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Is there any way to use accent like (é or à) in Filter in Photo Album ?

As soon i put an accent in category name the link in photo album doesn’t work anymore :-(

Thanks for you support

Again Me, i speak to fast !

I try your first solution, it works nicely many many Thanks !

Other my last request, by default the filter category name is sorted by ASC, but i’d like to sort it like i want, or by creation date, is it possible ?

Best Regards


Glad the first solution worked :)

For the new question try this.

Open photos.php and see on line 18 where the categories are listed as terms:

$terms = get_terms(‘filter’, $args);

Looking at wordpress suggestion on get_terms function


Try to add next to the function, under it.

$args = array( ‘orderby’ => ‘name’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’, );

Just change order by date or how you want, and ASC or DESC, or without.

Hope it works. Normally it should.


Yes works nicely, except for caracter ’ i’m searching why..

I try your fix, but without success, it seems to don’t change anything, try different fuction… nothing yet works.


Love the theme and it was very easy to work with. When site was launched it broke the thumbnail images on home page for three widget sections. Any ideas?? We enabled tim thumb on server side with no improvement.



Make sure timthumb and cache folder have the corest permisions on your server.

Make them 755, and if not, try 777.

It should work fine.


Should….but alas it does not…:( We tried those changes and it still isnt working.


When trying to access timthumb as a file separatelly on your server like http://farmingtonjewelry.com/wp-content/themes/marriage_theme/scripts/timthumb.php

I get the “Not found” error. So it’s strange because it should say something like, no image specified…etc .But not found it kind of means the file is not there.

So are you sure the file is there.

The easiest test you can do is this. Disable timthumb from the custom admin option. If the thumb apear it’s 100% sure timthumb it’s the issue. And you have this choises. 1. Set the corect permisions, but try like I said 755 and 777 both. 2. Ask your hosting if they allow resizing scripts like timthumb on your server. Because some hosting companies are not allowing this scripts.

And the final solution, this beeing the reason we have added that option to disable timthumb, use it disabled, and resize the images manually, or with wordpress default tool.


my center white background doesnt extend with the content. Ideas?

nevermind, my fault, I was adding html code in my text and didnt close out a tag.

Glad you found the bug. Yes make sure when using HTML code to close all tags.


How do I activate the RSVP? I created a page and put it as an attribute but does not work


To use the working rsvp form we provided you will need to use the rsvp.php and not rsvp.html

Just open rsvp.php code and edit the email from the top lines of code. Also if you want to change the inputs and variables from the form you need to make sure they are added corectly.

Beeing an HTML/PHP template requires some basic html/php knowledge in order to edit it.


How do I assign the thumbnail image to a widget box? I see a setting for thumbnail url, but nothing I put in there works.


1. Upload the image using the Media section in wordpress. Copy the url of the image from his option.

2. Paste the url of the image in the widget url input option.


Awesome! Thanks! I also can’t figure out why the countdown isn’t working. I put a date in the settings menu and added the countdown widget to the site homepage. It was working, but then stopped. Am I missing a setting?

Make sure you added the date in the corect format. If you can show me the demo url I can tell you exactly what the problems is.

Also make sure when installing extra plugins, not to create javascript conflicts with the theme code. Just everytime install a new plugin check the front end and see if everything works as before.


Hola, tengo problemas con los fitros del photo album. No funcan… ayuda para corregir el problema please


Sólo asegúrese de que el nombre de filtros son los mismos que los permanlinks. Cuando se agrega una nueva categoría / filtro no cambie los permanlinks, dejarlos igual. Si usted me puede mostrar su url de demostración te puedo decir exactamente cuál es el problema.

Hola, Gracias si funcionó, estuvimos tanto rato intentando hacerlo funcionar. Y tus indicaciones funcionaron maravillosamente bien. Gracias!


I want to edit the height of the slider, can the height and width be modified? I tried modify the css, and nothing happened.

Also, can I float text to the left of the slider.




1. The slider have a container wich can be modified

In style.css you have

.slider_container { width: 920px;


The actual images are automatically 100% in width.

So no need to add a fixed width there.

2. The caption, text are fixed by using position absolute

.flex-caption { position: absolute; right: 11px; bottom: 20px; }

Just align them on the left by using left: value….

Delete that right, and add left: followed by the space you want to add.


Great theme – if you’re looking for wedding music please check out my collection of Classical Music for Weddings: http://audiojungle.net/collections/4276393-classical-music-for-weddings



Will consider showing that to my clients also.



First of all, great theme thanks! But I do have one problem. The question I’m about to ask has been asked 2 years ago but I couldn’t find a solution.

