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Send admin access how? What is your e-mail?

Via form on my profile page:


Hi, When I descompress the theme I see another compressed folter inside named machpoint.zip that becomes machpoint12, which one I have to upload to my server?... also, can you provide any kind of documentation for use the theme? (I can´t find it …)

A little help will be very apreciated. Thanks


Hi Looplay,

You can find a documentation at archive that you downloaded from Themeforest.

Or you can check it from installed them by going to WP dashboard at Matchpoint menu, on right side of options you can find button “Documentation”


What size should I make the featured images on the slides? I’m having trouble making them fit properly.

Thank you.

Hi Chrisripley,

Images for slideshows are autoadjust to sizes of slideshows. Please, post link to your website with slideshow sample and i’ll check what sizes you need to use.


Hello, ive bought the theme and all is well, just stuck getting hte teaser boxes to work.

i have pages created but and have selected them from the 3 drop down menus but they are not showing on the front page.

can you help


Hi Gary,

You need to use static frontpage option with “frontpage” template to use teasers. Please, read documentation how to set static frontpage.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Thank you, that worked perfectly

Hi, I need some help to do a couple of customizations:

1. How to eliminate the page name that is showed in the body of each page below top navigation.

2. How to change page title to just one color (just white is ok)

a little help will be very appreciated. Thanks


Hi Looplay,

1. To eliminate page name you need edit loop.php (located at root of theme folder) , search for code and delete it few times:

    <?php the_title(); ?>

2. You can adjust heading color on WP Dashboard MatchPoint->Custom Styles

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hi Oegnax,

Great theme! I am having an issue using tables though. The theme seems to add blocks of colour to cells which do not have any text within them (#f0f0f0).

I have tried to find where this is within the CSS but am stumped!

Do you have any ideas how I can stop this from happening?

Many thanks


Hi Tony,

You need edit /matchpoint/js/script.php line 111 or just search this file by ”#f0f0f0” .


Hi there,

Just bought this theme and all good except for the NivoSlider. All the other ones work fine but it just remains blank. Am primarily testing on Safari5 but does not work in Firefox either.

Any ideas?



Please, send me a link or admin access via contact form on my profile page. I think you have wrong settings for slideshow.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hey there, No problem … sorted it out. Just assigned the image as the Featured Image rather than just inserting into the custom post and all was good. Kind regards, Steve


Great Template, i had a query if i want to add some more images withing jCycle slideshow is it possible. currently there 3 phone,tablet and laptop i need to add one more image within that called TV is it possible if yes then do let me know how.


It’s possible but you need modify frontend output, backend output and CSS . You can order custom modification by messaging brief via contact form on our profile page.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hi again,

Would rather have my logo in the header rather than logo text but when you opt to hide logo-text but show logo-image there is a large gap underneath the logo. Am guessing this is just because the text is hidden rather than removed. You can get rid of the gap if you just delete the Site Title but this is not really a good idea!

Any other ideas?

Kind regards,


can you please explain the shortcodes to me? I need a little more help on using columns than this “There are shortcodes to built different columns. For last column at raw you need to use shortcode with type last.”

Also, I don’t see anything in your documentation about how to use the “block with icon” shortcode. Please explain.

What do the “Raw” and “Clear” codes in the HTML editor do?

Great theme, but I would like to customize the front page some.

I would like to change the teaser areas into widget areas. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Also I like your Shark theme, any chance this will be ported over to Wordpress?

All the sliders work for me except the Nivo. It just loads and loads but never starts. I am able to switch between all of the sliders and they all work great. But the Nivo just simply won’t work. What do I need to do? All the images are set as the featured image. I specified “3” as the number of slides to show. I just don’t know what else to do.

Only two more questions. Hopefully. According to your documentation, and this image: http://toahigherlevel-com.securec15.ezhostingserver.com/wp-content/themes/matchpoint_12/admin/help/assets/images/13.png I should be able to edit everything about the “Dark Stripes” portion of the site under “Custom Styles”. However, I don’t have those options. They are just missing. I have all the other options, but not that one.

Also, no matter how many times I use the “reset” button or how many different colors I pick, the “Color header background color” will not change anything. The “Predefined Color Skin” under the “General” setting shows up no matter what custom color I pick or how many times I “Reset” it. Please help.


3lw Purchased

hi olegnax,

great work with the theme :)

just a question:

i have been trying to use Anything slider but i can’t seem to change the height and width?

it seems to be stuck on 800×440px.

any help would be greatly appreciated :)




3lw Purchased

hi olegnax,

ignore my previous comment about the anything slider size :)

fixed the issue, i had modified the css file and accidently copied and pasted the DEFAULT SETTINGS FOR THE ANYTHING SLIDER , OOPS!

the options were trying to the change the size but the code at the end of the CSS file was over-riding the options panel :(



Hi olegnax,

I just purchased your Matchpoint theme. I installed the theme in my wordpress and only get this … http://dentaldev.com/dentalaffiliate/

Am I doing something wrong? I’m confused.


Hi Epracticemedia,

You did install wrong archive. Please, extract all from archive that you downloaded and after install matchpoint.zip

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Can we have a screen shot of what the default installation is supposed to look like. (homepage)

I’m still not sure what folder I’m supposed to upload.

When I open the initial archive there are subsequently three folders named matchpoint:

matchpoint (zipped )

matchpoint (not zipped)

matchpoint – business – portfolio – magazine – theme (zipped )



Default installation on clean WP will look “empty”, you need fill/set WP with your content. Or use provided sample data for references how theme works.

Please, read provided documentation “Install Theme” topic:

“Upload “matchpoint” folder from our archive on your hosting into wp-content/themes directory (wp-content/themes/matchpoint that’s how it should be look like) or you can use “Install theme” function from dashboard and choose for upload “matchpoint.zip” that located at root of our archive. After that activate Theme from Wordpress admin panel by clicking ” Themes” in “Appearance” section, which is located on the left side.”

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

hi Kostiantyn,

Great template, I’m really happy with it except for one thing.

If I set up a page with a lot of content plus a gallery. The content seems to only take up half the content area. If I remove the gallery then the content takes up the full width.

I’ve using no sidebars on this page.

A quick (and ugly) demo is here:


Could I have some suggestions on how to make this content take the full width?

Thanks a bunch!


I’ve a fix for your issue. Send me email via profile form, please.


Hello Kostiantyn,

I’m writing you since I’ve got a problem with your (really well done!) Wordpress template “Matchpoint”.

I’m developping a website for a Russian customer, and after having purchased and installed your theme I found that it seams not to work with Cyrillic characters in titles (Headline 1, etc.).

It is quite strange since the theme works perfectly with Cyrillic as text “Paragraph” or as page title shown in menus, but not with other format.

In those cases, the theme just do not render Cyrillic char.

The result is that I have no title in pages, teasers, etc.

Would you be so kind to help me solve this relevant issue?

Thank you in advance, best regards


I’ve made a new file for Cufon with Cyrillic characters. Download archive from url below and extract file to /matchpoint/js/cufon/fonts/, it will overwrite old file.