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Hi Team,

Love the theme! Quick question; Can I make a portfolio wall picture link to another page / link, instead of the actual portfolio details page?

Cheers, Luke :-)

Please note that we are available only at the end of the next week. It will take 2-3 business days.

Okay thank you how will you contact me?

Please send your request to help at gt3themes dot com and we will send you the quote.


Thank you for this great theme. However, I am having a problem placing the slider navigation arrows on the sides instead of having them at the bottom. How can I change this?


One more question, which line has the hover effect on the slider navigation arrows? I want to remove it but I don’t seem to find it. If you don’t mind please.


It is a global color theme, you can change its color in the theme options panel.

Much thanks.


How can i fix this.

We’re getting in touch to inform you about a serious vulnerability in a WordPress plugin that was included with a theme(s) you purchased from ThemeForest. You’ve purchased: • Marvel Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme This vulnerability allows attackers to access the servers of all sites using older versions of the Slider Revolution and Showbiz Pro (WordPress) plugins by ThemePunch. The vulnerability exists for all versions of Slider Revolution earlier than version 4.2 (released in February 2014) and all versions of Showbiz Pro (WordPress) earlier than 1.5.3 (released in January 2014)

Thanx Cremers

Please send me a request using the contact form on my profile page and I will send you the latest version of the slider.

Thank u for the files.

But when i install the new theme i get a error ( there already is a theme with the same name, missing style.css ).

When i look at the plugins i cant find a layerslider plugin. is the layerslider build in the theme or is it a plugin. i’m not using any sliders at this moment.

What should i do?.


You have to do that via FTP.

Hello Mad dog: The Import Demo content functionality of the theme is not working. How can I fix it or for the xml file which can be imported from the standard wordpress importer. thnks

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please make sure that you setup the WordPress properly, created the uploads folder, set the right permissions…


how can I hide the author and date in a portfolio post? Is that possible?

If it is, please explain like I´m five. I´m new using wordpress and it´s been hard for me. No idea of html, css or whatever.

thanks and congratulations for the theme.. love it.

ok, ejejejej… sorry!!! I got it.

I would like to know how to use the advanced options. I do not want to use the hover of certain portfolio In advanced options

field name, field value I would like to know how to put any command.

You can use only Text.

Do I have to enter any text you do not want to use an image hover effect in the “Advanced Options”?

Yes, you can use any text.


Why your GT3 builder is not working correctly? If I install your demo files gt3 plugin works correctly and I can easily modify the content. But if I want to create my own page with this plugin it just doesn’t work. I push on green squares, for example, on squere “team” and nothing happens. I see a loading panel for a seconds and then at the bottom appears zero. Yes, the symbol “0”. And that is it! Page builder does not work :( I reinstalled your theme a few times, my friend also helped me. He has a big experience in wordpress themes installing. Just tell me where is my problem? Thanks!

We do not provide support via live chats, either emails or help forum only

Ok. No problem. Anyway, I answered. Waiting for your opinion about my problem.

We need ftp details, sent an email to you.


I have v1.0 installed, do you have a new V ready to download. And is the problem fixed?.

We’re getting in touch to inform you about a serious security vulnerability in some items sold on Envato Market that you may be using. Affected Items The affected items are sold by mad_dog on Themeforest. You’ve purchased: • Marvel Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme The Issue / Vulnerability The themes listed above are vulnerable to SQL injection techniques, allowing attackers to execute SQL commands on websites using these themes, without needing to be logged in. This means someone could potentially alter or delete the website’s data.

Hello! All the themes have been updated. Please update your theme to 1.3.1 You can download it from your account at themeforest.

Hello, is it possible to add a marker to the google map in Fullwidth contact page?


We use the standard google map code, you can generate the custom map and put the code. It will display it in the same format

Hello, your theme is great.

Also i have one questio.

I want to know how can i use gallery wall option on my homepage. But i want there much more options including gallery wall, like slider, text, counter, portfolio … Like on picture. Thanks in advance, Greetings, Andrija.

No, that’s why I said that it can be done only as a custom solution. The customization service is not included in the theme price.

Ok, thanks for answer. One more questions, about tabs, i need tabs for table and i want to put flags in tabs, not text . I mean there like in picture So i am interested is that possible. Greetings.

The tabs support only text.

Hello, please can ou tell me is it possible to have post wall not portfolio. Is not please can you tell me wich file i need to edit – change and how.?? Greetings.

Hello! Unfortunately there is no wall post.

Hi, i know there is no wall post, but i want to know where i can add wall post, or is it possible to change code in portfolio wall post to post wall post. Also can you incluude it in new update? Greetings

It can be integrate as a custom solution. I will consider your request. Thanks

Hi, where i can activate GT3 Page Builder in post. Greetings

Hello! You can’t use the page builder in the blog posts

Hello. I use my fonts instead Google Fonts. How can I make <link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’AllFonts-css’ href=’' type=’text/css’ media=’all’ /> not to appear in <head>?


You can do that in the following way: core/registrator/fonts.php:14041

please comment this:

add_action(‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘get_theme_fonts’);

Hello…nice theme layout. Just a couple of questions:

• When viewing the demo on a tablet in vertical position, I’d prefer to have the menu revert to the top of the page to allow more room for blog articles and/or portfolio items. I understand that this would require some changing to the theme…though I was wondering how difficult it would be to do? Would this be something you could help me with if I paid you? I wouldn’t expect it for free.

• Is it possible to mix and match elements from the theme and create a custom home page? For example, I would like to be able to have the following layout: Large image, intro paragraph, 2 column blog examples, 2 column portfolio examples.

• On my desktop computer, when I narrow my browser window to around 10” I notice the theme resizes to a pretty small area….leaving a lot of wasted page space on the left and right edges. Could this be remedied?


Hello! 1. Yes, it requires the changes in the theme, which is a paid customisation service. 2. Are you looking for something like this? 3. Please note that it is not correct way to test the responsive. You can check for example using this tool

I am trying to get support for my theme purchase but am unable to post to the help forum. Can you tell me how to reach you for help? When I try to edit a text area or other text widget (such as accordion), my text is missing, yet it shows on the page. What do I need to do to fix it?

Hello! Please update the theme to the latest version. It was updated on the 21st of August.

In the page “Portfolio” has pagination? 1,2,3,4 or all displayed on one page?

Hello! Sure, it does have

I dragged and dropped the onto Choose File and clicked Install Now, but it just takes me to a screen that says “Are you sure you want to do this?” and “Please try again.” Nothing else. Could this be because I am only on WAMP and not a live server?

Hello! That could be a reason, the thing Is that we do not experience any problems with that

Hey, first of all, nice job! one question:

I want to rename the portfolio… now my portfolio-posts are shown under…

- mydoman.tld/portfolio/portfilio-item

i want to name it “worx” not “portfolio” for example…

- mydoman.tld/worx/portfilio-item

how can i change it?

best wishes and thanks a lot!

hey, mad_dog

thx for your quick answer.

is ist possible to delete the slug from the URL?

just like…





solved: rename the slug in wp-content/themes/gt3-wp-marvel/core/plugins/gt3-pagebuilder/core/registrator/custom-post-types.php

have a nice day

Hello! Nice to hear that you found a solution :-)

Hello mad_dog, first of all, thanks for that great theme.

I have a question, is there any way to place a Behance icon with the other socials on the footer?


Hello! Thanks for your nice words. Please post this tech related question at the forum Our support specialist will provide details.

I choose the Footer Color Scheme as Light. It works well while viewing on computer but the Footer is still dark while viewing on mobile device. Please help to solve.

Hello! Please provide your site credentials and we will take a look. Thanks