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Just purchased and downloaded this. Great work! It does appear there are some things in the live preview that are not in the downloaded files. For example, on the table example, the preview has paging, search field, etc… The version I purchased does not contain those.

Hi there, thanks for your kind words, everything you see on admin is there included in the downloaded file, the table with a paging is inside a data tables file, it is activated in a JavaScript with a call to .datatables method, those files are inside of the HTML folder in your download zip.

You can email me and I can assist you if you have issues

Ah, you are correct. Was looking at tables.html. Thanks for quick response. Again, really good work.

You need to make this as a wordpress admin dashboard, I would buy it if you did.

Hi Great looking theme but a little poor in features. Are you planning to update this theme?


Hi, yeah I am working on adding more features.

And when these changes can be done? I wait for it before buy.


How do I change the colors after downloading? I read the docs and searched through all CSS and LESS files for any color settings, but found none.

Hi there, contact me via email tamik@soziev.com and I will explain to you :)

How can i download the update version?

Hi there, its under review by themeforest, you should get an email right after it gets approved.

is there a modal function?

how to open and close modals?

Hi there, sure it has a modal function, just like bootstrap 3 one, you can read docs here: http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#modals

I love this template. Like other people commented, if it had a few more features I’d definitely buy it.

Con la regular license se podrá cambiar el logo? y la hoja de estilo “css”? están incluidos todos los iconos, etc…? gracias. Buen trabajo.

With Regular license may change the logo? and stylesheet “css”? includes all icons, etc …? Thank you. Good job.

He comprado la regular license, pero no encuentro el archivo que hace referencia a las url de los iconos. Gracias.

I bought the Regular license, but can not find the file that refers to the url of the icons. Thank you.

Hi there, those icons are in folder /html/assets/fonts – it is an icon font, you can learn more about it here: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/

Se podría realizar submenús de tercer nivel en el menú principal? gracias

Gran trabajo.

You could make three-level submenus in the main menu? thanks.

Great job.

Hi Osetin! Great theme!

Can you separate the bootstrap css files of the css mars admin? It seems to me that the theme styles and the bootstrap are all together in a single file, is that right?


Hi there, those are compiled files built for a faster site loading, you can find the original “separated” files in the folder called “less”

Will this theme include a “timeline” page and maybe some email template?

Also, maybe you can help me but on the left sidebar, it would be really nice if when I expand a different submenu, the other ones collapse. Or if the sidebar remained visible when you scroll down using bootstrap affix.

Hi, yep, timeline and email are on my list, I am currently working on a profile page and then will start to work on the email template

Hi Osetin is there an ETA for these new features?

If I buy this. Can you support me fixed sidebar and also support scollable sidebar navigation. Thanks

Hi my friend, those features are on my list so stay tuned :) Next time you can just email me directly at tamik@soziev.com.

hey there, great theme! but the alert/notification does not seem to be closing when i press the “x”...please help…

Could you please email me so I can send you a description on how to implement it.

Hi Osetin, thanks, will email you on tamik@soziev.com

thanks, just replied you with a fix

Hi! Does this come with login page as well? Also I am planning to use Highcharts JS for charting (http://www.highcharts.com/). Do you think that would be a problem ? Thank you!!

Hi, yes it comes with a login page: http://mars.pinsupreme.com/login.html

Sure if you follow highcharts docs you can set them up.

awesome theme…

Bearing in mind I am not an experienced web programmer it has been fairly easy to customise so far for my site, which is great… just struggling with a couple of things…

Is it possible to make the drop down menu on the left hand navigation bar persistant (i.e. when you refresh the page using php_self )the bar stays open?

Also is it possible so that the color settings applied from the color settings pullout applies to all pages and is persistant, so that when you go back to that page the colours etc stay as you set them? This doesn’t seem to be happening for me right now?

Hi there my friend, thank you for your kind words and for your purchase :) I am glad you like it :)

Do you want each of the sub-menu elements to be always open or just the one which has a selected child link?

What do you mean by “Color settings pullout” ?

Please contact me directly at tamik@soziev.com so I can easier assist you :)

You should take a while to update your info.html file, it’s outdated in terms of which scripts/css/fonts should be included.

Other than that, congratulations and thanks for selling this!

Also, there are several missing JS scripts { ‘jquery.visible.min.js’, ‘jquery.isotope.min.js’, ‘jquery.scrollUp.min.js’ }

What do you mean missing? I don’t even use those scripts


Nice theme !

But it seems like you directly edited Bootstrap less files, so how can we update bootstrap ?


You don’t, including the original boootstrap files and having an modified version will result in lots of duplicate rules and slow browser rendering, also don’t forget about a css rule count limit on older browsers. What is a reason you want to update Bootstrap?

Hum, I guess if you create a separate LESS file with the redefines, LESS will just merge rules/properties and it won’t result to more rules.

And keeping an up to date version of bootstrap seems legitimate, there is a lot of improvements in Bootstrap since 3.0.0 : https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/releases

No, it won’t I tried that and thats why I decided to go with that option.

Hi, please add checkbox list to this template. I know there is a table with checkbox, but i’m looking for something like this:


i just found a responsive issue in wizard

its fine on desktop

but on mobile ?

i cant see the third nav .. whats this ?

This is not a good reply Mr Osetin . Its to confirm everything before purchase . If you are reply like this after purchasing , Just think from customer side.

if any of you wanna know how to fix this Mr.Osetin (Author ) is not interested to support .

So here i’m mentioning the fix

@media screen and (max-width: 640px) { table { overflow-x: auto; display: block; } }

I am offering support only for those who have purchased the template, I have no obligation to support you if you did not purchase the template

Hi Osetin,

I have noticed the collapseable ”-” do not collapse but remove. How can I fix this?

thank you!

That was my intention

Oh ok. So both “” and “x” on the portlet/window do the same thing? I though the minus “” would collapse the window/portlet and the “x” remove?

You can change it in javascript if you want to

How do I make permanent changes on color settings? For example, I want by default to have the Dark Blue Background and white background for content….

You’re always this rude with your buyers? I know HTML/CSS, but you should learn respect and how to develop a smart template.

Change class by class its a dumb job. When I look for a template, I want easy ways to do things, not more work.

One more thing: A well-detailed documentation is essential for any template. I will never buy one of your itens again.

Thank you for nothing.

You are welcome

Also from theme forest guidelines: “Authors can choose to support their items but this is optional and may vary.”