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I can’t get the images to show up on the front page for the thumbnails. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks Gene

Hi Gene,

Looking into the source code of your image used there

I got PAGE NOT FOUND , so there is some server issues there.

I think also the IP url’s are in conflict with timthumb used in themes. So is there any way you use the theme on a domain name. It will work for sure.


Is there a way to show the tool bar when editing the site and the pages? Also, do you have a searchable forum for support?

Thanks Gene


Do you mean the top header wordpress bar.

That bar is turned off using this code in functions.php file right on top code of lines

add_filter( 'show_admin_bar', '__return_false' );

Just delete that.

We have remove it because all users wanted that :)

We do not have a support forum for our themes yet, it’s on the way.


Thanks! Any suggestions on the thumbnails not showing up on the page?


Yes, just replied on your first comment.

Hi – are you able to get back to me when you get a chance regarding my earlier queries? Thanks!


Just sent the email with the updates.


Hi, this is a fabulous Theme,

Im wondering how can I create two different Photo Albums, I´ll try to check out the pages id in code and change the categories it lists.

Can you give me any advice, is this possible, is there an easier way to achieve it?



Why not use categories, I mean create each album as category.

And if your items will be huge in numbers, just read the HELP guide and install that pagination plugin to gallery page. This way you will paginate your photos.

Another coding solution is to create another post type. This will reauire some coding, copy the photos.php page and some other coding in functions.php as well. This will create another photos page separate from the first one with his own inside categories.


Great theme!

I do have the same problems with the thumbs on the homepage. I know it’s probably timthumb, but I can’t get it going.

I tried to set the cache folder to 777, but the server didn’t allowed me to do this. For whatever reason.

Is there any workaround for the homepage? I could provide the image as a thumbnail myself.

I like the layout a lot, so it would be disappointing if I could not use it. :(


Just looked at your demo url

Here is the image url


As you can test yourself, you will get 500 Internal Server Error

So definetly it is server error because there is no timthumb text in the error. Usually when timthumb is causing it’s saying timthumb….in error content.

So here is what to check on your server:

1) Make sure PHP GD library was enabled on your server

2) Try to see if your uploads folder is also writable by the server, make some tests also with 777 and 755 . Inside that folder your image is: .....wp-content/uploads/DSCF5998-150×150.jpg

3) Finally try to delete your .htaccess file and remake it again (once you delete it and refresh your wordpress admin it will be rebuild, or try to save again the permanlinks structure to rebuild it)

Google-in around for some other info I have found THIS and it seems other people had this problem.

Regards. uploads/DSCF5998-150×150.jpg

Really appreciate your support.

Unfortunately it’s not working. I tried everything you suggested and checked the PHP GD Library setting on the server. It’s enabled and the permissions are set correctly. I did delete the .htaccess file as well.

Still not working. I might spend some more time on it tomorrow, but in general I’m running out of ideas.


I have found and old discusion on themeforest forum


It seems that some hosting provider have a problem with timthumb.

Please read that discusion, you may find other solutions as well.

Also we have in plan making some updates to this theme, and give an option in admin for user to choose if they want automatically images resizing using timthumb or manual resizing. And manually resizing will cancel timthumb usage in theme.


Two more questions:

1. Any way to get rid of the blue arrows in the homepage slider in case there is just one slide?

2. If I use the sidebar widget for the pages, it’s the same sidebar for every page? I would rather use different content for every page. Ideas?

!) Yes just add in the admin panel “Custom CSS ” filed


2) We have created 3 custom sidebars, for Pages, for Blog (archive), and for the Custom contact page.

Any new sidebars can be added just manually from functions.php file

But Wordpress threats all pages inside page.php file. So if you want to build separate sidebars for each page by ID or name you must create conditions inside the page.php file.

hope this make sense.


Great, the first part worked out well! :)

Another question: Is there a chance to get rid of the link behind the big slider image. I’m fine with the image and the subline, I don’t need the link to an empty blog entry.


Yes, in index.php file inside ul class=”slides” after the “li” html element you have the link on the image

<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>"><img src="<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, " slideshow_large_image_url="" true="" />" alt="" title=""/></a>

Just remove <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>"> ...and ....</a>


I’m slowly becoming more and more disappointed. Maps not working in the widgets either! :(

Maps are working fine,

Just add the corect google map there.

Here is what we have in our demo


Try for example that, I am sure it will work


Thanks! Definitely my fault. This map url works. I’m actually wondering how I can create this kind of url? Everything I tried with Google Maps seems to give me a different link.

Any Idea..?

Hi I think the “&output=embed” code at the final is missing from your code.

Just made a test and seen on google code I got http://maps.google.ro/maps?q=houston&hl=ro&sll=29.760193,-95.36939&sspn=0.934658,1.783905&hnear=Houston,+Harris,+Texas,+Statele+Unite+ale+Americii&t=m&z=10

And saw that the last part is missing from google exported code. That is strange because “&output=embed” part is still from them, but taken a few while ago.

So please test with “&output=embed” at the end and tell me if it works.



I was wondering how to make the wedding logo scale when viewing on your iPhone? It looks great on the website on your computer, but when you go to the website on your phone everything looks great except the logo is huge making it go off the page?



