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I am having a difficult time setting up any images in the photo gallery in this theme. I have enabled the slide show on the home page but getting the images to load in is not working for me at all.

When I go to “add item” it re-routes it as a post. I have set a featured image and uploaded an image that is 900×400, however when I go to upload it, it will not recognize it.

Can you provide me a basic step-by-step walk through for adding to the homepage gallery as well as creating photo albums?

I also attempted to add image thumbnails to the “custom about widgets” however it is not reading the url in wordpress to where these images are? Do you know know why this is?


Replied also to your email.

After you describe here it is definetly a timthumb problem. Did you set the corect permision for timthumb and cache folder on your server ?

Also provide the demo url in you email reply so we can tell you exactly.


Never mind, figured out what i needed. Awesome theme, thank you!

Hi, Great theme. Is there a way to change how the thumbnail on the photo album page looks? Some of the pictures cut the head off when looking at the photo album page. I tried changing the photo’s thumbnail size but that didn’t seem to do it.


It’s quite hard to change the picture size, because of that frames I have made there to look nice.

Will have to edit the CSS , the timthumb values, and also some graphic elements used there.

Try to use proportional images. Meaning the big image you are adding there to be quite proportional to the smaller thumb frame size it’s there.



lovely theme! But i have a problem with the gallery. I have uploaded the pics. But the little Thumails are not shown at the website. The big version via pop up ist perfect.

Look here: http://sonnen-studio.net/heyday/?page_id=55

What can i do?

I have the same problem at the main site with the “about” posts.

Thanks for help.

sunny wishes from germany


It’s definetly a timthumb.php issue. Timthumb is the file that automatically resize the thumb, and photos used in some places like the gallery thumbs, and about small pics.

This timthumb.php file need some server permisions in order to resize the images and store them in a “cache” called folder. Some servers are blockgin this permisions for security reasons.

All you have to do is to login to your server using a FTP programm, and go to theme folder, inside “scripts” folder, you will see timthumb.php and cache folder there.

1. Give the permisions (right click on the files from the FTP programm) to timthumb.php and cache folder values to 755 first. Some servers also do not allow 755, then try 777 to both.

Refresh the website.

2. Create a index.html empty file inside the cache folder, if this is not allready created and existing there by the refresh above.


Thank you so much! That works fine!

Hello, is it possible to change the front photo slider to a video?

I would like to have HD video in the main page.


Yes, but only manually from the code. You will have to edit index.php and instead of the slider code there to manually add a video iframe with that size.


I have another question :-)

I want to embedded Videos from VIMEO . But the size is not right.

You can see this here: http://sonnen-studio.net/heyday/?page_id=106

Thanks for your help!

To use videos and make them responsive you must use the shortcode from the editor I have created especially for this.

your code should look like:


This will make the video 100% full, and flexible down to mobile resolutions.


There is something that I don’t understand : when I post articles, I can see them separately but I don’t have a page who gathered them like the “Blog page” on your live previews… It’s very strange. How do I get this “blog” page ? I’m very sorry for my English, I’m writing from France. Thank you in advance for your reply. Best regards, Sophie PS: I also had problems with my timthumb but I solved them.


To create a Blog section you must:

1. create a main category called Blog and add posts in that category

2. Go to Wordpress menus tab in admin and add-drag that category Blog into your main header menu created for the theme.

Our blog page from our demo it’s basically a category link put into the menu like I said above


That’s all.

Just make sure you create that menu like I am explaining in the Help file. It’s basically a regular WP3 menu


It works… It was simple but I didn’t knew how do do it. Thank you very much ! Best regards

Glad it works. Regards.


I’m trying to install the theme and wordpress has given the following error:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Can you please help!

thanks very much,

regards, Gus.


Please install just the theme folder, and not the full archive you have downloaded. This why you got that message.

Unarchivate the files and use just the theme folder to install in wordpress.


How can we know if the theme is pending updates? Do I have version 1.0 but do not know if there have been changes or improvements, how do we know?

For now no major update was included, only small bugs fixed.

A big update will come this week, including a translation file. Will announce under item description page, the main item page.


How I can translate the theme? Are you ready theme for different languages??? or do you have some file. po or. mo?


Like I said above, I will include a translation file in the first big update this week.


I am considering purchasing this theme and I have a question about guest list management.

Where are the RSVP responses stored, and is it easy to view them from the Wordpress dashboard? My friends who are getting married are not sending out paper invites so they need an easy way to view RSVPs.


The RSVP page is build using a “form builder plugin” from wordpress directory. It’s easy to edit the layout and add/edit more fields. But the final message will send an email, and will not store any lists in custom panels in wordpress. It’s just a form seding an email.



The Page navigation for the Photo Album is not working. I installed the plugin you instructed. Please see http://dreamblissfully.com/portfolio/

Any ideas?



Just activated the plugin on our demo page


Seems to work fine.

I think in your case is the permanlinks structure that brings the error page.

Try to reset the permanlinks from your wordpress, it might work.


Don’t forget about the “Photos per page:” option in the custom admin panel, under “Photos Page” options.


Thanks! Simply changing the permalinks to a different one and then switching it back worked.

I am seeing that I have only six colors available to me in the theme options. I would like to use the purple theme. Is there a download of the images or updated css?


Did you recently bought the theme ? Or it’s been while. To get the updates with more colors, just go to your account and download the files again. Replace them on your server, and give a RESET from the custom admin panel that the theme got. Remember to save all your setting from the panel somehow, you might loose some. Just from that panel, and all the website content, because the conten will be keeped the same.


Bought theme but having a little trouble getting it working




Replied also to your email.

Try to add some content on it, and will look better.

Check your server permisions for timthumb and cache folder, if the images will not apear.


Hi, Having the same problems as REEP , however, I’m sure there is a solution.

