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O thank you for the speedy reply.

I am a certified site developer with HTML and CSS skills but never worked with WordPress.

So I believe u can change the whole content from the dashboard.

How do I create Slider’s posts?

And another question: For example I create a site or a navigation using Photoshop (PSD), so how will that uploaded on the website?

Thanks :)


Hey guys, I still haven’t found an answer for why my thumbnail photos only show in jcycle when I select the Phone template. In looking at the rendered html for the page I noticed something weird though.

When I select a Phone template I see code like this. I had to add some formatting because the forum was choking on the posted code:

div class=”cycle_image”>

img src="http://39friends.com/wp-content/themes/matchpoint_14/images/phone_shine.png"  alt="Shop at home"  title="Shop at home" class="shine"  />
img src="http://39friends.com/wp-content/themes/matchpoint_14/functions/thumb.php?src=http://39friends.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/photo_49358_20110712.jpg&w=236px&h=294px&zc=1&q=100" rel="nofollow"  alt="Shop at home"  title="Shop at home" class="thumb"  />

(you will notice it includes the line with class=”thumb”

and when I choose Laptop or Tablet that line is completely missing:

div class=”cycle_image”>

img src="http://39friends.com/wp-content/themes/matchpoint_14/images/laptop_shine.png"  alt="The Best of Friends"  title="The Best of Friends" class="shine"  />

Any ideas?

email: david @ 3 9 f r i e n d s.com


Is the template the wp 3.3 compatible.

Hi Arvindkukreti,

This theme is compatible with WordPress 3.3

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hi Olegnax,

I have purchased your theme hoping to get it going quickly. I have spent over 2 days trying to figure out the slider(slideshow), but with no luck.

When I set up a slideshow for the Frontpage/Homepage, images will only get displayed when I set the style type to “Phone”. If I change the style to laptop or tablet no images are displayed. If I change the slide style to Laptop or Tablet, the slides still display and with the image of the Laptop or Tablet as they should, but there is the images that I included to show up in the laptop or tablet screen don’t show.

Also, I have setup the slider to 5 slides, but only 4 will show up at any given time…

Can you please help!



Hi Chris,

Thanks for purchase.

Can you send link and admin login to your site via contact form on our profile?

I’ll check your setting, it’s something wrong.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hi Olegnax,

I’m trying to modify your theme a bit, to achieve the following look – the slider needs to be displayed on the front page only, the other pages/posts should display their titles.

Something very similar to the one on the picture. \\

Hi Vitek12,

To achieve similar look you need move title output for page|post types from loop.php to header.php and disable output it on frontpage with condition. Also you need add CSS rules for title at new position.

Or you can offer customization from us.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Thank you for your quick reply! It worked!

I’ve got one more question. How do i translate theme to the russian language?

Hi Olegnax, your theme is great! I only need to configure the header custom background image, I need to set this for background-position:center top; I need this asap man, this is the last modification to finish the job. Thank you very much!

Hi Gugafumero,

You can add custom CSS rule at Dashboard->MatchPoint->Custom styles

header {background:url(your_image_path) no-repeat 50% 0}

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Thanks for the quick response, but if I put “header” and the image is displayed in the header, but what I really need is show this bkg behind the slideshow. If I use the matchpoint settings the background appears, but I need to configure the position of it. What is the class for this place? Yesterday I discovered a new problem that I can not solve, I post 3 sliders and I can only see the last one without the navigation numbers. These are the latest aid I’ll ask, I promise. kkk Thanks man

Hi Gugafumero,

You need to add next custom CSS rule:

#colorhead {background-position:50% 0}

Perfect man, now the background is ok! And about the sliders, can you help me with it? I’ll paste here what I wrote to you: “Yesterday I discovered a new problem that I can not solve, I’ve posted 3 sliders and I can only see the last one without the navigation numbers and they not change too.” What can I do? If you want, I can send you the login and pass for access my admin. Thank you for the support.

Be sure that you’ve set same category for all your three slides and set number of slides for that slideshow instance.


Any update on my issue.


Still waiting for an update….

Hi Arvindkukreti,

I’ve checked your issue, it looks like you found solutions.

I think it was web hosting settings issue, because contact form using WordPress built-in function to send emails.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


Help for all our themes is conducted through the help forum. If you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased the theme feel free to drop us a notice at http://help.olegnax.com/

Presale questions, can be also asked via our help forum: http://help.olegnax.com/categories/presale-questions


we are facing a weird issue with the contact form on the contact us page, whenever an email id which is anything@gmail.com is filled and the receiving id is also @gmail.com then emails are not received by us. however if we change the email id to something else then we receive emails what be the issue.

Hi Arvindkukreti,

Maybe you have wrong setup of mail transport on your server. It looks like gmail mails going to local server.

At any way theme haven’t restrictions or conditions for mail function, it using default WordPress function.

Kind regards.

Hi there, I keep getting multiple 404 errors from “prettyphoto” js files like the one below, there are 6 more all refer to images


How can I fix this!

Cheers Gary

Hi Gary,

It happened because you changed theme for prettyphoto. Did you edit /js/script.php ?

You can send admin login via form on our profile and we’ll check your issue.

Kind regards.

Please update timthumb script included in theme. It’s out of date and vulnerable.

Hi Geekspecialties,

We’ve just uploaded update for this theme. It will available soon for download.

Kind regards.

Thanks, I’ll look for the update.

Update available for download.


I am using the version v1.31 and would like to update to version 1.6. but i have many files which have been changed as per my custom requirements. is there a way where you can let me know the files which have been updated so that we will only upload those files.

Also is the theme compatible with wp 3.5

Yes, it’s compatible with latest version of WP

is the theme compatible with wp 3.7

yes, this theme is compatible with latest WP version

Since I purchased, installed, and built my site, the contacts part of the theme has worked fine. Not, since updates (I’m assuming), the contacts part doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

Or should I say, the contacts form doesn’t work

Will this theme be made “responsive” ?

Does the admin area have a “Drag and Drop” page builder?

Or are all the pages done with just shortcodes ?

Hello turner2f,

All you can see on our live preview is created using the theme templates and built-in shortcodes.

Best Regards

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