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Epic design and shortcodes. How supose that i need to programing all this??? Wich programming language?? thanks

Hi, Your question isn’t clear to me.But I guess you are asking, with which language you’re going to make this template dynamic. Well, it’s your choice.Select any language you’re comfortable with.

Hello, You mentioned you guys are working on wordpress version before 5 months, hows it coming now? Is there any estimated date for Wordpress version launch? Thanks

It’s currently on soft rejection. We hope it will be live soon.

Hi, Thank you for your interest. WordPress version won’t be available on ThemeForest or any other marketplaces. If you have any questions relating to it, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@aazztech.com

hii i got issue in mobile device menu is not appear in mobile device

Hi, if you’re testing responsiveness on browser please reload on mobile screen.It should work.


I have a question, I work with MVC .Net and when I generate my webpage. I have this : — <input data-val=”true” data-val-required=”Le champ Après-midi est requis.” id=”Dimanche_ApresMidi” name=”Dimanche_ApresMidi” type=”checkbox” value=”true”><input name=”Dimanche_ApresMidi” type=”hidden” value=”false”> <label for=”Dimanche_ApresMidi”> Après-midi </label> -- It’s generate 2 inputs (one checkbox and one hidden), and when I click on the circle, I don’t see the blue circle. If I remove the hidden input with the devtools, the blue circle comeback. I think it’s the line 782 on style.css. Can you help me ?




I hope this solved your problem. Please let me know if any other template issue comes up.


It’s Work ! But only the class custom-radio, not for custom-checkbox2. Thank you

OK, I will be providing you and update soon.

Hello. We suggest you convert this template into Woocommerce! Great

Thank you for your suggestion. We appreciate it!

Hi ! If you have a dropdown_megamenu with 2 columns, the dropdown_megamenu is docked on the right of the screen, so it’s not very clear when you used the menu. Do you have a little hack to do that ? Open the submenu below. Thanks !

Please send me the link if you’ve hosted it anywhere. Markup won’t do.

Can you send me your email, I don’t want to share this link here.

Does this theme allow for a rental option?


It doesn’t support rental option.

Can you develop a WordPress Theme for me? What will be the total cost for it?

Hi, Thank you for your interest. We are currently developing the WordPress version. It’ll be available on TF very soon.

Sorry, WordPress version won’t be available on ThemeForest or any other marketplaces. If you have any questions relating to it, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@aazztech.com

Hello. What’s the status for the Wordpress powered theme? Thank you!

Hi, Thank you for your interest. WordPress version won’t be available on ThemeForest. If you would like to know or discuss further please contact us at contact@aazztech.com

Good evening, I’m very happy with my purchase and I came to congratulate you on the beautiful work. and would like to know if your staff could help me with another model in the same way more for another hotel category a marktplace for by doto the hotels in a unique place where you can advertise your lodgings and at the same time adminnistar the hotel your staff could do a budget and send it to my e-mail that is here in the cadastre … in January the system will be in the air I will wait for your opinion … then for you to see how your work was together with my

Thanks for listening

Fabio Santana

Looking for anything All trade in Brazil in one place

Hi, Thank you for the interest, please for further discussion mail us at contact@aazztech.com

bom eu esqueci de te pergunta eu tenho dois dominio que usar este meu projeto buscandotudo.com.br buscandotudo.com eu vou precisar compra mais 1 licença para este item ou eu posso usar nos dois dominio ?

Hi AazzTech AUTHOR! Great work!) Could you explain me, if i buy theme, can i use all homw pages , psd, and html pages or only 1 Home page and 1 type of theme?

And as i understand also i will need to make some programming, that my internet page work correclty (back end developer) or it ready for use already?

Thank you for soon answer.

Hi, Thank you for your interest. If you buy this theme you can use it any way you want for one project. For example if you want to make a new project with every individual home page, you have to buy extended license. But if you use all the home pages in one project then you can just do it with regular license.

It’s not ready to use. It’s just an HTML template. So, obviously you have to develop the backend development.

I hope it answered your question.

Good night, my friend, my friend, please answer my questions. to my email or start with the name of who asked you the question because the answer is confusing

You have how to create a hotel markplace like the one you did.

can i pass the value to my email contato@buscandotudo.com.br

Replied you email, please check your inbox.

Hello. In this script, can you set up to receive sales commission from seller?

Hi, Thank you for your interest. As it’s an HTML template it doesn’t have any functionality like that.