Thank you in advance for your support. Best regards


To setup your home page to look like our demo just:

1) Make sure your wordpress has selectected from Settings->Reading->Front page displays -> as “Your latest posts”

2) To add content to the slider just create a post, or a page (the ones you want to featured into the slider) and from the options under the editor just select to show the post in the home slider. And add the main image.

3) To create the “About widgets section” just go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag the “Custom about widget” into “About section widget” zone from the sidebar. Drag 2 of those widgets, one for the bride and groom.

4) To create those custom text widgets under the about area, just go the same to Appearance -> Widgets and drag the “Custom text widget” into “Home center Widgets” zone from the sidebar. Dragging 3 of them will create 3 widgets.

5) The last widgets zone is the bottom zone. Just go the same to Appearance -> Widgets and drag any widget to the 3 separated widgets areas, center left and right. We recomand to use the ones we used. It looks and feel better. But any other will work as well.


If the images will not apear after adding them, to the slider, or widgets, make sure your server permisions are the good ones for the timthumb.php and cache folder. To check them login to your server files (using a FTP program like fillezila) and right click on them to see their infos (both are in “scripts” folder inside the theme folder). The corect permisions should be 755 or 777. Try with 755 and after if is not working use 777.


Hi, in the Photo Gallery I need to add a Category that has a special character like inauguração (has ã and ç) and if i add this this category won’t work. Please help me make it work. If you have a look http://villacasuarina.com.br/vl/?page_id=138 Please, this pictures are from the place release, so I relly need to add them! Tks again!


Well I am not sure that will work.

There is no way wordpress will read a permanlink with that caracters. The script that filter the photos into categories must use normal characters. I am afraid this is the only way will function. And the titles of those categories must be transform in code into filters permanlinks. Those characters will be ignored by the permanlinks code.

Hope this make sense to you also.


I installed the zip file into wordpress and it is telling me Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description Template is missing.

Please help!!!!


Please unzip the archive and extract the theme folder only, and install it in wordpress. You got that message because you have installed all the archive, witch is not corect. We are required to put all in one archive when uploading items here on themeforest. But the archive includes more items and folders, like PSD , HELP file, DEMO DATA …

So normally in wordpress only the theme folder must be installed to function corectly.


Thank you except after I didd what you asked I got the following mesage: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme install failed.

Please help!!! What does this mean?


Well the error message is quite strange “style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.”

The style does not required any header to be included.

I really don’t know what are you doing there, but to install the theme, all you have to do is to copy the theme folder inside wordpress “themes” folder. Simple as that. It works fine.

Also notice that your user has no “Purchase” badge near the title, like the other users that purchased this item. So I am hoping you have bought the theme using another user, and not got the theme from a torrent website or something like that. I cannot offer support for nonpurchase ursers.

So if you will send me an email from the user account that purchase the theme (so I can verify it), using the contact form on our profile page, and provide also the wordpress login info, we can support and install the theme for you.


Hi – thanks for the theme it’s gorgeous and it’s terrific seeing how responsive you are here – that gives me some confidence which I need :) , hopefully I can get it to work soon because our wedding is coming up in a few months, so time is of the essence -

My two main issues are that I can’t get the Photo Album to work correctly – here’s where I’m at so far http://cathleenandhoward.com/?page_id=21

I saw above your instructions for giving permissions – but I can’t find the files you noted – I’ve looked under Scripts and I see the Cache folder, but I don’t see the document timthumb.php

So what do I do here?

The next big thing is getting the photo slider on the home page to work – haven’t a clue there. I’ve got some images loaded into the Photo Album, so I assume it picks them up from there? And yes, the photo slider is enabled on the Marriage Options first tab.

I just bought your theme and hoped it would be easy, but I’m encountering all the issues noted here and more – it took me a few hours last night to load it because I kept getting the error message that the style sheet wasn’t there, and I was only loading the theme. So I finally just manually loaded the theme folders thru my FTP and that worked…fyi in case that helps you.

I’ve had to work with my graphic artist and another friend to help me get to where I am so far, which kinda negates the whole inexpensive theme and quick thing ;p

So, here’s a potentially dumb question- is there a User Manual? I know I’m new to this, but it seems like there should be documentation so that you just start with step one and go thru each step – and too, some explanation like that the Home page doesn’t have a page, but is edited in the widgets section – does a document like this exist?

I’m going to go back and read all your posts here, so thank you there – can’t wait to get this going, and I’m sorry if I came across negative…just a bit of pressure…you know us brides! :)

Thanks so much!

We really love it! Cat

Hi Cat,

Don’t worry I will help you.

First thing I want to tell is that a HELP file exist. See the HELP folder inside the archive you have dowloaded. It is not a very detailed file, becuase we the authors from this market will takes us weeks to create a very detailed documentation for each theme. And all themes are very very diferent. And then the value of this theme will not worth.

Also when you mentioned ” So I finally just manually loaded the theme folders thru my FTP and that worked” That is the exact way to install it, and the best way.

Also a very important thing for you to know, is that all this themes and templates here on this market, requires some knowledge of wordpress and websites editing. This why for some users it might be seam hard to edit the themes.

To get to the point of your questions:

1. The photo album got something setup wrong because in source code it gets the following: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/s/e/w/sewhighness/html/cathleenandhoward/wp-content/themes/marriage-wordpress/marriage/photos.php on line 80

I am asuming you did not create categories for the photos to filter them. Please try to add the photos in categories, from the left sidebar. Create your own categories, that will act like filters after, just like on our demo.

2. I can see that the slider is working fine, I guess you manage to find the solution or read it in the HELp file.

You can also contact us using the profile page we have here, on the left sidebar contact form. And we can also help you in editing your content, just provide some demo wordpress login in privatelly.

Best Regards.