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Our website was completed! See how it was!

I loved too! Thanks for the support!



Very nice :) Congrats.

I’m having an issue with the gallery page. When I add a page of this type, I would expect the name of the page to be shown in the browser title (i.e. ‘Home’ is the name of the page, browser title would be ‘Home << Site Name’).

For that page, its listing it as ‘Photo Album Archive<<Site Name’. I’d like it to be ‘Portfolio<<Site Name’, mainly for SEO reasons but for readability reasons also. Is there any way to change that?

I’m a .NET developer so I can understand some code but PHP is different so be easy on me!


The things you want are not related to gallery page, and the theme. So there is no issue with the gallery :) just to make things clear.

I can recomand a SEO plugin. But not sure wordpress will let customize the title of the custom post types. It should work, I have not tested all the SEO plugins outhere, but give it a try and look for them in the free wordpress plugins directory.

So the thing you want are SEO related, and the best way to achieve that is by using a SEO plugin.


Ok. I’ll make that page instead of using that particular template, I couldn’t get it to work with the SEO plugin I’m using. No big deal. Thanks for the quick reply though!

One other thing for the time being. I’m actually noticing this on your demo site as well as my client’s site. If you click on the ‘Drop Down’ page and go there, then hover back over ‘Drop Down’ all of the links in that drop down get the styling of the main menu items(i.e. The bullets underneath, hover color, etc)


Yes, thanks for notice that. It seems I mixed up a line of CSS on the last update

Just add in style this:

ul#main_menu li.current-menu-item ul li a{ background:none; color:#434343;}
ul#main_menu li.current-menu-item ul li a:hover{ background-color:#e5e5e5;color:#434343;}

Updated also our demo.



url link

Please have a look at:http://sylima.be/blog/ When you click on Blog in the menu you will see a post with the word : test This word is a url to a internal address but you can only click on it after “Lees meer” (is translation of read more)


regards Erik


Sorry for the late response, but I cannot see that text you are talking about.

I can see this page http://sylima.be/blog/category/blog/ with a post inside with the image and title “Renesse 09-04-2014”, and that it.


Good morning

Please try this


to understand my question

greetings Erik gent ,belgië


Yes I now understand. So the hiperlinks are not show in the archive listing content.

Well that is a default function of wordpress. In the archive listing, we are using the excertp function, to show just a piece of the content text, not the full post. And wordpress strip all the code in that excerpt function, not showing any of HTML elements including hiperlinks.

That wordpress excerpt function needs to be modified in order to suport links. You can add to your functions.php file a custom code LIKE THIS ONE and allow links to be showed if you really want that.

Hope this helps.


I’m trying to customize this theme for wedding videography… I’d like to replace the text title (“Micheal & Sarah”) and the faded diamond pattern with a logo that fills the width of that section. What size do you recommend, and how can I remove the faded diamond background? Also, I want to have a Video Gallery, instead of a Photo Gallery – do you recommend Vimeo Master, or some other plug-in, in order to make this happen?


1. You can replace the text title with the logo image very easy, just use the options in the custom admin panel. I recomand any size, as long as it looks good. Depends also how your logo looks like better. On mobile it should resize well.

2. To replace the pattern see the header bg image option added in style.css file

#header{width:100%; height:190px; background:url(images/header_texture.jpg) no-repeat center top;}

Just delete that background:url(images/header_texture.jpg) no-repeat center top; if you want to remove it. Or create antoher one using the PSD file

3. As for the Video Gallery, you can use Vimeo as videos hosted there. Not sure about plugins. I did not test that V Master. If that plugin creates a gallery page you can use it fine. Just make sure the layout he creates is responsive. In case you want to make the content available also for mobiles.



This is my site samandnush.com – how can I make it so that the image on the text widget is a link to a third party website. For example, I want to link the image (the presents) under the wedding registry widget to link directly to the bed bath and beyond gift registry.


Hi, Could you please help me out?


Replied also to your email. See that you have one option in the widget itself. Let me know if that is ok for you. See the email.


