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Anybody having issues with the sliders? I can’t get anything but the jCycle to work. I contacted author, but was wondering if anyone else is having issues.

Looking for any insight. I don’t think my theme is working correctly.

I had that issue. The author fixed it up for me. It is kind of confusing to set up the slider. Just be patient, he will help you

Hi. I have modified your js/script php to have the image preload working on ie8/ie7

I have deleted the function line 164 and I’ve added those lines to the theme. : jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(’.loader img ‘).hide(); (function($){ $.fn.showdelay = function(){ var delay = 0; return this.each(function(){ $(this).delay(delay).fadeIn(500); delay += 500; }); }; })(jQuery); $(’.loader img’).showdelay();

all seems to be ok. let me know if you have a bettter solution !

Hi Nicodweb,

I have a fix for my function, it was a simple mistype :(

Will add it with upcoming update.

Or you can check this javascript on theme preview.


Can anyone help me figure out the problems I am having with the front page slider?

The only category that works is the jCycle (which I don’t want). If I set the global category to all, or video, or nivo, nothing happens. I know I am doing what the docs said, but I can’t find where you set the category – except under global settings. I’ve done over 80 themes on here, so I know wordpress well. The documentation for this theme was weak, and didn’t explain much about the slider at all – along with a few other issues.

Is the front page slider category some where in the php? Any help would be appreciated. The Global banner I do not want. I just want the home page.

I’ve contacted the author 3 times by email, and posted here 17 hours ago. Not getting the support thus far. I may have to ask for a refund, if I can’t figure this out soon. I’ve done it before. Tired of sitting here and waiting.

Hi Nextwebexpress,

For slideshow posts type we have made taxonomy (categories), so you can simply add new categories for this posts at the same way that you add categories for regular blog posts. Check this screenshots for details, please: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4075272/frontpage.png http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4075272/sliders_category.png

Also, as i understood, you have an issue with exported content from our preview. Currently, WordPress sometimes has a problem with custom taxonomies export, like our categories for slideshows. WordPress developers will fix it with upcoming 3.1 release. So, just try to reassign categories for slideshow posts, if they are bugged.

I see that you an experienced customer and should know that author support is optional by themeforest rules. I always check my support email once at each business day, so it’s pretty normal that you are waiting 17 hours on email response (I think we have a huge difference at timezones). Also as an experienced customer you should know that refund will be processed if item is broken, but you can check that everything works great. Anyway, please, be patient and you will get great support from us.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


A simple addition of that screen shot to your documents would do wonders. There is no mention of sliders in the docs, except for the global settings (at least what I viewed). As I juggle many themes from TF and other sites like themegarden, mojo, woo, solostream, wpzoom, proud, etc., I don’t have time to assume anything outside the documents that I read during the set up process. I always follow them to a tee. I set up several each day, so I don’t have time to scurry over the entire layout looking for something NOT found in the docs.

And yes I know well about the “optional” support issue on TF, which is why they use the ratings system. I rarely touch 4 star artists, as in my history on TF, their support and bug fixes are a lot slower than those receiving five. I also rarely touch a theme with under 100 purchases or 20 reviews, because in my opinion it is still the bug phase of a theme. But with that said, I have purchased many on here and have complained on less than 5. And I’ve been given refunds each time I ask (probably due to the amount of purchases I make on here).

But usually, I am one NOT to comment, or complain if the docs are precise. When the docs are vague and the set up is not making sense, that is the only time I say anything. And usually I try to help the programmers with bugs that I find, in order to help them out – before other complaints come.

But to put an end to the issue, I would just include that little screen shot that you sent me on your docs. That would have adverted this entire conversation.



One more thing.

On the Nivo Slider – can you change out the slices and transitions? If not, then this won’t work anyways. If I can change these out, please clue me in to where the setting are?

Thanks, Sam


Getting this error on the blog in IE, causing the images not to load. Don’t know what’s causing it.

Any help would be great. Also waiting on NIVO settings location.

Error Details:

Message: Invalid argument. Line: 116 Char: 165 Code: 0 URI : .../wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.4.2

Hi, Is it possible to replace a slideshow or slider by my own .SWF ? If it is, how do I do ? Thx, Eric

Hi Eric,

You can use AnythingSlider to insert your flash at slider.



ADH Purchased


I cannot change the default slider to any of the others, no matter what I do?

I have installed the updated theme.

I select a different one and save, but it is always the jcycle slider?

Please help as this is holding me up.

Your speedy response to this is greatly appreciated.

Hi ADH ,

Slideshows designed to work at next way:

1) You can set global slideshow that will display on every page.

2) You can override slideshow for individual page from options on edit page, if you need different slideshow or disable at all for some page(s).

I think you have a problem when you set slideshow type jCycle for your page and try change this at dashboard Matchpoint -> Slideshows global option. Just check slideshow option on edit page.

If you can’t resolve your issue, feel free to contact me via form on my profile.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

I purchased this myself and I rated it five stars, as it’s a great theme.

But when you published an update, you put a giant notification on all my wordpress pages with no option to remove it – I’d really appreciate it if you could please add an option to remove the theme update notification – it’s driving me crazy! Thanks.

Hi Kcschaefer,

Thanks for purchasing.

You can always disable update notifications by check this option “Disable theme update check ” that located at dashboard Matchpoint ->General (at bottom)


Hi Lovely theme indeed! It seems I cannot have more than 6 nivo slides at one time on front page, when I add a 7th, 8th etc it just shows the last 6 slides. I have set the posts to well above 6 in the nivo slider settings, any ideas?

Hi Designpump,

It’s work for me. Be sure that you set number of slides for current Nivoslider instance.

Bets regards, Kostiantyn.

Hi Kostiantyn.