When uploading a logo as image, in CSS under Media Queries section at the bottom we have

.title img{ max-width:90%;}

So the logo image should resize well, it not supose to go over 90% of the screen.

Can I see a demo url to understand exactly how your logo is going off the screen. I can give you a better explanation when viewing a live demo.



So if in your CSS file you don’t have .title img{ max-width:90%;} under CSS media queries code, then please add it.

.title{ text-align:center;margin:0px; padding:55px 0 10px 0px;font-family: 'Great Vibes', cursive;font-size:40px; color:#4c402b;} .title img{ max-width:90%;}

And if the logo still looks too big on your mobile make the % smaller like .title img{ max-width:70%;}


Where can I edit the actual blog page where it displays the portions of the posts?

nevermind, I found the archive page…

I am having the same issues where they thumbnails are not showing up properly on the homepage. I am using mediatemple for my server and I have never had an issue like this with any other templates. Any suggestions?

Just let me know what the error says when trygin to see only the image url in browser. See the source code of the website and copy into the browser just the image url, with the timthumb code included.

Just like this link


This will tell you why the image is not showing.


I think the site looks great on an iPhone, but would really appreciate a few small tweaks to make it look better for iPads. The images just don’t scale to fit properly. Sometimes the border extends way past the images, and other times the images remain small when they should just stretch across the width of the page.

Any chance there could be an update to the theme to accommodate the iPad?


I will put this on the future updates list for sure.

But about the images that does not stretch across the width of the page, you can use large width photos there and they will do stretch. Images on demo website are small in width, they are 100% flexible, so on wider screen the max width will be the actual size we have made them. using large width images will look good on smaller screens and also on wide ones.

hope this make sense.

Regards, and thank you for the sugestions for improving the theme layout.


I am translating the theme into french. I can not find “read more” in the php files. Can you help please? Thanks


I guess you are talking about the read more from home page widgets.

Well the files are in widgets folder. For about widget you have widget-about.php

<p><?php echo $test_content; ?>...<strong><a href="<?php echo $more_url; ?>" class="more_about">read more</a></strong></p>

And for the custom text widget you have widget-text.php

<a href="<?php echo $more_url; ?>" class="section_more"><span class="swirl_left"><span class="swirl_right">read more</span></span></a>


ouppssss made a mistake

Thanks for your answer !

Nice theme and good job !



On the photo album page, when you click the heart on the rollover, how do you edit the popup (shows social icons). I want share buttons on here instead.


The actual code of that popup section is found in header.php file.

The icons and links on them are editable from the custom admin panel.

The structure is editable from header.php file, see div class=”topsocials”



A while ago, (look at page 1 off these comments), I requested a way to manually choose the images for the slider in the home page.

You sent me an email to hab.786@hotmail.co.uk with instructions on how to add the images to the slider manually via source code.

Ive lost that email, please resend.

Thank You,


Forget my last comment.

Found the email, sorted!!!


Is there a way to sort the photo album from oldest to newest based on post date?



Yes it’s posible.

See photos.php file, you have the photos query

$wpbp = new WP_Query(array( 'post_type' => 'portfolio', 'posts_per_page' => $perpage, 'paged' => $paged ) );

And the wordpress ORDER guidance HERE

As you can see there you have option as “date”, “title”, and also DESC and ASC values

So the new query will be $wpbp = new WP_Query(array( 'post_type' => 'portfolio', 'orderby' => 'date', 'order' => 'ASC', 'posts_per_page' => $perpage, 'paged' => $paged ) );

Use DESC instead of ASC if you want to use them from highest to lowest.


Best theme out there but I am new to wordpress and feel that I can create what I am looking for on my own but am having a slight problem. On the photo gallery as well as the home page widget area my uploaded images are not showing up. There is a small box with no image being displayed. Please see the photo gallery link here: http://frankanddenise.com/riupalace/ I uploaded the XML file so I know that your images will not be there, my image would be under Riu. Also on my home page the image that I am using for the widget REGISTRY is not showing up as well. Are there size constraints that I do not know about? Are my images too big? Here is the home screen link as well: http://frankanddenise.com/ Thank you and if you have to explain please go easy on my as I am new to wordpress. Thanks you in advance!


About your images.

Here how a url of one of your image looks


Inserting this in the browser url bar you get a Timthumb error.

It is probably because timthumb.php file is not writable on your server. We need that in order to automatically resize the images you are uploading.

So please see the “scripts” folder inside the theme folder, there you have another folder “cache” that must have the corect permisions (try 755 and if does not work give it 777) .Also do for the file timthumb.php inside the scrips folder.

As a conclusion this permisions depends on the hosting server that you have. Some servers have the right permisions, some need to give manul permisions to some folders, and files.

Let me know if will work once you change them.



I also can’t get the thumbs of the photoalbum shown. Just gallery_frame.png is displayed. No problems with the image after clicking the magnifying glass icon. They are shown perfectly. I’ve sent you an email yesterday with all the details…

Problem fixed

“In my case I need write Permissions (0777) on following files / directories on my server. ...marriage/scripts/cache …marriage/scripts/timthumb.php …marriage/scripts/cache/index.html …marriage/scripts/cache/Thumbs.db …marriage/scripts/cache/timthumb_cacheLastCleanTime.touch”