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Recent Blog page.

Is there a template for the blog page that will list all of the recent post, I cant find it.


The default home page is listing the recent posts, also the archive page.


Also is there a way to add multiple custom contact fields, with drop downs, ect..


No, the contact form we provided is a simple one. For a more detailed contact form we suggest use a free wordpress plugin like Contact 7, or any other. Just browse the wordpress free plugins directory.


My site appears to have crashed – can’t even log in to the back end. www.cardanitrollinger.com

I first became aware of this this morning – so not sure how long it has been going on.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Chad chad@chadcardani.com


It seems to be working now.

But there is now a theme inside wordpress can crash the website.

Only if something was changed.

Let me know what the problem was?


I am looking to do the RSVP page like you. What plug-in is that? Help.



I am mentioning about it in the HELP file.

You can take the plugin from HERE



I am having issues making my google map widget work. I have been using the src code like you mentioned but…


it gives me the entire page….http://franciswedding2014.com/ I cannot figure it out no matter what part of the code I put in. What am I doing wrong?

it also goes no where….(not linked to google)

GOT IT! Refreshed the browser. All good. P.S. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP! and I LOVE the theme.

I am glad it works now.


anyway to get a color change mouse over for normal links?


Use the Custom CSS input from the custom admin panel, and add there

a:hover{ color:#000000;}

And change the color code 000000 to whatever you want.



I am interested in purchasing your template. I just need to know if the main image in homepage size be increased in height. If it does, it’ll be perfect. And also I can replace the name with a logo?


Yes, the slider images are flexible on height. And yes the text title can be replaced with an logo. The date text cannot be replaced with a logo, but can be editable from the admin.

Any other questions you will have, just drop us an email and we will reply.


Do not buy this theme unless you are well versed in Wordpress. I run half a dozen self-hosted Wordpress sites and this theme is by far the most difficult to use and maintain.

I take that back. I am in disbelief at what a mess this theme is. I’m about ready to request a refund. This is ridiculous.

No problem, I respect every feedback I get.

But just working on a showcase of websites using this theme, and there are 1k+ of amazing looking wedding websites with this theme at the base.

BTW are you one of the competitors that just launched a wedding theme and got no sales :)

All the best.

Why did my widget stop reading the Twitter feed?

Take a look please: http://quemcasaquer.com.br/blog

My Twitter info stays the same: QuemCasaQuer.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Breno


There was an update to the twitter files a few time ago. Twitter officially updated their API so all the themes need to be updated.

Please see the Support tab of this item, and read there the FAQ’s at the line “Update the Twitter settings”

For any other help you can contact us by email. We can even update the theme for you if you want.

To dowload the theme again it’s free, just go to your account.


Yes, I´d appreciate it if you can do this upgrade on my behalf… My fear it that I lose any of the changes I did across the css files… A lot of personalization was needed, as I needed the functions in Portuguese.

How can we proceed? Thank you


Ok I will do it , no problem. Just use the contact form on our profile page, and send us an email. I will reply after.


Hello, I imported the data to have the site look like you but i ma having issues with the menus even after i deleted (other menus title they still appear on the menu bar) same thing with the footer menu. How do i remove the default home page and direct i as a blog? Also is it possible to change the MS just above from the blog to put my own initials? here is my site: http://etemandrene.com


Just looking at your website.

1. It seem that your home page is now the default latest posts page. To create the home page, just add a new page and set the Template option as home page from those right sidebar option. Then under Reading tab in wordpress admin set this custom page you just created as wordpress front page.

2. For the menus you need to create 2 Menus, using the Menus tab under Apearance-> Menus tab in admin. And active them as footer and main header menu from the settings under the menu tab. You will see them there. After that the footer and header menu will look allright.

3. In the custom admin panel Marriage Theme options you have under General tab the option “Bottom divider name initials ”. From there you can change the initials.


I can not get the timthumb to work. Is there a plug in that I need to install or does it automatically integrated with your theme?


No there is no plugin that need to be installed.

All you need is to make sure the timthumb files have the corect permisions on your server. Try 766, or 777 to add to the cache folder and timthumb.php files from the theme folder.

Or you can disable timthumb option from the admin, and use the images croped at the corect sizes.

Or you can show me your demo url, and I can tell you exactly if this is the problem.


When I create a subpage disappear me everything I’ve done in the home, and instead shows me the top menu pages, one below the other Why is this happening?


Things should work normally when adding any page.

Can I see your demo url so I better understand what are trying to do.


very frustrating,

album only seems to display 9 images per page, what i point of view all?

meh, worked it out – in the theme options.

on a side note, the documentation needs to be better. this theme has me pulling my hair out most the time.

the annoying thing is to edit the maps in text and not visual as it flattens them.

also you REALLY need to have a roll over for links.

also installing additional plugins or albums etc. conflicts with this theme.

the only good thing about this theme is the plugin for rsvp, but i could of just installed that myself. 40? $ i expected more.