How can i change the single post to a full width template? Thx


You need to manually edit the single.php file and remove the sidebar code from there. By default the theme have a sidebar on single page.

After removing the sidebar code, just add to the left content DIV class the full width class.

Just drop us an email and we can send you a customized single.php file with full width content.


Thx for the answer. Can you send me a customized single.php to psycomtb@hotmail.com?

Just sent an email with the file updated.

I’m trying to let the theme equal to the sample site, but nothing works, I need help.


In order to have the Home page design looking like our demo you need to create a regular page, name it home, and assign it the custom Template “Home page”.

See a guidance screenshot in the HELP file in the archive you downloaded included. Section “Creating the Home page”.

Once you will have that custom Home page created, you will see on it, the slider section, the about custom widgets section. All you have to do is to add content to them.



How do I appear on the homepage instead of the latest posts? http://www.rafaelemichele.com/

Go to Wordpress- > Settings tab -> see the Reading options. And select there as home page a custom page. In your case the custom home page you created prev.

Regarding Youtube video shortcodes:

This was almost done. The short code for the Youtube video on the bottom of the home page was working perfectly, but today, out of the blue, it stopped. It only shows the actual code on the page… How can I fix this?

P.S. The same short codes work just fine on any internal page – it is only on the front page where I am having problems.



Replied to you on your latest comments.

Let me know if you still need help, because I can see the video on home page is showing fine.


Hi there, love the theme.

Just installed, and uploaded the demo-data to root folder is that right?

Or should i be uploading to somewhere else, not getting any demo data?


sorted myself, just a note…for novices like myself it is not enough to just say upload the Demo-data.xml

so here is what i done

- Log into your WordPress backend - Navigate to Tools > Import - Click on “WordPress”. If you haven’t imported anything yet, you will need to install “Importer” plugin. Select the .xml file in the SampleData folder in the zip-file you’ve downloaded from Themeforest. - Now make sure to Select the Menu in Appearance > Menus and set up “Home” as front page and “Blog” as posts page under Settings > Reading.



Yes that is the full process. Thank you for pointing it out.

We did not made a fully detailed tutorial about that because we have considered anyone working with wordpress know what is about.


Hi, its me again hehe :D How can i add a search widget side of the top menu? Thx


I did not added any widget area in the header. I did not add that in the design I have made at that point.

You can only do that by customizing the code. In header.php you will need to create a widget zone and make sure it will look good.

If you cannot do this, we will consider doing it for you, but next week, because things are very busy around here :)

Just write us an email, to keep track of this.


I am trying to add a YOP Poll to the Custom Text Widget. In the Text Content I put in the shortcode. But it is not pulling the poll in. Does the Custom Text Widget allow for shortcodes? If not then is there a way to code this in to the widget .php?


Try to add that shorcode into Wordpress default text widget. Our custom text widget do not support shorcodes.

Let me know if it works, if not I will send you a customized line of code that will allow the widget to support shortcodes.


Hi, i need some help with your theme. Did a clean Wordpress install, activated the theme und imported the demo.xml. But i think my Front page is broken and have some problems, which i cant solve by myself. It should look like the demo!.Do you have any ideas? I didnt found some demo Widgets after import :(

Link: http://natascha-und-manuel.de/Hochzeit/

Did some fixes. But how can i change the link from the home button, which directs to the demo url?


Your website is looking good. It seems that you did a nice job adding the content.

About the HOME button in the top menu, see the Menus section in Wordpress under the Apearance tab.

There you can create custom menus. You will create a custom menu for the header, and assign it as main menu from that option at the bottom of the page. You will see a checkbox there to assign the menu as main menu, or as footer menu.

Add you can add-drag any link/category/page from that section into your created menu. Arrange them how you want…etc

To create a custom link for example HOME link, just use the Link option, add the label as HOME and as url your website main url.

Hope this helps.


Do you know of any issues with the WPML plugin ( wpml.org ) and this theme? Our wedding site will have to be available in two languages and if memory serves, WPML is still a rock-solid choice for that.


