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Not sure what’s happening here, but my tables are offset to the right in Firefox. I’ve downloaded your demo and it works great in FF, but for whatever reason my custom version has the tables messed up, but I’m using the same styles / stylesheet. Any ideas what this Firefox thing is?


Hi, can i show your code or something(link) that i can get more idea what is wrong with the table. you can send me an email also.

Hi, First of all, you guys have created a brilliant theme. I want to buy this theme but i need to know whether can you provide us with 3 level sub menu option. I need 3 level menu in my application and this is my basic necessity.

sorry to say but right now its not possible, may be in next updated but not promise….Thanks for your kind words mate really apriciate it!!!

Could you try this for me? I mean when you are able to make it up to this extent, why not get an 3rd level sub menu? This would definitely be useful for all and will definitely help you boost your sales too. Alternatively, if your designers and developers could just set a separate CSS or Java script for 3rd level sub menu for me and email me that file after i buy this theme would also be okay for me… Let me know on this.

Its an immediate requirement of mine..

Hi! Congratulations were beautiful design. I had a problem with. I want to change the date format from Form Elements. Date picker (dd-mm) (1.)

I want format is “yyyy-mm-dd”. How can I this.

Thank You

Just simple put this formate in input : data-date-format=”yyyy-mm-dd”

<input type="text" data-date="2013-02-01" data-date-format="yyyy-mm-dd" value="2013-02-01" class="datepicker span11">

please let me know if you have any query….

Thank you very much. It’s simple processed :) . I mixed up js an jquery files. I wish you success .

Can any one get me a 3 level sub menu in this theme? Let me know how much the customization charges would be.

Brother.. Requesting you to do the needful. I will wait for this to happen by this weekend. Its an urgent requirement of mine. Thanks for your understanding.. and once again.. Great work.. I do not want to miss this theme for my application. Its the perfect one.. Thanks!

can you send me your email id or skype ID anything for more talk.

I’m using the date picker form element. This is the date picker form element without the calendar icon right to the form. I’m trying to trigger an onChange event with it. For example, when the date is changed with the date picker, I want the form to submit. I’m using the onChange but nothing happens. The submit form action isn’t called when the date is changed. Even tried two different onChange actions. What am I doing wrong?

<form action=”/” method=”post” id=”dateform” class=”form-horizontal”> <label class=”control-label”>Startdatum</label> <input id=”changedate” type=”text” name=”startdate” data-date=”01-01-2013” data-date-format=”dd-mm-yyyy” value=”01-01-2013” class=”datepicker span11” onChange=”this.form.submit()”> <label class=”control-label”>Slutdatum</label> <input id=”changedate” type=”text” name=”enddate” data-date=”07-06-2013” data-date-format=”dd-mm-yyyy” value=”07-06-2013” class=”datepicker span11” onChange=”document.dateform.submit()”> </form>

Hay mate!!! try this $('#changedate').live('change', function({ $(this).closest('form input[type=submit]').trigger('click'); //OR $(this).closest('form').submit(); }))

Hi! Is it possible to hide rows in data-tables on mobile devices or small resolutions?

Hey mate!!! if you able to add class on the particular row which you don’t want, then its possible to hide otherwise you need to write JS for the hiding the particular row …..Thanks

I tried it with stylesheet classes, but after that the row looks not like the other.

Thanks for your creative with this template . I wonder that what kind of popup you use to add new event , I found in my browser but i can not find js of popup ? Can you tell me about this

Thanks for your creative with this template . I wonder that what kind of popup you use to add new event , I found in my browser but i can not find js of popup ? Can you tell me about this . My email is

Hi there!

First of all nice template! I recently have downloaded it.

I am having issue with IE 9 on win 7, none of the drop down menu works and icons “My Dashboard”, “Shopping Cart”, “Web Marketing” etc are showing vertical instead of horizontal, appreciate any help.

That helped a bit, but now basic form is broken and can’t click on anything

Hey mate,

Sorry for the late reply, i have checked it in my ie9 and its working properly, please update the latest version of ie9. and let me know if you have any problem.


if possible could send me updated version of your maruti-style.css file ?

Preview is down…

Hi – Great work with this theme! Can you (or anyone else) recommend the best way to get sortable data tables with this theme?


Hi mate, you can get more help with this site plugin…..

its there any way to put inputs side by side like grid ?? not just one per line …

Hey mate , sorry for the late reply, please check this url ( ) and you can do same as per this, both coding is same. let me know if you have any query.

How do you create the tables. I have my data but I don’t see where you call the tables? Can you show me where should i be looking, I hope it is as easy as how the stats graphs are changed.

Can i please get the PSDs

So?ry, dont have psd of that because its too old template and that’s y i did’t write to psd inculded.