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very nice and clean template..

Thank’s :D

Nice Work :) Good Luck

Thank’s :D

Would like to see a nav menu in the mobile view. Is that an easy tweak?

The nav menu part of this site template should contain a maximum of 6 menu links, and it is easy to make tweak to this nav menu :D

Nice work!

Inspiration website: :)

Thank’s :D Yeah you allright :D

Nice work! Good luck :)

Thank’s …

Nice template!

I’ve noticed a bug with the social links in “our teams”: restricting the page the links are no longer clickable..

Thank’s for your notice :D

Contact form not working, i have already modified the contact.php file, but its not sending anything… Some help?

You’ve changed with your email address in contact.php file? What is your website address?

Great template, can you add an ‘Our Partners’ section?

Thank’s for buy from Dots Theme :D

We’re sorry, we just gave support means setting up a template, for the addition of a new element we can not do.

I like the background image you used for the top banner? Can I use it too?


Just the question above. I figured out the works thing.

Thanks. Also I want to ask, how do I redirect to a thank you page instead of displaying the thank you message on the same page? I need this for conversion tracking. Thanks!

Thank you message which one you mean? Sorry I do not understand what you mean.

I was just told that your template doesn’t include the contact.php file. Is this true?


This template package include the contact.php file.


Do you have this in WORDPRESS VEersion?

I’m so sorry this template only in HTML/CSS version only.


Any future WP development?

I’m sorry this template won’t converted to wordpress in the future.


your demo link giving a 404

We are sorry, now the problem has been fixed.


I was told when you remove menu items, everything shifts to the left. it should all stay centered. how can you force the menu to alwatys stay centered?

Hi there,

If you want to remove the menu you only need change the menu text with whitespace. And the logo will stay centered.


Let’s say that you want to keep 1 menu on left, logo in center and another menu on right, unfortunsately it will not center all, it pushes everything to the left.

Have you noticed that your slider buttons are not working in Chrome? It only works in firefox? Do you have a fix for that? or it is only compatible with firefox?

Hi edusa2000,

I have tried the slider in Google Chrome, and it works fine.


Yes, it’s fixed now. Thank you.

in reality, such a nice template, but I just noticed and was very dissapointed. Your menu dissappears when you are viewing the site in a mobile device such as a samasung galaxy s4 or s5. bottom line, this happens only in small screen window. Unlike other responsive sites, the menu turns into a graphic like dashes for you to click on and expand to click and browse.

Do you have a fix for that?

Why wouldn’t you fix it? Your theme is useless, IT IS NOT MOBILE READY and you shouldn’t be selling something that doesn’t work. Have you read the web stats? 77% are viewing websites through mobile devices. I hope people can see this message. I audit themes and provide reviews on it and it looks like yours have earned 0 based on your response, which I was I SURPRISED about it.

Hi there,

The template is mobile ready, but I deliberately to remove the navigation because I think if I show up the navigation, the logo on the header section will shift down that makes the site appearance unpleasant to look at.


Well, if you did the programming, you could fix that. There are tons of templates with the same layout. I would encourage you to fix. Really. it’s a lovely theme and with this bad broken css, you can fix it.

I am also having problems coding a mobile nav button. I have to echo edusa2000 – this seriously should be considered as something that should be fixed. As it stands, this may be a “mobile ready” theme in its general responsiveness, however this is not a mobile-optimized since there is no mobile navigation.

Hi there,

Okay I will fix the issue as soon as possible in the next template update.


Nice and clearly documented template. However, I can’t get the email form to send me actual emails. Some help please?

any ideas?

Hi there,

I have tried it and successfully display a success message. Perhaps this could happen because your server does not support sending mail via the web form.

As an alternative you can send the contact.php file to me, I will try to check it.


It turned out to be due to the From address combined with anti-spoofing settings on the web server (SPF)

the “live demo” page is redirecting to a Russian site

Hi there,

I tried the link and leads to the live demo no a Russian site.