Did not receive any negative feedback on that plugin when using this theme. Should work.


Awesome. Buying it right now then. My oh my, it’s a gorgeous theme you’ve created here :)


Thank you.

You know, I am not really a fan of buying something and being left in the dust.

Please refer to my question from 4 days ago. My client is really getting nervous. Thank you.

Here’s the URL of an internal test page where the same short code – and a couple of its variations – work just fine:

It’s just the front page in the center widget on the bottom where this code doesn’t work. What can I do to fix this?


Sorry for the late response, I was out of the office for w few days.

I am answering to all my clients, even sometimes I am late.

Looking now at your home page I can see the video is working fine.

I guess you enabled widgets to support shortcodes. Because this was the issue. By default wordpress in widgets do not support shorcodes, for a security issue. Event HTML elements are not suppoerted in widgets, because of that.

You can only add shortcodes and HTML code in widgets, if you are adding a code that allows them to accept this.

So did you added that code? Or still need help on this one.


How do I turn off the responsive reformatting? I would rather maintain the desktop version in all devices.

Thanks for your help!


To remove the responsive code from the theme you need to:

1. Open header.php file and delete from the top section of code the line

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">

2.Open style.css and delete all the bottom section that starts with:

/* Media Queries title

Until the

/* Visual form styles title starts

Please help! I published the site but there is still an away page showing even though the plugin I used to have the ‘coming soon’ message has been both deactivated and all the files deleted. I also tried to delete that image altogether and now it just shows a blank screen. This is the url: seangetsacookie.com It is published and working fine on the mobile but the desktop version isn’t working. Please advise! Thanks, B


I can see the website fine now. Even the desktop version is showing.

I guess you fixed the issue.

The only problem I can see visually is the missing footer. But I guess you removed it yourself.

Let me know if you still need help.


Hi how can i remove the pages title bar? We decided to just use the theme as a splash page because of lack of time, and I have the invite on the page, but can’t seem to remove the gray title bar. I see it as h2 when i inspect the element, but cant figure out how to modify the theme to remove it. I’d just like a clean white background that resizes based on devices which is why i am still trying to use the theme www.camilleandmike.com


In code the titles have also a DIV container called .pages_title

So the easiest way is to set that div hidden from the CSS file.

You can update the css code in 2 ways. 1. you manually edit the style.css and add .pages_title {display:none;}

2. You add this code inside the custom admin panel, under General tab, in the Custom CSS textarea adding .pages_title {display:none;}


its possible to add a text limit to custom text widget in home center widget? thx


No you cannot add a text limit there. You can control the text by adding from the start a specific nr of characters by yourself. Not sure where a limit can help you there. If you want to have more text available, just link the widget content to a page where you can add more details about what you want to add there.


Hi how can i remove “read more” button from Home center widgets ???

Glad you found the solution.

Hi FamousThemes,

I am having trouble with accessing the menu from the iPhone (responsive). I’ve read through all the comments and can’t seem to figure it out. Everything else works so far, just not the menu on an iPhone.

My url is: www.mattandtoni.com

Please help!



Anytime a javascript conflict will popup you need to thing about all the extra js code you have added.

In our case the menu javascript not working, it’s definetly an extra js code that must include a similar function, or a class named the same.

Looking at your source code, and debugging the js code, if I remove the

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://mattandtoni.com/wp-content/plugins/x-shortcodes/js/x-shortcodes.min.js'></script>

The menu works fine on mobiles.

So you have added an extra plugin wich included a js code creating a conflict with the js I am using the menu function.

As a tip for the future, this is allwasy going to happend, because it almost imposible making a js code wich will work will all the plugins outhere. People allways usses the same resources.

So try each time you install a new plugin to see if it’s not “crushing” your website.

Another observation will be on

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://mattandtoni.com/wp-content/plugins/x-shortcodes/js/vendor/flexslider-2.1.0.min.js'></script>

For now this is not creating conflicts, but we are allready using flexslider added into the theme. Do not load the same code twice.


This helped, thank you!