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I have got some users reporting issues when registering , is this caused by the Martha theme as I can not replicate to see if it is or not

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Hi, acegames

Thank you for purchasing my theme. I believe this is directly related to OpenCart. Try their official forum to find out what the problem is:


Thankyou for confirming that for me

Hi! I would like to buy your theme, it really suits mine needs, but i need some info. I have bought one theme about 1.5 year ago and the developer has gone, wanished… so ive got nothing, no support and bad coding, so what protection do i have about that in your case? Just buy and no support or buy and support, or not buy?

Hi, Sanitarac

Thank you for your interest. Here you will get information about support:



I would like to know is this theme supporting VQmode?

Hi, vardsolo

Thank you for your interest. Yes.



Hola… acabo de Comprar este Tema.. pero me sale este mensaje a la hora de instalarlo a mi wordpress…

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Yo Tengo Wordpress 4.0 , y lo he intentado subir con el archivo ZIP

Porfavor quiero que me ayuden para poder instalarlo…. espero respuestas pronto… gracias..


This is a OpenCart theme, not Wordpress theme.


Buenas tengo una consulta he comprado un tema, y lo he instalado en OpenCart Version y no me sale la imagenes de arriba cuando comienza aparte me sale como error en la barra de menu, me sale como AVISOS , me gustaria que vieran la web para que me ayuden gracias

Hi, AnnieMsPrivado

You can find the answer to your question here:


Hola quiero saber como hago para cambiarle de idioma a mi plantilla. en español…y si hay modo de poder cambiar la configuracion en la moneda de mi pais en soles…Peru. espero respuesta gracias.

Hi, AnnieMsPrivado

This question is not related to my theme. If you have any questions regarding the functionality of OpenCart, then please use the OpenCart official forum:

Unfortunately, I offer only design here.


Hello. Does this theme modify the core Opencart files?

Hi, alfredm99

No core files have been overwritten.


Hello, i bought the theme and install on my opencart system.

I’ve got 2 error. The first one is Undefined variable: content_hidden_header The second one is Undefined variable: modules in

My website

Hi, batuhanbal

Thank you for purchasing my theme. You can find the answer to your question here:



is there any date set for theme update for OC 2.0? I’ve already bought the theme for some time and I want to update my store but I need the theme to be compatible.


Hi, goonshop

It is impossible to give an exact release date at the moment. OpenCart 2.x is a completely new engine, this means that all themes must be built from scratch.

Best Regards

Hi, can’t you give me an approximate date? Just to know if I wait for the release or buy a compatible theme. Best regards.

I’m not going to speculate here regarding dates. If you’re in a hurry, I recommend you buy a compatible theme.

Best Regards

Hi, it is possible have LIST view? I need it :-/ Thanks for answer

Hi, salab

Unfortunately, no.


Please help me , I need urgent solution for this error : Undefined variable : modules in /home/gigav028/public_html/catalog/view/theme/martha/template/common/header.tpl on line 303

reinstalled the theme and still the error does not come out

Please help me!

Hi, Gigavibe

I apologize for the late reply. You will find a solution to your problem here:


Hello, I wonder, because you do not update this theme for version

please update theme for opencart 2.0 thanks

Please Update for Opencart 2.0 !! Thanks

Is this theme available for any other store fronts? Magento, etc?

Thanks Stephen

Hi, Stephen

WordPress version can be found here:



I just purchased this theme, when unzipping it I realize it’s not compatible with the OC 2.0 engine. So here I am with my head shoved up somewhere. Will there be an update for this theme and OC 2.0?

Best regards Mattias

Hi, Mattias

I apologize for the late reply. Somehow, I missed your comment. Unfortunately I still do not have a suitable answer to this question. Theme updates have been postponed for an unknown period. I really hope that someday I can say something more precise about updates. Sorry.

If you have more questions please contact me via my profile page:

Best Regards

he is not helpful. just blame you. He does not do something. I ask questions. why it was like that. he asks me.

Hi, bora39

I explained to you many times that your problem is probably caused by a third-party scripts or modules you are using. I explained several times what you need to do. Why do you not listen to me?

You do not even read these links:

There is clearly stated that:
You must always keep in mind that if you use a third-party modules then you do it at your own risk. I am not responsible for third party modules/scripts or problems associated with using them with my themes. Not all third-party modules may not be functioning correctly.
First of all. If you’re using any third-party modules (including language packs), then step by step remove all of them and see which one is the troublemaker.
If you’ve made any changes in the code then I recommend you restore original code as much as possible and see if it helps.

And now you come here to complain.

Have a nice day. Regards

Unfortunately, the problem was not sourced from third party modules. the modules you are using it since a very long time. Modules were running smoothly so far and is still running. You can control even if originating from the module. We have found the problem and fix it at $ 50. I say again, you’re never helpful.

Do you have a version for sale for Opencart 2.x?