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Thanks a lot!!!

Very nice – any plans for a bootstrap popover and an apple style yes/no slider radio button?

yes sure if you want, we’ll do that in next update.

Hi there, like the theme!

There’s just one thing though, can you make the menu items completely clickable instead of just the text and icon? Or is this something that Chrome’s messing up?

Well yes, we will updated that soon, probably on next updates !


Is it possible for you to provide some server side scripts as well for basic stuff like login and user management etc along with the template

I liked your theme and look forward to buy it .


Hi There,

Just bought the template, but it looks different than the Live Preview on

How can I make the template look the same or am I missing something?

Thank you.

Stay tuned its in queue on themeforest , i updated this design. you can download again after they update it.

Hi, On your preview, when you resize the web browser (IE9) the top navigation disappears and does not come back after resizing back again?

First of all Thanks for the purchasing, Mate please check it on devices don’t check like resize the browser. anyway i will update it soon, probably in the next update.

I changed bootstrap to the latest and I’m having inconsistencies.

First of all Thanks for the purchasing, Mate i have make it as per latest bootstrap, no need to update it, and yes i’ll update the theme soon after that you can update the bootstrap version whatever comes in future.

Thanks! so yes I updated the bootstrap and alter the theme ;) it looks nice! Now I updated JQuery to the latest (1.9.2) and noticed there were a couple of errors only, one of them is that you’re using .live and that function is deprecated, change it to:

$(‘node name’).on(‘click’, function(){....});

on acts like live, so there’s no problem. Other than that your theme is a great start and I’m already adapting it to my web app. Thanks a lot!

How can we work with the charts? I dont understand where the example data used in the example charts is coming from. What’s the data source for the charts and how can we add our own data to the charts?

you can visit also this site for more information

Seriously, where is the data used in the example “Bar chart” and “Line chart” at coming from? What file are they stored in? And how can I change those values? For the example “Different Bars” it’s easy to understand how to use the values. IE, you just change it in the code rendering the chart:

But with the Bar chart and Line chart, that can’t be changed as easy. Help!

@ehandelsfabriken Go to Jquery flot and read at the docs. Maybe I can help you for free, I have some spare time to kill.

@treesimplicity Thanks for the help!!! :) & your co-operation….

Hi all, can someone explain to me what this theme is for? i will really appreciate it. thanks.

This theme is a theme to be used as an admin panel for your site, your app, or anything you like, for instance I’m using it for my app for clients to access the website and manage their staff.

@treesimplicity Heartly Thanks!!!! :bigsmile:, here is my UI kit if you want i’ll send it to you for free.

No problem :) I like to help

Hi dude, really nice theme.. Can you give me a help i m try to call all css and jquery files on index page i will use on same page, validation, alerts, datables on some pages all togheter, but all way i m try i cause some jquery error and like alert using modal dont working.. can you give me right order to call all togheter?

Uncaught Invalid dimensions for plot, width = null, height = null

Hi mate, Thanks for purchasing the theme, can you send me your index page html on my mail so i can get more idea what you have the exact problem!!! My mail ID is

i have buy almost 100 itens on themeforest, but this theme is 1 of the best iten i buy here. So easy to manage, really nice looking, you can browse a 100 themes here but this one is the top, can be on top 10 admin themes here easy. Congrats dude.

Thank you so much Mate for your kind words!!!

The validation dont work on Select elements. If i remove the select style works.

Hi, The drop “button” (not navigation menu) options don’t work on the ipad – they drop down, but you can’t select anything from the menu? Also, the drop down at the top (messages) – that’s the same.

please add this on bottom of the page

<script> $(‘body’).on(‘touchstart.dropdown’, ’.dropdown-menu’, function (e) { e.stopPropagation(); }); </script>

if its not work then please updated the bootstrap.min.js from bootstrap site because it by default bootstrap problem visit this link :

ok, updated the complete min.js file and it works now – thanks! Any plans on updating to use the new bootstrap?

Mate if you want to use new bootstrap you can easily update it, no worries & if any problem then you can mail me, i’ll help you.

Hi mate can i fix the header on top using position:fixed like top div, menu and breadcrumb? i tried put this 3 divs inside a new div and define position:fixed but then all header dont show – thanks,

The validation dont work on Select elements. If i remove the select style works.

Hi mate can i fix the header on top using position:fixed like top div, menu and breadcrumb? i tried put this 3 divs inside a new div and define position:fixed but then all header dont show – thanks,

please check your mail.

I agree, the header to be fixed on top its a extra job, i m not asking for do nothing for free. BUT the SELECTs cant be validates so its not a extra job, its a error, and you dont want to fix, also you want to reply by mail, so possible customers cant see this. Its a nice theme but a really bad support, the seller now dont know anything.

I cannot find how to prevent or change the autocomplete feature on the top right search bar. I’ve checked inside the CSS files and just can’t find it.

Can you steer me in the right direction?



Mate, if you want disable or change this you can add below css in the maruti style.css

#search ul.typeahead { display: none !important;} if you want to change the right direction then add position and give the direction right, please let me know if you have any query.

I appreciate the response. I added the code you listed above and it still didn’t work. I cleared out my history/cache and even used another machine to see if that was the issue. Didn’t matter. Is there something I’m overlooking?

Mate can you send me an email in brief description what you exactly want to change or prevent. the css is perfact if you want to prevent the typeahead, and you can send me screen shot for what you are trying to say?

Its possible to have FOOTER fixed on bottom of the page if i have a short content? and the SELECTs cant be validated