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I have tried several times to create a gallery following the steps you provided, but haven´t achieved any success yet… Is there a video tutorial? Should it be a non-upgraded version of the theme I´m still using?

Thank you. Breno


Replied to your email. I will try to see what the problems are and fix your server.


Hello! What about the answer for my previous request please…? Thank youl. Breno



Replied to you a few days ago.

Please see what I was asking you at that time.

I did not connect to your server yet. Will need the FTP details in order to do so.


Hi – how customizable is the color of the template? Would I be able to edit this in the css file?


1. You have options in admin to add/edit bg images, text colors.

2. There is an option also in the custom admin panel to add custom CSS code

3. Latelly yes you can edit the main style.css file and change anything.



I am using [fullcontent] for full width pages.

But, when I do that, the bullet points for ul-list does not show up.

It shows up fine in the Admin’s editor but not on the actual page.

How do I fix this…??



Here is a quick update to enable using cutom styling for lists in full width shortcodes.

Add in style.css or in the custom admin panel under General settings, in the Custom CSS textarea the code

.postfull ul{ padding:0 0 15px 0; margin:0px; list-style:none; display:block;clear:both;}
.postfull ul li{ padding:0 0 5px 20px; margin:0px 0 5px 0; display:block;background:url(images/bullet.gif) no-repeat left;}
.postfull ul li a{ display:block; padding:0 0 0 0px;}
Refresh and let me know if it looks fine.

Regards, and Thank you for choosing our themes.

Thanx. That worked fine. I had to put in the absolute URL of the image as the relative referencing did not work. All the best.

Gostaria de uma explicação mais detalhada para criar uma galeria de fotos igual a http://famousthemes.com/marriage-wordpress/?page_id=55 onde tenha filtros e que quando clicar na lupa ela abra aquela galeria de foto o possa passar como tem na demostração.

Não consigo configurar a galeria.


Hay un archivo de ayuda que se incluye en el archivo que ha descargado. Está escrito en Inglés. Hay una sección sobre cómo crear la sección Galería de fotos.

Si quieres podemos crear el contenido de demostración para la página de la galería. Simplemente póngase en contacto con nosotros mediante el formulario de contacto de nuestra página de perfil de la barra lateral. Y proporcionar los detalles de wordpress.


Estaba siguiendo la documentación del tutorial. puedo crear el filtro de categoría, coloque la fotografía resaltada en el cuadro más grande, quería poner las páginas de todos los filtros y al hacer clic en uno seleccionó son fotos de la boda, compromiso ….

También quería saber cómo crear una galería para aperecer cuando la imagen más pequeña arriba y haga clic de forma deslizante por otros en el mismo álbum.

Sólo puede crear un álbum en general, y en su interior varias fotos bajo las catetories – filtros

No se puede agregar bajo el mismo pulgar imagen de un álbum. Cada pulgar sólo puede ser una imagen y no un álbum

Como colocar os 3 textos no home center widgets lado a lado?

Estoy creando una página de aperturas, así que quería poner cara 3 temas por parte negativa, el acrónimo y justo por debajo de la abreviatura 3 temas más. (El bajo-ja lograr lo anterior sin embargo, no estar a la par de la izquierda es una barra en la parte superior de otro

En virtud de la sección de administración Reproductores utilice la zona de “Home center widgets” añadir 3 widgets “Custom text widget”.

Añadir título, Text content y Thumb Url

Thumb Url debe estar en este formato “http://famousthemes.com/marriage-wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/image_13.jpg”

Cargar la imagen usando la sección de Media en administrador y copiar el URL de la imagen

Conseguir fazer varias coisas

Agora queria um esclarecimento referente a galeria.

Já conseguir adicionar album de fotos, criei a pagina com modelo album de fotos e la aparece agora onde tem a lupa queria clicar la e conseguir colocar varias fotos. tem como fazer isso? se tiver por favor me mande as instruções?

No se puede agregar varias fotos en un thumb.

Al hacer clic en una imagen pequeña, se puede agregar sólo una gran imagen. Y esa es la gran imagen de la pequeña foto.

Hello Support.

How would I change the FONT SIZE of the Main Menu at the top as I want it to be 18px (or at least 16px)...??

Thanx in advance.

Also, I want to increase the FONT SIZE of all the text of the body of all the pages. I need to know how to do this too. Thanx.

Never mind. I figured it out. Support is slow for this theme.


