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What is the line of code within Timthumb that I am looking to change that number on? How do I change the cache file as I am not seeing a way to edit that file. Also what line of code am I looking for to change?

I do not want to try and go in there and just change numbers.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly btw.


No need to go into the code.

File permission are properties of the files on the server.

Just connect to your server files (using a FTP programm like Filezilla) and go into the wordpress theme directory. Just see the cache folder, right click on it, and from the menu select “Permissions” and a popup window will apear. There you will insert the values, first try with 755, and if it’s not allowing 755, try 777. The same for the timthumb.php file. Just right click on the file from the server and give the right permisions.

Hope this make sense to you.


OK, i got it soved…


I am glad you got it solved.

Can you tell how you did. Just to let other users know as well :)


In my case I need write Permissions (0777) on following files / directories on my server. ...marriage/scripts/cache ...marriage/scripts/timthumb.php ...marriage/scripts/cache/index.html ...marriage/scripts/cache/Thumbs.db ...marriage/scripts/cache/timthumb_cacheLastCleanTime.touch

Thank you

Thanks for letting me know about your solution. I am sure it will guide other users as well.

This is the main generally problem of timthumb on server, the permisions.

So the first thing to do when the images are not showing is to check the permisions of the files, and cache folder.


Hello there I really like your theme! Great work! Can you give me a hint, i can not display images in your theme at all. If i add images as linked url or uploaded, they are not displayed. What could this be? If i switch to a different theme, i see all the images … Thanks for your help.


Images not showing it’s in almost of cases a timthumb issues.

You can solve that by giving to timthumb.php and “cache” folder inside the theme files the corect permisions on your server.

Just connect to your server, and give them 755 permisions. If 755 is not working try 777.


I’m having a similar issue to the one you addressed 2 weeks ago where the user stated: “I can’t seem to get the filter in Photo Album to work. I’ve initially marked all my 6 photo items in one Category A and the category name is also shown next to the “View All” button, but when I click the Category A, there’s no photo visible below?” Can you please post how to resolve that issue? Thanks in advance!


That user problem as I remember is that we was using some characters like ”~” in the categories names, and in the filtering links is was missing.

Just provide a demo url and I will tell you exactly what the problem is.

The filtering should work fine.


Thanks for the theme,

The only problem I’m having is with the responsive menu. All my other menus work but when I lode it up on my iphone the menu button at the top of the page dose nothing. it still clicks and all, it just doesn’t load a menu (or even try to). It worked until i replaced the main menu with another one. I’ve selected the new menu in theme locations and everything but I just cant seem to make it work.

Thanks for your thoughts

I was looking around a bit more and found that the responsive menu is only broken on the homepage. It works with all other pages. How can this be happening?


The only ideea I have, if the menu is not working on home page, can be some plugins code that can create a conflict to that “show” menu button javascript.

If the menu is working on other pages, there is something for sure on home page that is making it not work.

But if you provide a demo url I can tell you exactly what is causing that by looking into the source code of your website.


Hi, beautiful theme, is there any .po file to translate the theme to other language?


This is not included for now.


HI there,

I’ve had a look at the Help file, maybe i’ve missed something but I cant get the slider to appear on the home page? http://saranguyenonline.com/ Can you email me sara@socialmediarocketeer.com. thanks!!

Nevermind I figured it out!!! Was in the Settings>readings>>

Front page display should be set to “your latest post” not “home” thanks!!


Yes home page must be set to default meaninig “your latest post”. We have build the home page in index.php file wich is the “latest posts” page of wordpress.


Hey.. my site is shaping up nicely but I see you just posted some updates a couple days ago.. specifically I noticed your layout for the Our Wedding page changed along with the RSVP and some others. I was wondering how I get just those updates and incorporate them. I specifically like the area on the Our Wedding page that has the Bridal Party in the sidebar with small descriptions & photos of each..

Here’s my link http://www.MeetUsAtTheBeach.com


Congrats for your website, is looking great.

Well I did not change much to this theme. Especially on that page “Our wedding” I have just changed some list styling, and that’s all.

