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Very cool theme. A chance for getting a html version of it soon?

Good luck with sales.


Will decide about html version later.

Merry Christmas!

Beautiful Theme! Tops! Good Luck With Sales!

Thanks I’m glad you like.

Merry Christmas!

Cooool. Oleg good luck. Ukraina lu4waya.

Spasibo ;)

Hi is for this theme the demo content available? Regards karl

Hi Karl,

I can provide sample data on request. Will include it with update.

Merry Christmas!

The Demo is down, there is just an internal server error message.

and after the fifth refresh it works again.. nevermind ;-)

Very interested in purchasing this theme but was wondering if there was an easy way to add videos to one of the slideshows?

Also, is there an eay way to add an email optin form to the page like an aweber form?

I’m new with customizing Wordpress (even using themes) so I’m a bit apprehensive to take the plunge but need to take the plunge ;-)


Hi graphixguy1,

Video can be use at slideshow, but I’ll make a special slideshow for video with upcoming update.

You can easy add Aweber form by adding html source from provider to post/page/widget.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hi, Olegnax, just sent you the request for demo content. Also do you have Russian language localization for this theme?


Hi Fujin,

You can easy add localisation by translate en_US.po file with Poedit tool (http://www.poedit.net/download.php) and save translation to root of theme folder with name ru_RU.mo

After that you need edit file wp-config.php (which located at root of WordPress folder) to set language for WP:

define ('WPLANG', 'ru_RU');

Also you can find info about translation WP themes here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress_in_Your_Language

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Perfect Theme i love it :)

i have 2 question…

first: How to add LINE between contents in “Front Page” and the other pages? I tried [clear] and [raw] i didn’t get the line, is that picture or a shortcode?

second: how to add “read more” for the First post? because i clicked on “MORE” command from the panel of post but the post show as FULL post

thank you and Merry Christmas to you all

Hi Sailo,

Thanks for purchasing.

1. This line is <hr /> tag , i’ll add it to shortcodes button for editor with upcoming update.

2. Sorry, i don’t understand your question. If you mean read more button for teaser, it can be show with default more function. You can drop me email with explanation of this question.

P.S. I’ll send you export file from preview version by email for references.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Olegnax, is there any way to increase the speed of top submenu appearance. Now I have to wait about a second before next menu lever will fade-in. Some people may think there is no submenus and will click only at top-level menu items.


Hi Fujin,

You need edit /matchpoint/js/script.php looking to line 84 :

jQuery('ul.sf-menu').superfish({ autoArrows: false});

and change it too

jQuery('ul.sf-menu').superfish({ autoArrows: false, speed:'fast'});

Will change it with upcoming update.



Hi Olegnax,

I very much appreciate your response.

Should I purchase the theme now… or wait till you have the video update completed for the slideshow?

Not sure how that works as far as updates go…

Also, one more question…. can I pay you for a customization to this theme for just one page (homepage). I have a client who this theme would be perfect for… but he wants a video on the top of the home page (in replace of the slideshow) on the left and an aweber optin form on the right of the video..

I was wondering if you did custom customizations like that?

The left side video would be an intro video he’s recording… but it’s very important to him to also have the aweber form on the right of it.

I know I can use one of the other “blog” style layouts and make that work… but I very much like the look of the home page as is.

Thanks again… Let me know … and great theme!

Hi graphixguy1,

I’ll upload update for this theme on 3rd January. So you can wait with purchase before this update.

I’ll available for customization work from 3rd January. My rate is 50 USD per hour. Feel free to message me via contact form on our profile.

Happy New Year!

Thanks :)

Happy New Year!

Hi Oleg

This is a brilliant theme. Have you uploaded the update? I would like to purchase it and I am interested in both the sample data and the slideshow for video you mentioned on a recent post.


Best Regards

Hi Aitorcanada,

Theme update approved. You can check preview for new slideshow with video support.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


Is it possible to have a left and right sidebar operating at the same time on the blog pages of this theme?


Hi Rsee,

It’s impossible to have sidebars on both sides for blog listing, not enough content space for them.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hello. I am trying to put together the portfolio but I am having trouble. Your documentation is not good for this. I have created a page for the portfolio, I set the gallery type to medium. I have created a gallery category, but it does not show in the list. So I cannot figure out how to add posts, what size the image needs to be? For your next update, I would suggest better documentation. I will rate the theme in a few days after I get it all set up.

Hi. I really like your theme Good one! I have one big problem and I hope you can help me. On IE8 or iE7 (I’ve tested on two computers) their’s an error ( for your preview website or on my own installation) : - the image preloader don’t work: only the first image is loading. Their’s an error message : Inavlid argument jquery.js line 116 code: 0 car 165


All works on firefox, safari chrome.


I get the same error in IE 7 .


I’d like to purchase but I’d like to get the fixed version. ANy idae when this might be fixed?

Thanks, GJ

I have narrowed down a problem. the sliders will show on every page except the homepage; however, I cannot get the nivo slider to show on any page

Any change I can get the frontpage to look like your HTML sharktheme? Also I wouldn’t mind having this site including example content I have some trouble.

Thanks for a great theme.

I keep getting this error when I try to activate the theme in wordpress. Do you have any suggestions?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /home/content/b/l/e/blessanorphan/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/matchpoint-business-portfolio-magazine-theme/matchpoint/functions/sliders_type.php on line 235

Hi Gatorhair,

Be sure that you are using latest version of theme 1.1

This is PHP version related error.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

I was operating off version PHP4 – had to update to PHP5 – works now!