I installed the theme and imported the demo content. After that I modified the css using a child theme and added div class=”top” just below the body tag in header.php to help me with the backgrounds.

Later on I noticed the mobile menu is not working. This only is the case on the home page. The other pages work perfectly! I believe this happened after I deleted the original Main menu and replaced it with one of my own.

Could you please help me out with this?

My site is located at: http://jenrmarketing.nl/angela/


Yes, javascript conflicts from another script like twitter widget, can influence other js code, like the mobile menu one.

The solution is corect, removing, or making the twitter work corectly will solve the issue with the menu.



Thanks for the fast reply! Today I added the twitter widget and filled out the twitter name under theme options, but the widget is not working. Also the countdown widget is failing to work or even show up. It’s the widget at bottom right area.

How do I make these 2 widgets work correctly?

I think the problem is stil the twitter widget.

Please let me know if you done the following:

See this support page


Scroll down and see the FAQ called “Update the Twitter settings”

Just make sure all your API codes like mentionated there are corectly.

The widget whould work 100% for sure once the setting were added there.


I need help for the mobile version… when I open my website ( www.alessandroeornella.it ) from the iphone it’s not displayed correctly, it’s smaller and I have to go to find it by scrolling on the screen. I think that the problem is only on the home, but I don’t know… and in the mobile version the RSVP link is not visible. Why? Thank you for the help!


Your problem is that you inserted the website into an iframe. Why is that?

Looking at your source code I can see

    <frameset rows="100%,*" cols="100%" frameborder="no" framespacing="0" border="0">
    <frame name="XYZZY2" scrolling="auto" src="http://alessandroeornella.altervista.org" noresize>
    <frame name="XYZZY" scrolling="no" noresize>
        <h1><a href="http://alessandroeornella.altervista.org">http://alessandroeornella.altervista.org</a></h1>
        <p><a href="http://alessandroeornella.altervista.org">Clicca qui</a> per vedere la versione senza frames.</p>

Those iframes is making the website not working on mobile.


I purchased another wedding theme last month and it was so bad, I dropped it and purchased yours this morning. Five hours later, my site is up and going! The gallery was a bit confusing until I figured out there were a few different ways to do it. Great theme. Best of luck to you! Brent

Hi Brent,

Really apreciate your feedback.

For any question you have, we are here to help :)

More wedding themes will come soon, on our secret project we are working on.

Best Regards.

Ive been having a lot of problems trying to add a slider to my home page. The help doc is not really helping me on how to create one. I tried to create a new post and adding the photo and checking the checkbox to appear on the homepage etc but not luck plus I do not understand how you can add more than one photo etc. Would you please help me in more detail? thanks!


Did you created a custom page called Home, and assign it as main home page in wordpress.

I mean on your home page is the slider layout selected, can you see it? Or are you seeing the latest posts from wordpress by default?

After any page/post checked to apear in the home slider must apear.

If you can provide your demo url I can tell you exactly where the problem is.


Thank you so much for your quick response! I was seeing the latest post and with your comment it helped me figured out that I had to select the home in the dropdown. The only problem I have now is that I am only able to see an image and I want it to be like a slide show where I can display several pictures one after the other one, how do I do that? Is that the feature image?


Just add more images to the slider.

Just create a page or a post, selected to be display in the slider form the post/page options. Add how many you want. And you can link the images to pages posts..etc.

In teh HELP file included you have the point

3B-1) How to create the home slider


Hi !! i do like your theme, but this theme come with gallery protected password ???

Jonas Lundmark

Hi Jonas,

Wordpress by default have options to protect pages and posts with passwords.

So you can use that featured to protect the gallery page.

More info can be found HERE



This is a great theme! I’m having some issues with the homepage widgets title background. The center widgets have the title background, but it’s off center. And the home bottom widgets don’t have the title background at all. I’d like to have the title background like you have in the demo site. Can you help? pnwtemp.plumbmarketingservices.com/


Looking at your demo url http://pnwtemp.plumbmarketingservices.com/ I can see the bottom widgets titles are looking great.

Not sure where the problem is.


Yes, I apologize. I finally figured out the issue last night. I was using the wrong widgets. Sorry I didn’t update sooner, and thanks for the response.

You are welcome. And thank you too for choosing our theme.


Hi, i am trying to embed some videos from Vimeo, the shortcode looks fine, but a ‘black stripe’ keep appearing. I want to remove this.

You can see the stripes here: http://fernandoribeirofilmes.com.br/aline-e-moacyr-trailer/

Can u help me?



