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I am having trouble with adding tables… I am adding them no problem, but all my formatting seems to get deleted when I save it. Also, the images get resized even though I select “original” size in the image properties. Is there some CSS that is overwriting the pages??

Let me know if you need more information…



Are you trying to add tables format into wordpress editor when creating a post or a page ?

Images for slider, blog page, portoflio, are resized ofcourse to suit the dimensions of the webstie layout. Why do you want to use them big sized. Maybe they will ruin the dimension of the design. Also I have setup in code to make them 100% width to look good on mobiles. The theme uses responsive layout.

If you show me your demo url and tell me where do you want to add full images sized I will try to give more specific feedback.


How can I disable the article top images? I will post “standard-articles” without an entry image and only with a bold title in the top and the text below this. Thanks!!


Just replied to your email with some updated files that will suit your needs.


Hello Famous Themes, first of all, congratulations, the theme is awesome and I`ve built almost the whole site in few hours, I`m now having trouble to setup the blog page. I tried to follow the steps from the documentation but i didn`t have success, the blog page is still not working.

Hi ,

Thanks for the kind words.

To create a blog section it’s very easy. Just create a blog categ, add posts in it, and add it to your menu (the category) using the wordpress Menu options.

Where exactly you had problems?



When I installed this wordpress theme I do not have a photo album template when creating pages….

how do I get the photo album to work?


Just updated the theme files. It seems that the latest wordpress version was not reading that php file with the Photo Album.

Please download the archive again and it will work.


Thanks…. Also I have tried the contact form and it shows up on the contact page and I edit the email information and it will not send to my email and it does not show the Contact success msg?

same issuer with the php file?

thanks again


If your contact form is showing up on page, the contact.php file is ok.

It should work fine. Check your spam folder, maybe you are receiving there. I guess you are not testing on localhost PC, it need a host server with email to work.


We dont use twitter, so is there an option to remove from the bottom left corner? Is there an option to remove social media icons from header? The logo where it says Groom & Bride is there an option to just put our own text in from the backend or does this require a logo?


For the twitter area you can add any widget there.

For the logo you can add any text or logo image you want from the custom admin.

For the social icons we do not have an enable/disable option for them, but you can remove them from the code.


I ended up purchasing the theme, nice theme. I got my answers from above.

I have some issues:

1. for the slider I just need a main picture dont need the caption in the lower right corner, how do I get rid of this?

2. the picture in the slider is not centered exactly, I need to center this.

Please leave me your email and I will send you my URL


See the FAQ section for the first questions

How to remove the caption text and title on home slider images?

This can be solved in 2 ways.

1. Manually editing the index.php file and remove the caption code there

<div class="flex-caption"> <div class="caption_title_line"><h2><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to <?php the_title_attribute(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2><?php echo home_excerpts(); ?></div> </div>

2. From the custom admin panel -> Apearance -> Marriage Theme Options -> General Tab, under the Custom CSS field

Just add there in the Custom CSS field

.flex-caption{ display:none;}

And for the sec question

You must use the corect image size like we suggest for the slider images. Otherwise the slider will not look good.


Theme Updates (June , 27 2012)

  • Fixed “Photo Album” bug with not showing in admin when creating a new page (this was happening on the latest wordpress version). Now works fine on all versions
  • Added the posibility no to use a featured image on blog page. Now using just a title for a blog post will look good also.
  • Added the option to use a logo image instead of a text title on home page main title
  • New colors options added in admin panel (yellow, red, green, blue, orange, grayscale, purple, brown)

To take this updates just download the archive again from your account (it’s free) and update the theme files on your server. Remember to RESET your custom admin panel to get also the updates there

Damn. I just bought the wedding theme and now I saw this and I like it better. Can I trade? Pleaseeeee!


What is the name of the “the wedding theme” you have bought ? One of my items ?

I cannot manage any trade here, sorry.


I love it so much i just bought the theme. I plan to update my site tonight. Thank you!

Thank you too :)

Compramos este modelo de template para wordpress mas estamos tendo dificuldades e colocar para funcionar o formulário de contato (como o que tem no modelo) e o Photo Albun. Vocês poderiam nos ajudar?

Para criar uma página de contato, você terá que criar uma nova página e selecione uma das opções no lado direito do wordpress “página Atributos” O modelo de “Contato”.

Para criar um álbum de fotos, use os tipos de pós personalizadas chamadas álbum de fotos de administração do WordPress. Depois de adicionar itens sua foto lá, como a página de contato, vá e criar uma nova página e selecione a seção certa do modelo de “álbum de fotos”

Por favor, leia o arquivo de ajuda que deram, há algumas imagens lá para ajudá-lo.



Does the Google Maps sidebar click through to Google Maps? I’m not sure of the value of showing the map if people can’t click on it to get directions.

Please help?



Yes you can click through to Google Maps. It’s like a normal google map iframe with nav arrows…etc

Hi! Just purchased this theme. Accidentally installed it with WP 3 .4.1, and it doesn’t look quite right. Any suggestions??


Seen on your prev comment that you start to add content to it.

The theme works fine on WP 341 , our demo is using the latest version.

I guess it looked to you empty when first installing. Well add some content and it will look good.

Just use the widgets areas also on home page and add the recomanded widgets for each zone.


