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Hey sent an email last week and still waiting on a replay? Please advise.

please send again…i did not recieve any email



Could you please tell me which framework you used ?, Ruby or which?


any framework…just skeleton for the grid. regards

How do I change the index page so I only have the sigh-up and nothing else?

hello…just simply delete the nav on top or the html you don’t need. let me know if you succeed….otherwise i will send a copy by email I’d like something like that. But without the white bars (on top and bottom of the page) and the text & fill-in-form centered in the middle of the page (it is to be used on an ipad) now it’s on the left of the page.

Hi there, great template! Is there any chance to integrate an File (Picture) Upload to the form which sends the picture as an attachment?

best regards!

i am looking if possible..i will let you know

Hi there, did you find out anything regarding picture upload?

I would like to buy if it has an file upload feature

hi…i am sorry no upload feature

im interested in upload feature is well… Also .. is it possibe to customise data fields to store data locally ?

hello…i am sorry for the delay…was out of office. try to add these features in the next update

Hi there. I got 2 questions:

1. is the theme compartible with Wordpress? 2. And are the Tabs “Steps” limited? I would need more than 3 Steps

Thank you very much in advance! Best regards

Hello 1) mastenia is an html site template, so you can not edit it via wordpress. you can edit the html following the documentation provided, then upload the files in your main root site. a basic knowledge of html is requied 3) yes you can add more steps..i’ve seen user that add up to 10 steps


Thank you very much for your quick response. Where can i get the documentation, to check if my html Knowledge is sufficient. Thanks a lot. Cheers

please send an email via my profile page or leaver your email…i will send a copy

Hi there, are you planning on adding an upload feature to the form?

We really need that option, it is not just me, many of the comments are needing an upload feature to the form.

Best regards

hell….onestly i’ve been too too busy in this period…support, customization, projects…i am becoming mad…i will try in december…i am sorry…try to do my best updating themes and providing support

Great form but it is impossible to attach a file on it. It is a minus.

thank you…no i am’s not possible

Problem installing this theme. I get the following error: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please advise

Hello, i am sorry but mastenia is an html site template…not a wordpress theme all the best

hi great form just baught it but i have a problem i have greek language and so it is utf8 so when i get email the submitted form i get theese letters :

Message: ???????????????????? Subscribe to newsletter: Yes day: 16 mhnas: ????????»?????

and as you can see i have to change the form that sends to utf -8 can you halp? it is useless if i cannot use it in greek!

strange…with my client works correctly with greek letters. i will try to force a solution….will write you an email


You have make an excellent form! I have the same problem with your others clients… You don’t have an ‘attach file’ field. If you are going to add it, please let me know.



Hi, looks great, do your wizard has a branch option? I mean, if the user selects a certain options it can directs him to a certain step or show a different content in that step?

Hello Mastenia does not have branch option. it is a sequential step wizard. for a branch wizard please give a look here