The menu icon has changed from 3 lines to a square. The arrows to change to the next/previous project have also changed. What’s happened?


HI, my comment (5 months ago) was missed – about the black bar when images are shown on the iPhone. Any ideas ?

Hi arussionafairytale,

Thank you for letting us know and apologies for missing it!

Could you please open a ticket in our support forum and we’ll gladly look into this issue for you :)


Sir, please help me for how to change background color of Logo (Header Logo) i cldnt find that option


Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch here.

Please open a ticket in our support forum that can be found here and we’ll be happy to help you out with your request :)


Please reply my previous comment (question) even i cant delete ‘comment box’ from my any page.

Hi Sujiet,

Responded to your previous comment.


Hi Hello sir, Please help me … I have problem with when i create page i cant install footer properly. After designing page in last section having some option like LOOP, Featured Media and Footer. But when i click on footer option they become black patch.

Hi Sujiet,

Thank you for getting in touch here.

Please open a ticket in our support forum and reference this comment and let us know whether you are using the HTML or WordPress version and we’ll take it from there :)


WordPress version

I have another query … On this page …


of my website based on Marquez HTML Template there is a section that is commented as Hero Section 5 ...

To the right of the text box there is an image placeholder – how do I associate a jpg image to fill this space and what sixe in px should the image be – there doesn’t seem to be any way of coding the img src for this placeholder!! This Hero 5 block of code appears on a few of the pages that I use.

<!- Hero Section 5 -> <!- orig <section id=”about” class=”section-block window-height right hero-5 hero-5-about-1 show-media-column-on-mobile bkg-pink color-white”> -> <section id=”about” class=”section-block window-height right hero-5 hero-5-about-1 show-media-column-on-mobile bkg-grey color-white”>

Consult.    Design.    Makers of Bespoke Light Designs and Light Sculptures.

Welcome to Kalamara Blue. We share your passion for beautiful design. We understand that inspired lighting can make the difference between an OK space and a really WOW space with breath taking visual impact. We explore your desires for a space and with our vision, expertise and insight we grow your ideas into an exciting design.

We specialise in making bespoke, lights, lamps and light sculptures made specifically to fit your space.

Use our consultancy and light making services to bring your vision to life!

</section> <!- Hero Section 5 End ->

Many thanks – PS I tried emailing info.thememountain@gmail.com but got no reply!


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the question. It’s been answered by email.

Just keep in mind that each support request is answered in the order in which they are received and may take 24-48hrs depending on the support load.


Thanks :-)

Hi item support is not available for this product! If you click the link that says Take Me to Item Support ... Marquez HTML is NOT in the drop down list of products supported at https://thememountain.ticksy.com/submit. Marquez Wordpress is supported and so is Marquez – A Responsive Email for Agencies but no Marquez HTML template. So I am unable to log a support ticket. Seeing as the problem I’m having is that the menu system will not work on any mobile device or browser I have tried (and I have now tried a few) this is a fundamental failing because the site visitor is unable to navigate away for the homepage. Please tell me how I get support for this product that I paid for and have spent time and money developing only to find that the menu doesn’t work. TIA

Hi AeroFix,

Thanks for getting in touch. We’ll have a look at the support forum and see what is going on with the categories.

In the meantime, we’ll be happy to help you through email. Shoot an email to info@thememountain.com along with your URL so that we can take a look and help you out with this issue.


Thanks for prompt response – I have emailed them as you advise!

Got an email response in less than an hour and the solution to my problem worked! Really impressed – and it’s a Sunday!!!

​Don’t worry – figured it out, found the avalance settings in the JS min file ;)

Hi I love this html site. Thanks for your support. I did notice all of my pages shown on an iPhone have a black bar above the image. I’ve tried for some time to fix this by editing the html, css templates with no luck. Do you know if there is a fix for this? It also looks like this when I upload the original Theme Mountain (unedited) version of the html.

Hello, I’m considering buying this theme but I see that it hasn’t been updated for a while. Are you still maintaining it?

Hi Grek,

Thanks for the patience, had not seen your comment. Yes, we maintain all our products. Marquez and our other templates will soon be updated to the latest version of our framework.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.



For some odd reason anchors are not working on my site. If I use div ID’s to reference sections on a page, the result is that sometimes the page goes to said section but if I click on a second menu option, it shows a blank page. So too if I use anchors as . What am I doing wrong?

One more question, how can I increase the hotspot area on buttons? Currently when using the xlarge class, only the text responds to mouse action. Is there a way to increase the hotspot area to the entire rectangle?

Hi gammada,

Just to let you know that we have answered your questions in our support forum. We’ve also added your last question to the thread.


Ok, thank you! BTW Awesome template!

​Hey. I see you’ve added timeline for Marquez, which is excellent! The issue is the html example doesn’t appear on this page http://framework.thememountain.com/components/timeline.html Is there a reason for this or is it an error?


Hi MikeBarry, Thank you very much for letting us know. I believe that it is an error. I will let my colleague know right now. Meanwhile please use a gist of the html markup I made for you. https://gist.github.com/davidwerks/81dbbdc68f8fa3d1243de853b27817aa Cheers,

Thanks so much. Love your work btw. Best I’ve come across.


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