Are you talking about the stripe above and below the video?

It looks to me that those black stipes are from the video player. Got nothing to do with theme code. It’s something related to the video, or player, or even the resolution of it.

Also a small observation, it looks like your website is not reponsive anymore. I think the comments section you have added have a fixed width and influence that. Check that page with your mobile.


Hi again, i currently work with two video formats: 1920×880 and 1920×1080. I changed the embed code to 80% and the 1920×880 looks fine, but now i lost the top and bottom in 1920×1080.

Can i work with the two sizes without black stripes or losing top and bottom? 80% and 100%.



The problems with the videos are not related to theme code.

That black stripes are added by the video player in order not to loose the quality of the video size when it’s streching to a diferent format.

I cannot give you a solution to implement into the theme, because there is none that can modify the player functionality.

I guess the only advice I can give is , if 80% and the 1920×880 looks fine, go with only one resolution for your videos. Or just ignore the black stripes.


Oi, Estou tendo problemas com o menu para celular, o meu site é o www.tamiebruno.com.br e o menu não abre quando no celular.

Hola, he respondido a tu correo electrónico. Creo que el problema es el widget de Twitter no funciona. Por favor, siga las instrucciones en el correo electrónico y quiero saber si va a solucionar el problema

Hi, I have several questions: 1) I am trying to add the widgets there are in the example home page such as “Honeymoon destination”, “Wedding Location” and “Gift Registry” the same way you have it in the example. However, I was only able to add these in the homepage and I would like them to be in the rest of my pages. How can I customise this? I want them to appear on the bottom parts of the rest of my pages. 2) I am not receiving any form from my contact page. I used the contact default form. I added the email address in the Contact Tab as the help explains but this does not work. I am still not getting any emails. 3) In your help, there is some code listed to add phone, camara and accomodation icons, etc but I have only been able to add them on other pages except the home. How can I add them in my home page? Is this possible? Thank you so much!


1. Those widgets “Honeymoon destination”, “Wedding Location” and “Gift Registry” can be added to other pages. In the sidebar area, where the widget zones are.

Just go to Widgets tab in admin and drag them into other sidebars, like Blog, Page…

2. Do you get an error text? What does is says? Please make sure the messages do not go in the SPAM folder. Also I suppose you are testing this on a web server, and not on localhost.

3. Thise sections are shortcodes. They can be used only in some text contents. Try to add on home page a widget with text, and add those shortcodes in it.


Hi, Love your theme. I would like your help on a couple of things. When I created a photo album the pictures don’t have the nice frame around them. On the home page I cannot make the round picture placement and bottom titles appear. Thanks so much for your help! Kate www.rockymountainweddings.net


1. On your photo album page I cannot see any photo added http://rockymountainweddings.net/test-photo-album/

Can you please add one photo to see where the problem is. Make sure you add it corectly.

2. On the home page widget zones, you need to use the widget like we are recomanding.

Right below the slider you can add 2 About custom widgets, and under them 3 custom widgets with text.

If you can we can create some quick demo content for you, and you can take it from there. Just let us know.


For the Custom text widget, how do i remove a thumb altogether?

I have disabled timthumb and not entered a thumb URL but just get a generic “image”, additionally if I add a tiny 1×1 white image it puts the boarder on it etc.

Hi, I want to use this widget so I can get the nice header and ‘more link’ etc.. I just want to remove the thumb. I have it installed on my own server, could you please help with which file contains the thumb code for this widget? thank you


Inside the theme folder /admin/widgets/ you will see the file widget-text.php

There the lines that handle the thumb image are

        <a href="<?php echo $more_url; ?>">
        <?php global $theme; if($theme->get_option('enable_timthumb') == 'enable') { ?>
        <img src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/scripts/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo $thumb_url; ?>&h=120&w=250&zc=1" alt="image" />
        <?php } else { ?>
        <img src="<?php echo $thumb_url; ?>" alt="image" />
         <?php }?>


perfect, worked a treat, thank you

Hi there,

I would like to purchase this theme but want to know if I can customise the options in the RSVP a bit more. For example, there are meal choices, high chair options, music options, accommodation options etc that I would like guests to choose. So I would like to ask the questions in my own words and also have the answer options available as radio buttons, check boxes and/or empty text fields if possible.



Yes it’s posible.

We are using to create that RSVP form a free wordpress plugin. Read in the HELP file wich is included, where to get that free plugins and install it.

Requires just some basic wordpreass admin knowledge to setup it, and edit it.

You can add any inputs there, any radio, checkboxes,....etc

Let me know if you will need more help in adding content to it.