Hello Famous Themes, congratulations to you for this Theme. I bought the marriage wordpress theme, a real pleasure! All is working fine except the photo album part. It doesn’t work. When I’m creating an Photo album and a page (with the right photo album model), I can see the page, but the thumbnail is missing.. When I’m clicking on the album, the first picture appears right but only the first one! I tried several times (with different pictures, categories, etc) but I’m not able to solve the problem. Could you please help me? Thanks a lot for your help. Philippe.

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for the good words.

Well there must be something wrong with your setup. But I really need to see the demo url, so I can look into the source code in order to tell you exactly what can cause that.

just drop us an email on our profile page with the url if you don’t want to make it public here on comments section.

The thumbnail missing can be either a timthumb server issue or not setting up correctly the image.


Beautiful theme! This is my first WP blog setup so I could be wrong.. but after installing the theme, I tried to download and install security related plugins as per the advice of some online blogs. Now sure where I went wrong, but the main wordpress page is constantly giving “Deprecated” errors and none of the links except the homepage open now.. (404 errors).

Do you recommend installing plugins or they don’t matter?


Well I really don’t recomand any “security related plugins”. what exactly are you trygin to protect ? Your content ? or your server files ?

I am sure the code of that plugins got your the 404 error. Just make sure the plugin you are installing works with the wordpress version you have.


I installed plugins like WP security scan, Secure Wordpress etc. Anyways.. I see your comment. With the wedding coming up in about a month from now, I am pretty short of time, so will keep my fingers crossed and go ahead with a fresh install. Hopefully all will be well… :-)

I did import the XML file in and it was pretty helpful… however, could you let me know how I can get the a front page that looks exactly like your demo site complete with “About” sections, Wedding location section, “Say Hello”, “From the blog” etc. (I understand that you might not be able to include the pictures which is perfectly fine).

Lastly, is there a way or replacing the RSVP section with a “Guest Book” ?


To add content on home page like we did, just use the widgets from wordpress admin. I recomand take 5 minutes and read the HELP file we have provided, it will help you for sure.

Generally XML exported files on wordpress does not include widgets also, this why we could not include either in the XML we have provided.

But see the Widgets section in wordpress and you will see how easy it’s to drag some widgets in the corect areas.

As for “Lastly, is there a way or replacing the RSVP section with a “Guest Book” ?” Yes you can change anything. See the HELP file also to install the plugin required to create that form, or any form you will need for the Guest Book.


Is there any way the slider images can be static meaning they don’t link to the post they are associated with? I just want the images to display, not link to anywhere.


Yes it;s posible.

It’s just all the users asked me to add links to the images, now I see there are user that prefer images with no links :)

I have added the link automatically, so in order to remove links from images in slider you will have to edit index.php file.

Inside div class=”slider_container” you will see

<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>"><img src="<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, " slideshow_large_image_url="" true="" />" alt="" title=""/></a>

Just delete the a function in fron of the image code and after<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>">.......</a>

And leave just the image code

<img src="<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, " slideshow_large_image_url="" true="" />" alt="" title=""/>



When you put in your own logo in the header, is there any way to make this scale down on iphones? Making it responsive.



To remove the Capitalize from photos titles, just see style.css file

.gallery13 h3{ font-size:16px; width:290px; padding:220px 0 30px 15px; background:url(images/gallery_title_bg.jpg) no-repeat center bottom; float:left; text-transform:capitalize;}

Just remo text-transform:capitalize;


Thanks again!

Just one final question. When I create a new menu, the Home button in the meny disappears. Seems it is only present in the default theme menu. Is there a way to get it back?


To create a Home menu entry just use the Custom link options there. It is above the Pages and Categories options there.

Just add your home page link, and as a label write Home. And add it to your menu. Drag above the other links to stay first in menu.

This is how I have created :)


Thanks for the help! Everything’s working fine now. Very happy with the theme!

You are welcome. I am glad you like it :)

Hello FamousThemes, I was able to add the blog page in the way you described. Now I’m facing another issue with all other pages, none of them are working, I have created couple of pages with differente templates either Default Template or Full Width and when I click on the pages it is redirecting me to the home page. I have tried disabling all my plugins but it did not work, so it is not a conflict, I guess there is some sort of configuration missing or something is wrong. Here is the link to the site: www.danievivi.com.br Thank you

Hi Daniel,

Sorry for answering so late, we are in our summer vacation for a few days.

I can see on your demo url that the problem with redirecting is now solved right? Let us know if you still need help on this one.

BTW you have done a nice job with the theme, congrats :) we should build a directory with the theme usses around the world and include yours too.


Hi Famous Themes!

Thanks for this great theme—it’s made putting my sister-in-law’s wedding site together a breeze. One question though … I want to get comments to work on pages. Is there any way you can help get that accomplished?


Hi there,

Well by default wordpress shows comments only on posts.

And as you can see on single.php file there is <?php comments_template(); ?>

And that line is adding comments functionality to your blog.

To add comments on pages you will need to add that line on page.php file too. There is where the pages are created.

Just add it above the <?php endwhile; endif; ?> code lines.

It should work fine.


How do I add an FLV to a Page I’ve created. I’ve tried with the video but it doesn’t work


Do you meant to add self hosted videos?

You will need to use a player inside the theme. Right now the theme accepted only hosted videos from youtube.com, vimeo…etc

To use a self hosted video you need first to add a custom player to your wordpress. And for that you will need to install a video plugin. Check wordpress plugins directory and choose the best video plugin here http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=video&sort=