I am preparing some updates to this theme but they are not ready yet. To get this updates you just need to go into your account, to Downloads section, download the archive again and replace the theme files from this archive to your server archive. This will not work if you modify the php files from the first theme downloaded.

I will leave a public comment once the new updates will be available.


Can anyone tell me how I can change the font color in the footer?


If you want to change the color of font just for footer see style.css

.footer{padding:25px 0 25px 0; margin:0;}

Add “color:#anycolorcode….”

You can add that in the custom admin panel also in the Custom CSS fields there, for example add


in the field.

As for the footer menu link see

.footer_menu ul li a{ color:#564d35;...


I am having a blank slider image on my site. I uploaded one of my own and it works fine. I deleted all the others ( i imported your xml file). I only see one slider under Posts—the one I created.


Yes, when importing my XMl file you will get some blank images for replacement. You will not get the photos from my demo, because are copyrighted.

All images in the XML file will look “white”. They are just some white demo images.

Hope this make sense.


Hi there,

me again. :) I tried all the permission hints and all of my permissions are set correctly now. Still, the image in the About section is broken. It’s really frustrating me, to be honest. Any chance to get the image in there manually?

Second question: I would like to have a different color for the mouseover in the main top menu than for the rest of the site. I thought it’s the line ul#main_menu ul li a:hover in the styles.css, but whatever color I put in there, it never changes the link rollover.


I not sure, I got a demo url of your website and looked at the image (that is not apearing) source code ?

Try to look into the source code of the image, and paste the image url into the browser. What error does it say. Something related to timthumb? After the image error text I can tell what the problem is.

And Yes I have a list of updates for this theme, and one big update is to choose from adding images manually, and resize them with timthumb automatically. will be available soon.


I got the second question solved myself. :)

Glad you fix the second question :)

No Navigation in IE7 . Is there a fix available?

I am afraid the theme have no support for IE7 .

I didn’t add it because there is no point. The main reason is the theme is Responsive, and IE 7 will never read the CSS media queries (it’s a lost browser).

Sorry for that.


Hello, I would like to know how to support WPML plugin with this theme. Specially for the main page.

Thanks for your help


I am not sure how that plugins works.

But our main page is build almost 80% with custom widgets, and content from widgets. Like about sections, bottom widgets… Menu is wordpress 3 menu customizable from admin…

If the plugin has options to add content also to widgets, then yes it will work on home page also.

If not , I am afaid it will not work.

As I know, but not sure, plugins like that only allows translations for pages, posts and titles..


To expand on my issue, the code is telling me the file for the blank slider is http://famousthemes.com/marriage-wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/blank/slide2.jpg

How do I get rid of this? It is not in the Blog posts

That image is one of the image you have imported from the XML file.

It must be inside a post, I don’t know if it’s in blog category you have, or another post there but it’s in a post.

Check your posts, under editor there is the option ” Use this post in home slideshow”.

To add an image into the slideshow, just add a post, and select from the option under the editor ” Use this post in home slideshow” as YES and under it see the field from where to upload the image.


Hiya, I’m having the same problem as the others with the timthumb issue – I’ve tried changing the file permissions to 755 and 777 but neither of them have worked, any other suggestions? Really need to fix this asap!


What is the error that you image url is showing in the browser?

To test that just look into the source code of your website, in firefox browser for example click right-mouse, and View source code. From there see the ulr of an image, for example here a demo from our url


Paste that into your browser and see the error message you got ?

Normally should apear the image, but if in your case it does not apear, it will show a message. Depending on that message I can tell what the problem is.

If it’e related to timthumb adding 755 or 777 to timthumb.php and cache folder will fix the problem.

Also like I said in some prev comments to other users I have a list of updates for this theme, and one big update is to choose from adding images manually, and resize them with timthumb automatically. will be available soon.


I am having issue using the gmap widget. I have tried copying and pasting the iframe code and then the link and neither of it works. Any ideas whY?


your map code should look like this one


Make sure when you get it from gmaps website is got “&output=embed” at the end.