Glad you figure it out. Sorry for the late response. Some of our team members are in their summer vacation. Support is not slow for 1 day response time :)


Hi I’m sorry, but your HELP article for setting up a slider on the home page is useless and does not work. Why is this not a standard set up process? I paid for the demo and I did not get anything like it. I have tried creating a new home page, then adding a post for images in the slider but all it does is add it as a new post on the home page! url: www.maureenanddalewedding.com

4) Google Maps Embed Widget…i’ve tried both the URL and src code from google but it does not appear to work….for example i tired this src code <iframe src=”https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=\\1m8\\1d19081.918356618597\\3d53.285239409234315\\1i1024\\4f13.1\\1m22sWestwood+House+Hotel\\3m2\\2sau!4v1406385613360” width=”400” height=”300” frameborder=”0” style=”border:0”></iframe>

Please advise how to rectify? or find correct src code?

never mind I worked them all out


Sorry for the delay on this reply.

I am glad you figure it out.

And thank you for your understanding.



I’m having issues adding video. I’m using your shortcode video with a youtube link. Unfortunately the video doesn’t load and it leaves an empty space where a video should be

See here: http://mitchelandnicole.com/video/

I’ve tried all forms of the address and nothing works. I’ve also checked the video settings and everything checks out for embedding. Any idea what is wrong?



Use the video src in this format:


Looking at your website source code I can see it you are using it now with watch?v=23dmD2xjyy0….


Ahh!! Works now THANK YOU!!! Great theme!!

You are welcome. Glad it works :)

Sorry but finding this theme very messy. First if you choose full with template for a page it looks awful with no padding.

But my biggest problem at the min is that you don’t seem to be able to hide posts created just for the slider from the main blog feed. How would I do that please?


1. When building content on a full width page, we sugested to use the layout shortcodes.

Just like content is arranged here http://famousthemes.com/marriage-wordpress/?page_id=33

The code looks like:

[fullcontent title="Full width title"]..........[/fullcontent]
[halfcontent title="Half Width Content"].......[/halfcontent]

2. To separate posts from slider to blog ones, it’s quite easy.

- First build a general Blog category, if you want with subcategories, and in this category only add the blog posts.

- Secondly build for example a slider category, and add only there the slider posts.

- Finally when you are building the Blog link in the main header menu, make sure he links to the Blog category.

Just like in our demo


Remember that the links in the main menu can be build dinamically using the Menu section in wordpress under Apearance tab. There you can add any link, any text, and url, and arrange them how you what.

For any other issue please contact us.

We are sorry that you find the theme messy, but the theme is quite simple, and very easy to use. No huge admin panel, no complicated admin interface or functions.


Thanks for this. Sorted now.


How can I display the author name of a blog post on each blog entry? It is not there by default?

Thanks in advance, D


No is not there by default.

In archive.php the posts are listed.

There you can see the code for the comments and category for example like:

                     <div class="comm_line_blog icon_comm"><?php comments_popup_link('0', '1', '%'); ?></div>
                     <div class="comm_line_blog icon_category"><?php the_category(', ') ?></div>

The same way, and in the same place you can add the author, just like:

                     <div class="comm_line_blog">Author: <?php the_author(); ?></div>

If you don’t want to go into the code, just drop us an email using the contact form on our profile page, and we will reply with a custom file including this lines.


Hello, I bought Responsive Wedding Wordpress Theme, I must have two languages (french and english. so, I took the decision to install “polylang” plugin.

the plugin is working, without problem but when I go on Plugin (in WP admin) I have this message (sorry it’s in french): Notice: Une erreur inattendue s’est produite. Quelque chose semble ne pas fonctionner avec WordPress.org ou la configuration de ce serveur. Si vous continuez à rencontrer des problèmes, veuillez essayer les forums de support. (WordPress n’a pas pu établir de connexion sécurisée vers WordPress.org. Veuillez contacter l’administrateur de votre serveur.) in /home/www/d8e9babcbd34a915320d2acc2ec4ed72/web/test/wp-includes/update.php on line 287.

I have also a error message when I go on “Dashboard – Update”

When I delete the plug’s, the message is still here. Maybe it has nothing to do with the plugin

Thanks to help me


After translating you error message, I must say this got something to do with the Wordpress itself. And nothing to do with the theme, or the plugins.

It seems to be an error regarding the conection to wordpress.org. Cannot make the connection to updates wordpress core.

Try again, maybe you got an slow internet connection and the update was not posible.

