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Cool and unique!

Good luck!

Very nice! Good luck guys!

Love it! Some parts are really clever made! Themeforest need original ideas like this one, guys. Congrats!

This is genius – very well thought out. Good luck

Unusual, modern, bold, but easy to read and very clean – I could see this used for an indie film festival

Extremely Cool Design unlike anything available in Themeforest!

Very cool design! Good luck.

Excellent design!

Nice theme, question for you. On the portfolio page you have a purple site and it is labeled as “proserpine”. Is this live site or a theme?

Mice. Like it!

Wow dude ! Great work !

2 questions :
- will it be possible for me to change the slider ?
- in Home page, the “recent work” category is relative to “Portfolio” ? So I guess this category could just show images ? Or it could show videos and SoundCloud embedded audio ?

Thanks !!


1. u can choose from 2 sliders this theme provides. the portfolio slider weve built and the flex slider. take a look at home/all elements to see how the flex slider looks.

2. on the homepage are project (portfolio item) thumbnails. on the portfolio single page u can have images, videos (youtube/vimeo) and soundcloud audios


Great news !! thanks for replying !

thank you all for your kind words :)

Those great bulletproof ideas… Fantastic ! :)
Wish you the best with sales.

super fresh, you guys! that’s quite a nice look you got there!

Hi Collision,

Looks really grate! My compliments.. There is only sometimes an black screen with an animation by portfolio and sliders. Can you get this out?


Love this theme!