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Very nice, good luck with sales!

Thanks AJ

Great looking theme. I have spotted a bug on your blog template. There is an image that doesn’t load on the date.

Nice obsevation. Forgot to copy that img into images folder. It is a small image, just a line png that is giving the date image a nice “fold” effect.

Just fixed that. Thanks

Looking really good. Good luck!

Thanks Dany :)

Is it possible to add a transparent PNG image where the “Michael & Sarah” fancy text is, and underneath that, where the golden date is, is it possible to add any text there, or can it only be a date?


For now where “Michael & Sarah” text is you can only use any text. But it’s a good ideea to add a option so users can upload a logo, a image..etc. I will consider a future update this.

As for the date section you can add any text you want there, is editable from admin pane.


This is wonderful , congrats :)

Just a quick update:

I managed to put an image instead of the text by changing LINE 130 in Header.php (Best Size Image: 900×100px): <div class="title"><a href="http://www.HOMEPAGE HERE"><img src="http://IMAGE URL HERE" /></a></div>

Have a look at the outcome: http://www.inspiresites.co.uk/eg/misidat/ (it’s just the mock-up site of the original).

Now another issue I am having is, in any blog page, the image does not come in the date (have a look at the date when the post’s were added): http://www.inspiresites.co.uk/eg/misidat/?cat=4

It’s an issue with the following file which is missing: images/date_line.png

Please fix/send me the file to: hab.786@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks, great theme.


Hi Habeeb,

I have updated the theme files and send them to you by email.

I have update also the archive on themeforest , but it will be available in a few hours after the reviewers accept it.


hi! I bought the theme, really nice. Only trouble i’m having at the moment is that the 135×135px images in the About widget are staying empty. The link to the images works, but the circle stays empty with the words image above it.. any idea?


Other images uploaded into the theme looks good? I mean onyl this “about” images are not visible.

If all images resized by timthumb are not visible, I am sure is something related to server permisions and timthumb.

Can I see a demo url, I can tell you exactly by looking at the image url.


This is the worst theme I have ever downloaded, there are missing images, and text where widgets go that have to be edited in the php files to get rid of…not user friendly…and instructions are poor…doesn’t mention anything about having to modify the PHP to get rid of the Widget text in the instructions…I have had other much more complex templates that were a breeze and never needed editing of the template files. I am very disappointed I got this to make as a really quick wedding site for my brother and now 3 hrs later I am still fighting with it just to get a tiny bit of text on the homepage.

Hey, thanks for the “good” review.

Just to make things clear, the text where the widgets areas are will disapear after you will install a widget.

That text is for info purpose only, it’s telling you that is a widget are and you can install widgets there from…After a widget is dragged from admin there, that text is gone.

And all widgets areas can be enabled/disabled from the admin panel.

About the missing “image” and not “images”, there is one png small image I forgot to load into the blog date section. But I have updated the online files and the archive for themeforest should be ready in a couple of hours also.

But to show that we care about our customers, we will add content to your theme if you want. Just provide the required info to login to your admin and some basic text and info, and we will do it. Provide all info using the form on our profile page.


UPDATES 01 (June, 01, 2012)

1. Fixed missing image from the blog date section

2. Added in admin the posibility to add a logo image instead of title text in header section.

To get the updates just download the archive again (it’s FREE ) and replace your theme files. Reset the admin panel to get the (logo-text) update.


Hi, liking this a lot, any chance you could supply all the demo copy, or an xlm file to import it :-)


A Demo XML file is included in the dowloaded archive. Just add it to your wordpress and you will have your demo content.

All the photos from my demo are not included. You will have only blank white images. Some of the images that are stored on my server might not work on your server because the theme uses timthumb, and maybe your server have some restriction to resize images that are located on other servers.

But the main importance of the demo is the content, just replace the images with your own ones and you will have a live demo with images.


Thanks for the great template, and extra thanks for good documentation :)

It looks like when I use Safari 5.1 on windows I get the same view as I do when using safari on my iphone. Is this expected?

Yes I guess is normal to look the same on all Safari browsers no mater what OS is there.

On your mobile the theme should look resized. Just don’t browse the theme on mobiles with the iframe of themeforest (the top bar) included. It will not resize corectly because of that top bar.


Good luck with sales!

I’ve been waiting for this theme in wordpress for quite some time :) Thanks so much and good luck with sales.

Just so happens my name is Michael and my fiance’s name is Sarah.

Oh this means this theme is perfect for you Michael and Sarah :))

Thanks, and have a nice marriage.

Best Regards.

Hey, nice theme. What are the color options?



There are 6 predefined colors for graphic elements (yellow, red, blue, green, orange and grayscale) used in the layout. As for links and bg are limited. From the custom admin panel you can add your own bg images and set your own colors for links and some nongraphic elements with color pickers.


This is a very clean and easy to setup theme. All you do is import the xml and add your widgets as instructed. I completed the site in less than a day. Looks great on my iphone as well! If your on the fence about buying this theme I say buy it. It’s very clean and make your client very happy!

I also wanted to say that I read the review by cre8tivefocus above and it almost scared me off.

After setting up this theme I can tell you that the review above by cre8tivefocus make no sense to me at all.

Just my opinion.

I had no problems at all with the theme or the widgets.

Thanks for the kind words, it really encouraging me creating more good works, and be part of this great comunity :)


I’m really glad you released this as a Wordpress theme. I was contemplating downloading the HTML5 version simply because I liked it so much!. But it is much more time and effort to set up an HTML5 site than it is for me to set up this Wordpress version!

The theme works great almost everything is functioning perfectly!

I was a little worried when all the pictures included (more or less) were grey boxes. But, you’re right! Add some pictures into it and the theme comes to life very quickly! Great documentation!

One question I have is regarding google maps. I have tried putting several addresses into the Custom Google Maps Widget but it will not show the map in the sidebar no matter how I put it in.

If you could take a look at this issue. Otherwise the theme is great and I will add any other bugs or issues as I go. But please don’t be offended, just some positive feedback and hopefully help!

Thanks, Mitch

Hi Mitch,

I will post here what I am using there.

In the Map scr field I have


And it works like you see in our demo.

All you have to do is to get that url from google maps website and inserted there.

Please anything you want to ask me do it, I will not be offended, never :)

I will be glad to help and fix any bug for anyone.


I am really enjoying this theme as well. Although when I try out twitter it always precedes my tweets with we were checking out. Or we said. Can I remove those from showing up like that. I just want the tweet to show up not preceded by something different everytime. I am also having a hard time getting a blog page to show up in my menu. I understand it needs the Categories page to show up, but it isn’t showing correcly. Even when I import your xml I don’t have a blog page.

Thanks, Mike


Those twitter widget texts are by default defined in header.php file

I guess I should put them as options in admin.

But to edit them just open header.php file and see

      join_text: "auto",
      username: "<?php $theme->option('twitter_username'); ?>",
      count: 1,
      auto_join_text_default: "we said,",
      auto_join_text_ed: "we",
      auto_join_text_ing: "we were",
      auto_join_text_reply: "we replied",
      auto_join_text_url: "we were checking out",
      loading_text: "loading tweets..." 

As for a blog page, you have to create a category, and after when going in Wp admin “Menus” tab and create your menu, just select the blog category and add it to your menu.

It’s very easy to do. All categories will be listed in the left section of Menu tab in admin.


Thanks, I got it to work like a charm. Thanks for your help. I needed to specify what menu to show up as well. It was just really weird to see the pages I added on there were showing up in the menu didn’t think the menu section was working under appearance.