Other than this I don’t see how the theme, or the plugin can influence the update of the wordpress core.


you’re right, sorry, it was wordpress

thanks you for theme,


You are welcome.

Thank you too for choosing our theme.


Congrats for your theme! It’s very very nice and complete!

Hi, I’d like to customise the purpose of the social icon URL, for example to use the social icon URL to link a page in the site.

How can I make the browser to open the social icon URL in the same page I’m visiting?

How can I do if I’d like to create a guestbook without user registration ? (of course I’ll protect the site with .htaccess file)

Thanks for your help!



The social icons are located in code, under the slider, in the homepage.php file.

The DIV cotaining them is div class=”socials”

To remove the code that open them in another window you just need to delete from each line of each icon the ...target=”_blank”......

The look now with:

.............a target=”_blank” href=”..................


Hello, I confirm it works.

Thanks a lot!

Great theme and great support.


You are welcome. Thanks again for choosing our themes.


Hi, another question :)

How to do, if I’d like to use calendar widget to sign current date?

Thanks a lot.



Wordpress default calendar widget can be used to show the posts in the blog section.

I am not sure what you meant by “to sign current date” but you can only use it the default way wordpress create it.


I see.

Anyway … I meant to use the calendar to show current date.

Thanks a lot for your reply.



Just drag the calendar widget into a widget area of the theme, we recommand the sidebars, and the footer ones. And see how it looks. It will show up the current month.


I think you should update the information on the Item Detail tab. It’s contradicting the right column. The right column states updated on 22 September 14, but the left column say updated on 20 May 13, v3.

I’m sure it confusing a lot of potential customers.


Thanks for getting us know. We usually forgot to updated the details info also, when makin an update to the theme.

The latest update is the one on the right, themeforet add on our items.

The one on the left under the item details is the one we edited once a big update has apear.

Just updated the info under the details also.

Thanks again.


Bom Dia.

Estou tendo um problema com a pagina de fotos. Eu criei varios albuns colocando os filtros.

Quando entro na pagina de fotos e clico no album ele mostra as fotos que coloquei tudo certo agora se filtrar por categoria não consigo clicar em mais nenhum album ele perde o link de todos os albuns.

Acho que é algum erro de link do album quando clicamos no filtro.

Please inform me email…. at Can send attachment


To contact us by email use the contact form found on our profile page sidebar. Regards.

I just purchased this. Please contact me for demo installation. I’m having difficulty finding the rsvp page as in your live preview. Thanks.

disregard. used contact form on profile page as suggested.

All done. Added the demo content for you, and replied to your email.


athanks for the prompt response. Appreciate it.

I am not sure if there is an issue with the file or some configuration I am missing within Wordpress itself. In short, I have uploaded this theme and deleted it twice. I have deleted all the data and uploaded just the demo data twice, and still something is not right.

Without the demo data I could never get the slider to start, I couldn’t get the icons (about him about her) or text entries to show up, all I could get was the blog portion. I loaded the demo data and the Home stayed as the blog but a new Home page (now two menu items at the top of my site) took the functions of what looks like the Home page with a working slider, though the CSS is messed up on this page. Can you please look at my site and provide any insight you might have. I’m sorry if this is a completely noob question but I really just can’t get your theme to work correctly.


never mind, the noob figured it out :/


Glad you figure it out.

I can see things are looking ok at http://www.taraandderek.com/

For any other problems let us know. We will help you with everything.


Can the main slider just be one embedded vimeo or youtube video instead of slider of pictures?


No, using the flexslider we are using there, you can only add images in it.

Yes, by customizing the homepage.php file. And add instead of the slider a big video.

We can customize it for you if you want.


Hi, I just bought this template and I notice that when I put a custom about widget on the home page, an off center gold colour rectangle appears behind the about title text. Not sure why this is happening. i could possibly use some custom css to get rid of it but it doesn’t look like it belongs there at all. your preview page doesn’t show it on any of the 3 about boxes displayed on your home page. any ideas?


1. The slider images, wich are normal posts or pages can be aligned using the post publishing date. So the latest posts/pages will show in front. It’s just how the concept was done at that time.

2. About the twitter widget. Did you add you twitter API keys into the files we recomended? Please read here http://themeforest.net/item/marriage-responsive-wedding-wordpress-theme/2425068/support

(lower on support page you will see instructions on how to use the new twitter requirements)


ok great, thanks once again for the prompt response.

You are welcome.