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Thank you so much :)

This I would buy at once if it just were in Wordpress, and with a great feature so the visitors could Heart the blogposts in some way :) Love it love it love it !

Hi Sissie,

Sure we have plans to develop WordPress version of this theme. This feature request is being send to WordPress development team.

Thank you for appreciation.

Will the Wordpress version have a blog archive option?

Hello Sissie,

Sure the WordPress version will have blog archives included.

Thank you.

All the best with your new theme!

Hi, thank you so much.

White IPad Not working..

Hi, What kind of issue you are facing and what is resolution of your iPad?


I have Ipad4. Pls Adjust.

Hi, we have fixed this issue in new version of ‘Marry-Age’ theme please download the latest release in 3 – 4 hours.

Thank you.

Album is not working. It’s not going anywhere.

Hi, thanks for pointing out. I’m fixing.

Thank you.

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Hi, thank you so much.


Love the theme, but it’s not responding well to Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Nexus. It seems that S3 and Nexus is not getting the Mobile version and it is unusable on those devices.

Thanks! Kenneth

Hi, Thanks for pointing out this issue. We have replied in your ticket at

Best Regards,

What program could I use to edit this html?


There are individual “website pages” of your template, and the files that are loaded in your web browser when a template or website is viewed. The HTML pages contain the formatting and look of your ready to use template. To add your content to the HTML pages, you will need a HTML editing program. There are two types of editors including text based editors, such as wordpad and notepad (both are standard windows programs), for very advanced users that understand how to edit HTML code, as well as WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editors. WYSIWYG editors will keep the template looking like a template as it is edited so that users of any skill level can make visual changes to their template, such as changing the text and content. Several popular WYSIWYG HTML editors include:

Adobe Dreamweaver (Formerly Macromedia Dreamweaver)

Microsoft FrontPage, SharePoint Designer, or ExpressionWeb

Adobe GoLive


CoffeeCup HTML Editor

There are many other HTML editors that can also be used to edit the website templates, so if you have a favorite HTML editor not listed above that can edit standard HTML pages then there are no problems in continuing to use your favorite editor.

Thank you.

How do you change the text on the menu logo?

Hi, that text is a logo, You can edit this logo in provided PSD and then replace this image in you theme’s /images directory.

Thank you.

Hi There,

it’s a very nice theme but I am not able to install it :-(. WP tells me that a stylesheet might be missing …

Can you give me a hint or is there a trick ??

Thanx in advance for your reply !!


Hi there,

This theme is not being installed as WordPress theme as its only an HTML template. WordPress version of this theme is under development and it will be released as a separate product. The template you purchase can be edited by using any text editor and then you can upload its HTML files to your webhosting.

Thank you.

Ups … Sorry – my fault !! Now of course it works perferct !! Wish you all the best with your template and the future WP theme :-)

Thanx for your reply !!

a little disappointed with the updates. Not true responsive from what I found, didn’t load properly at all on my Galaxy S3. CrunchPress said it’s fixed, still haven’t seen an update. Wasted my money on this.

hi this theme does not work with samsung tab 2

Hi, I’m forwarding this issue to our development team, hopefully they will release an update ASAP for it.

Best Regards.


I’m having a problem with the Timeline. I tried to add a few more entries and the black line between the image and text isn’t correct. It’s starting on the second entry. If I add more entries, it starts on the third entry.

Can you help me to fix that? Thank you.

Hello Xequeba,

Please open a ticket at our support system

Our support team will help you out.

Best Regards.


jva Purchased

I want the to fade the image in the homepage. If I change the mode to ‘fade’, it is still default to slide. What options do I use to make it fade?


jva Purchased

I figured this out. This is in the function.js. I also figured out the responsive issue you had in the template.

Anyone having issue with this template, add this on the top of the template.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=no" />
  <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" />

jva Purchased

There are lots of issues with this template. It is not flexible to modify it. I am trying to change the logo and after I change it, it doesn’t look good in iPad or even in desktop browsers.

Greetings Jva,

Thanks for sharing your feedback and solution :) We will also update this product with the fix so customers can have the latest version.

Thank you.

Hi, how about this theme for wordpress? is it ready ?

Hello Corepit,

Sorry to disappoint you but WordPress version for this template is not developed.

Thank you.