Support for Marriage - Responsive Wedding Wordpress Theme

Support for Marriage - Responsive Wedding Wordpress Theme

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Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a "Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

How to create a gallery page

How to create a gallery page

  • 1. IMPORTANT First you need to setup in your wordpress admin the corect size for the thumbnails used in the gallery. So to fit perfectly to our design layout you need to set from Wordpress -> Settings ->Media the Thumbnail size to Width 265 Height 180 px
  • 2. So to create a gallery page, for example “Bride”. Create a page called “Bride”, select it from the right sidebar the “Template” -> “Page Full Width” then click the media icon from wordpress editor, drag-drop all the images inside Media, save the settings, and automatically wordpress will create a gallery, and insert that gallery into the page. You have options to edit the title of the image, it will apear in the popupimage window. The page should look like this one
  • 3. To add another page with another gallery just repeat the process, and name the page diferently for example “Groom” and add his own pictures.
  • 4. To add this pages into the menu and create some kind of drop down for this galleries pages just use the “Menu” tab in wordpress and drag them into the menu you have create for the theme, just like a normal drop down menu.

Photos inside galleries cannot be paginated, this why the only option to separate them is to create diferent pages for all galleries

Galleries are diferent from the Photo Album, we have created to give users this options too. So if you want to use the Photo Album option too there is no problem.

When using the timthumb disabled what are the recomanded images size to use

Recomanded images size:

1. home slider 900×400 px
2. about widget section 135×135 px
3. 1/3 widget sections (custom text widgets) 250×120 px
4. blog featured image and post image (height can be diferent) 486×234 px
5. photo gallery (created with custom post types) 265×180 px
6. regular page > width 700px (images are responsive will resize down)

How to use the gmap code corectly in the widget?

The corect form of the gmap code is,-98.917594&spn=0.015022,0.042186&output=embed

So when you get for example the code from google maps website, in the IFRAME mode. You need to extract from that IFRAME full code, just the map SRC code. You will see this src code starting with


Updating the theme from an old version to a new one

1. First and very important, if you have made any modifications to an existing php or other format file of the theme, DO NOT overwrite those with the new files.

2. Make sure you do the update corectly:

A. Save the custom values added in the custom admin panel. Copy them into a text document for example.
B. Replace all the files on your server. Basically delete the old theme and copy the new one.
C. VERY IMPORTANT is to RESET the custom admin panel from the rest tab. This way the new settings there will apear.
D. Add the values you saved on A, and complete the rest of the new settings that apear after reseting.

Update the Twitter settings

Since 12 june 2013 twitter oficially retired their API v1

So all the themes using twitter wigets must use new settings in order to extract the latest tweets from a specific account.

I-A) Create an application using your twitter account

Login on using your twitter account and create a New application. Make sure you complete all the steps corectly including your domain name.

After creating the application go inside of the details page of that app and on the tab called “OAuth tool” you will see the details we will need.

The details we will need are Consumer key, Consumer secret, Access token and Access token secret

I-B) Add the new settings to the theme

On 12 june 2013 we have updated this theme with some new files in order to suport the new twitter requirements.

The new files were added inside the theme folder/admin folder/ twitter folder.

The most important file there are index.php and cache folder

Open the index.php file and add the corect values for

// Your Twitter App Consumer Key private $consumer_key = ’ your code here…..’;

// Your Twitter App Consumer Secret private $consumer_secret = ’ your code here…..’;

// Your Twitter App Access Token private $user_token = ’ your code here…..’;

// Your Twitter App Access Token Secret private $user_secret = ’ your code here…..’;

Another important value is the cache time

// Cache interval (minutes) private $cache_interval = 15;

The new functionality of this script is to cache your latest tweets at a specific time interval. So you can set there the nr of minutes.

As for the “cache” folder, when you will update the theme files make sure that folder have the corect permisions (755).

Other than this updates the rest of the twitter settings in this theme will function normally. See the General tab in the custom admin panel for the rest of the settings.

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