I have set it to 8 slides (which is how many I have) and it still only shows 6, even setting it to 12 + or any number it still only shows 6. Maybe a conflict with a plugin, but I have disabled all plugins that use jquery and removed the call to jquery and still only 6….strange. I will keep looking into it.

UPDATE LOL I am so stupid, I was looking and setting in the matchpoint slider options rather than going to the page and setting number…I feel very stupid now hehe….thx

Hello, i sent you email before long time did you get it? if you didn’t get please let me know to send it again because you didn’t answer me.

thanks :)

Hi Sailo,

I’ve answered by email.

You just need use at HTML editor tag <hr /> or at visual editor button “Separator” to draw horizontal line at content.



ADH Purchased

Hi again olegnax.

Thanks for your help on the slider issue.

I wonder if you could assist me again please, as I am having a nightmare here!

I am creating pages, then adding via the menu feature in WP as normal. The header is appearing in the theme as it should, but when I click on it it gives me a 404?

I have my permalink settings to / category / postname / ...as I always do.

I have never experienced this problem before with a theme and so I am perplexed as to what could be causing this.

Please help ASAP as I am on a deadline on this.

Again, I appreciate your speedy response in advance.



Hi ADH ,

You have a problem with permalinks or with same slugs for page and category. For example you have a page with slug ‘portfolio’ and have a category slug ‘portfolio’ at this way you get permalink conflict and 404 error.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

I can’t find where to set my Portfolio page to display medium with sidebar like the demo site. There is no Medium with Sidebar option in the Choose a Gallery dropdown. I’ve selected the relevant sidebar from Choose a sidebar for current post dropdown.

How can I make this page display the sidebar?

Hi Elwalker,

To add sidebar for any page you need assign for this page template that support sidebars (for example leftsidebar or rightsidebar template.) after you assign template for page you need assign sidebar for this page.

All this option located on edit page at right part.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

hi Id like to buy this theme

Ive never used a theme how can I get it to work on wordpress? I need a new website by the beginning oif the month

Am I able to add paypal buttons?

How many pages can I have?

Can I have a white background?

Thanks Melissa

Hi Melissa,

This theme have a lot of flexible settings to make a different websites, but you need to learn basics of using WordPress. Check official WordPress website. To make custom changes for theme you need know how to do it or just order customization service.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hiya Kostiantyn,

Just purchased and went through the docs, set it all up, but it seems I’m having the same error that user: “CyberShotsays” brought up.

All the slideshows work on every page except Nivo, and the frontpage doesn’t let any slideshow work for me.

I have 2 x Slideshows setup in Slideshows and 1 x Slider (which I called Nivo)

In Matchpoint – Slideshows, I have global set to NivoSlider and my slider “Nivo” with show posts “2”

On “Frontpage” page, I have tried setting it to none and NivoSlider/Nivo/2 but still no slideshow on the main page.

If I select any other slideshow in Matchpoint – Slideshows, it works on all pages (except frontpage).

Kind Regards,


It looks like you using sample data and get a bug with import it.

I suggest you check that slideshow items have assigned categories (this import bug will fix with upcoming 3.4).

Also you can create new page and use it like frontpage, I think it will help you use global slideshow, because it looks like import bug with meta data for slideshows.

You can send me email with admin access for your WordPress and I’ll check all.


Also, is the “Overview” , “Customizable” and “Enhanced Backend” just done with columns? I’m trying to recreate the same look and getting a bit stuck :)

Hi Penny,

Yes, those blocks are show how to format content with columns and using shortcodes. Three black teasers above main content are pulled from different pages and have an options at backend.


Hi, I have to develop a web site in two language: Russian and English.

I’m very interested in buying your template, but I would like to be sure it supports plugins for multi-language site. In brief: - Do your template support plugins for multi-language translation? - If so, which widget do you suggest to use with your template? I’m new on this issue, but I saw lot of people use qTranslate or similar plugins.

Thanks in advance for you help, and looking forward to buy your theme!

Hi EpicentroITA,

This theme support WPML plugin (http://wpml.org/), which help you make multilingual WordPress site.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

I created a page called Home for my site Home page and have selected the page on the Blog reading section as per your instruction. but when i am selecting the page template as front page template i am getting an error which is supposedly php syntex error and that is -{Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home3/allstars/public_html/vikingrefrigeratorrepair/wp-content/themes/matchpoint_12/template-frontpage.php on line 13}

Hi SZero,

Maybe you have corrupted file? Or you are using so old PHP version.

You can send me admin access for your wordpress and i’ll check your issue.


Hi Olegnax,

I have bought and installed this theme on my wordpress site but for some reason if I turn on or off any of the Frontpage Settings or on Slideshows Global Settings on the Matchpoint part in the admin area of my website nothing happens? Also for some reason the theme does not look much like anything of what your live preview looks like? I am not sure if I somehow installed it wrong or what but the 1st time I installed it it has some errors pop up saying:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description matchpoint-business-portfolio-magazine-theme Stylesheet is missing.

So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again and it said it was installed successfully the 2nd time but it does not look right? You can see it here: http://myfablook.com to see what I mean.

Please Help.

Hi Altima06,

You did wrong install of theme. You need extract archive that you downloaded from themeforest and use matchpoint.zip for theme installation.

Also check provided documentation and you can import sample data (optional).

To get look of our preview you need setup sample data and set few basic options for default wordpress.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

HI I try Matchpoint in 4 languages with wpml. When the language chages, the slider on the frontpage does not change the content. Any idea?

thanks for support Karl

Hi Karl,

Did you made translations for slideshow posts and categories? Also you need assign translated slideshow categories for each page for different languages.

It works fine for me.

You can send me admin access for your wordpress and i’ll check it for you.