Discussion on Matah | Responsive Email Set

Discussion on Matah | Responsive Email Set

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Last update 28 November 2020? Any plans to update it?

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Thank you very much for your answer. I appreciate that.

Well…, Still as you already know…

In the “world of the internet” things and standards changes fast so just one year for example can be an extremely long time. ;-)

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Yes, I totally understand that. but the standard HTML for email is a lot different from regular HTML for websites. As we’re still using < table > structure to create the template like we’re doing website almost 20 years ago. Just to be sure that it supports most of the email clients.

This is because each email client has its own render engine, and it is all different. Unlike a regular website that has only a few browsers. For email, we have a lot more to be concerned about. Web Browsers, Web client, Email software (Window, Mac), and countless email apps on smartphones. Not to mention Microsoft Outlook that still uses the Microsoft Word engine to render HTML code…

Unless they all agree to use the same engine(like a browser engine). That would be a big update for the HTML email world. hope you understand :) cheers


As we’re still using < table > structure to create the template like we’re doing website almost 20 years ago
Not to mention Microsoft Outlook that still uses the Microsoft Word engine to render HTML code…

That is exactly why I given up of coding my own email templates. It is just horrible and it is almost “impossible” to get them to work properly in all email clients. It just too damn time consuming. ;-) And you need to tweak a lot with inline css too.. And yes, Outlook’s html engine is a horror show in itself. I’ll totally agree.

Thanks for your reply by the way.

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does it work with woocommerce order confirmed notification email and other like “order shipped” “notification on order” editable in mailster?

It is editable in Mailster but doesn’t support Woocommerce yet.

Hi just bought this – cannot get zip into stamp ready – please direct to instructions

Hi, Please extract the template package and use the zip ready file from the Stampready folder import to the SR. There also a file name “Documentation.webloc” in the template package as well. It will redirect to the online documentation.

Hello 1- How can i put line over old product price if there offer price 2- Can i connect with my admin panel or i have put email manual Thanks

  • I assume you mean the strike tag like this Price You can manually add the < strike > text < / strike > in HTML.
  • The item package is a template file, not software or plugin, So the template file needs to manually import/implement to your system.

Hello, I recently purchased your template and it’s working great, but there is one major issue I am finding that needs to be fixed before we are able to send them out to our client list. When you forward the email to any Outlook email address, the HTML breaks and distorts the entire layout of the email. Is there any work around to this?

Hi, The HTML email working properly only when received directly from ESP. When forwarding the clients will only sending what in < body > like a quote text content from normal email, since it’s not include < style >. Therefore no @media query or necessary code from < style > and the template will breaking.

I must register with stampready.net after purchase your package in order to use them and edit them ? or you give a free signup with this editor if I purchase.

Hi, The register is free but to use their editor is required a subscription. Please remember that What selling on Themeforest is a template not editor service and I’m not owner of Stampready.

*The Stampready is optional method to edit template. People use to edit in the code before Editor was introduced.

We purchased this template, but how do we integrate with SendGrid? we use Sendgrid platform to send all our marketing emails. I see MailChimp and StampReady folder, also see HTML folder, but trying to figure out how to integrate this with SendGrid

Please send email to nutzumi@gmail.com I’ll provide more info.

Hi, since Stampready requires subscription for the template builder I need another template builder for Matah. Is there any ?

Sorry, I’m still looking for a replacement but it still can’t find a freely use service yet. However, I’m working on a new document about how to manually edit template style in the code, because most of what you do in Template Editor is actually an easy task, all you need is basic HTML and Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. That Editor is just put it into a beautiful UI.

In the meantime, if you using Mailchimp you can use the file from Mailchimp folder that already implemented the MC editor tag for using MC native editor If you use any other service feel free to contact me. I’ll try to guild you how to customize template style.

I’d recommend contact directly at help@stampready.net for more info. If they collect enough request feedback from customers they might have to change their mind or come up with a special package for those who use only an editor. I apologise for an inconvenience. I hope you understand.

Yeah! Thanks for the detailed explanation but going to deep-code stuff is really a bir mass. I tried MC to make it but was not able to ease my job. At the end of the day I think you need to copy the Stampready editor and make a new template builder for us. Writing Stampready will not solve the situation however they have the right to change the politics. Thanks.