Glad you found how to set more images per page. And sorry for making pulling your hair :)

I am allready working on a forum, with more FAQ’s answered for this theme, and a detailated documentation.

About the conflict with other plugins, there is no way to make a theme in this days to be compatible with more plugins. All plugins and theme developers are using a lot of javascript code, and it’s imposible not to use the same classes and script.


Hi! First of all, amazing theme. Elegant.

I just have one question. Is there anything I can do to remove the “Read More” tabs in the Home Widget Area?

Best regards


Thanks :)

Yes there is an input “More link” inside the widget. If a link is added the button will apear, if not the button will not apear.


Strange. Even though my “more link” is empty the ‘read more’ button appear! Do you have any idea of what might be wrong?



Are we talking about the “Custom about widget” used in our demo right under the slider ?

I have just made a test again, and I have remove the values added in “More link” input inside that widget, and the button disapeared.

It should work for you also.

BTW when did you bought the theme? Maybe you have a really old version of the theme.



I am having trouble centering an image on a page template. I have tried column shortcodes, playing with the css, the photo size, etc and can’t get the photo center. Please see http://clearbrookwedding.com/our-story/

Additionally, how do you make a video full size on a page? The video I am embedding shows up tiny even though the embed code has the full width size and I have tried the full width shortcode.

Thanks for your help in advance!


Do you mean you are adding a video, and see in the front end a diferent one ?

When adding the video url in the shortcode try to use it like this format


Not with IFRAME code and all that.

It should work fine.

Yes I have tried that format and it is still coming out as a big buck bunny video and not my video.

Please see this forum discussion because that is the problem I am having but can’t figure out how to solve it. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/big-buck-bunny?replies=5



But looking at your page source code http://clearbrookwedding.com/our-story/

I can see that this video is loaded with a plugin

div id="su_video_player_52678a59120e3" class="su-video jp-video su-video-controls-yes" data-id="su_video_player_52678a59120e3" data-video="http://www.jplayer.org/video/m4v/Big_Buck_Bunny_Trailer.m4v" data-swf="http://clearbrookwedding.com/wp-content/plugins/shortcodes-ultimate/assets/other/Jplayer.swf" .................

So you are loading this video to show up. Or the plugin you installed. Look at the code the bunny video is loaded there Big_Buck_Bunny_Trailer.m4v

To add a video using my method you don’t need that plugin installed.

Just paste this code in your wordpress editor in visual mode


And replace the video url between those [video] shortcodes


Hi dude,

The main slider is getting some picture from your server.. We have clean everything and still appear.




It’s definetly because you have imported our DEMO XML file and forgot to edit the slider entries. Make sure all your posts and pages that were imported do not have the option to be showed in the slideshow. That’s all, once removing those the slider entries will disapear.


How do I load the demo content?

Never mind, I got it

Glad you founf your answer.


I cannot find where to edit the color of the footer text “©2013 – All photos property of bride and groom.” http://kissy-n-johnny.com/


There is no custom color added to that text only. It uses the main website color.

So in the custom admin panel under General tab you have the Custom CSS input.

There you can add


And change ffffff to what color you want. ffffff is white color. This will work also for you if you want to use it :)


Perfect! Exactly what I needed, thank you!

Hi there I have sent you an email in regards to setting the ‘homepage’. I’ve created a sample page, and set it as the ‘homepage’ yet its still loading the default home page where it says ‘hello world’.


sorry i figured this out – thank you


Glad you figure it out.


I’m having trouble with pic borders. If the pic is aligned left, then it’s perfect. If I change the same pic to align right, then the border is gone.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


I did not add any CSS code to remove the border on right aligned images

All the CSS aded for this aligned images is

.alignleft, img.alignleft {display: inline;float: left;margin-right: 1.5em;} .alignright, img.alignright {display: inline;float: right;margin-left: 1.5em;} .aligncenter, img.aligncenter {clear: both;display: block;margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto;}

Only for the caption I am removing the border

.wp-caption img {border: 0 none;margin: 0;padding: 0;}

So all the images should have that 5 px border

.pageentry img{border:5px #e6e2d8 solid; margin:0 0 15px 0;}

.entry_single img{border:5px #e6e2d8 solid; margin:0 0 10px 0;}

Can I see your demo url, I can analize the source code if you want.


The aligned images CSS is the same as what you posted.

I put up a “Coming Soon” page while it’s being worked on. Can I email you a temp admin login so you can check it out? Or is there another way?

url is jennyandjoshwedding.com