Hi I am having issues with MailChimp modules disappearing. I have tried in both Campaign Editor and Template Editor. Why are they disappearing and what can I do to stop this? I tried to view your link with MailChimps response regarding this, but it no longer exists.

Hi, have you tried to add the module by using Mailchimp repeatable function yet? In Campaign builder mode the Mailchimp will display only first module by default. here how it works.

The only option to make all module visible by default is removing the mc:repeatable function. but that means you can’t add/repeat/drag and drop module anymore.

StampReady recently updated their platform (late 2018) and no longer supports free exports. Can anyone recommend a similar drag and drop builder that would work for this theme? I’m considering using Mailster for Wordpress, but I wonder if the drag and drop experience is the same, and I’m not sure if HTML exports are supported.

Does anyone have any experience with other drag and drop builders that would support this template?

Pre-purchase question: Can the modules be updated and saved? We do a lot of events and sometimes those events repeat so it would be nice to be able to grab a saved module to insert into the newsletter. Thanks!

You can save your template editing version as a draft unlimited in Stampready editor so you can export or use later. But it, not a save as a default preset by modules.

Thanks for the quick response. I would be using MyMail/Mailster. Would that make a difference?

Oh sorry, for a Mailster. There’s a duplicate draft but I don’t think there is a save modules function unless editing directly at the code. I’d recommend contacting Mailster support for more information about the plugin.

*SR export file is not compatible with Mailster

Hi, it says the zip files are uncompatible with StampReady. Do i have to make changes to the files after downloading them from themeforest?

Hi, No just make sure you use the zip ready file from Stampready folder. Do not import the whole template package to Stampready and don’t zip the Stampready folder and import at once.

Ah what a strange issue. I went incognito on SR and it worked finally. Thanks for the response.

Hi, Can this work with Woocommerce? I want a custom page for when a customer orders a product.

Sorry, the template doesn’t support Woocommerce at this moment.


I’m wondering where could I find styles in email editor which can I select a particular template?

Hi, if you refer to the CSS style it’s all using an inline CSS. But if you mean how to select template in the editor? Each template are upload to the editor separately, unless you using and All in one file that you can mix the module from each template.

but if you hyper link in side bar in editor to allow me select the template, it would be more fine & handy.

Thanks for the suggestion but that would be a template editor function. You can request or recommend function to help@stampready.net they are the owner that provide editor. While I’m the template author only create and selling a template not the editor.

I have a question: if I choose to buy the email template, do I have free access to the “stampready” platform to be able to edit my template online?

Yes, actually you can already get a free access before purchase the template by register a free account at stampready.net Then all you need next is a compatible template to use with editor :)

Is there a small signature file we can use also that compliments this? Id like to have all my emails have a nice HTML signature that matches newsletters. is this possible? thanks

Sorry, there’s no HTML signature include at this moment, It might be in the future update. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Hey nutzumi,

nice work! I have a question: In the stampready all-in-one zip file, there is not “all”. I would be nice, when things like notifications and checkout would also be included in the all-in-one zip file. Is this possible?

Cheers, Sascha

Hi, Sascha. Thanks for the suggestion. The all-in-one only includes a repeatable module from each Main template layout to build the campaign. It is possible, however, most of the notification is a single completed module not suit for mixing with the Main template layout and some of them using a different width < able >(as I design)

I’ve separated the file to avoid confusion when combining with other modules from the Main template and the layout inconsistent is visible. I’ll try to adjust this in the future update cheers.

Hello, I bought your matah template and it is great ! But is it posible to insert a video in my newsletter ? I believe that i just can import a photo and link it with a video, but i would like to have a player inside the mail, is it posible ?

Thank You


Unfortunately, video embed is not possible for HTML email at this moment. What we can do now is just and image that link to video at youtube, vimeio, etc. as you said.

Hi! I need to set post url on titles, like you already have on images and buttons (mailster). There is a way to do this using matah template? Thanks.

Hi, not sure I understand you correctly. You mean a dynamic content function on Mailster? you can do by clicking a wand icon on each module and select the post.(demo video)


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