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There is an issue with IE7 , nivo slider and the menu.

The menu dropdown displays under the nivo slider image in IE7 .

I feel a little silly here but I can’t figure out where to add the header menu to the website. Is there a widget that is supposed to be used for this? I’ve made the menu but don’t see where to make this as the site menu other then in the sidebar?

Never mind, just found it in the menu section under the “Theme locations” :-)

If I want to use the JQuery slider but I don’t want the backgrounds you have made of the laptop, tablet, etc can I do this?

I tried to not use it but it squishes the text and image I have together.

I then tried to work with it and the only thing I can’t figure out is how to stop the slider from auto cropping the picture to fit. You can see a sample here… http://sbxdev1.com/acclaimed/

Ideally i would like to just use my own images without the background and auto cropping.


I have emailed support twice now, with no avail. I will try again here. I am a novice, so I will do my best to explain. I would like to use the jquery (the large slide show directly below the menu) on the home page. Is there step by step directions? The second question is how do I get the teasers to work? In dashboard, under the “matchpoint” tab I select “frontpage” it gives me three teaser options in dropdown menu form. However when you try to select from the drop down menu the only option is “none”. Also I have created a page that I want as the teaser. Any advice will be welcomed, even if you tell me to hire a professional :) thanks in advance.


Sorry for long reply.

How to setup slideshow: 1. Create a few slides. Go to Dashboard Slideshows->Add new , fill all necessary fields, assign image for Feature image option (located on right side at bottom) and don’t forget assign/create slider for each slide (it’s like a categories). 2. Setup slideshow for current page. Go to Dashboard Pages->Add new , below main editor you can find slideshow options, select a type of slideshow, category of slides (Slider that you assign to each slide at point 1) and number of slides. 3. Also you can set global slideshow for all pages at Dashboard MatchPoint-> Slideshows.

How to setup frontpage: Follow this instruction from our documentation http://matchpoint.olegnax.com/wp-content/themes/matchpoint/admin/help/index.html#frontpage

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

I a novice. I just shared your theme. I would like your skin model (like “live preview), i choise your theme for his graphic design. How using your psd on your theme ? Please answer me. Félix

Where is the documentation on this? I may be slow but I don’t see it.

Yeah, found it, disregard.

I have the same request as sbxstrategies, I will need to work without the mobile device backgrounds as well (laptop, mobile, tablet). Do you have any code suggestions or ideas?

I’m very confident this will be something many will request, it may be worth adding to the kit.

(I’ve also purchased Prosto from you, awesome stuff)


I suggest you use AnythingSlider , it has same layout.


How about some example code for the “anything slider”?

Hi Eric,

You can use any content for this slideshow type. No specific code markup for it.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


Purchased your template and am using it on nationwide-assets.net. Please look at the homepage. The 3 features (set against the black background) are no longer appearing. Also, cannot get photos to appear in the bottom half section (set against light grey, and located right above the footer section). Are there corrupt/missing files?

Also, when I insert a button into the slider, it doesn’t appear correct. Sent you an email via your site yesterday and discovered this forum today. Your help is appreciated.


I found the fix for the 3 feature boxes. In reading over the comments here regarding the extra space in the header, someone mentioned removing the text that appears under the logo. I didn’t see how to do this in your documentation. Can you tell me if this is the right way and where to find the text? Thanks.

Also, help with the pictures not appearing above the footer section is appreciated. Thanks!


I’ve sent you email.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hi there, I am setting up this theme and I wonder how I get rid of the giant white space between teaser content and fotter widgets?


What does noemaly go in this huge whit gap and how can I get rid of it alltogether?

Thank you Nur

Hi Nur,

This space reserved to output content from page for which you assigned “frontpage” template.

To remove it you need edit template-frontpage.php and delete completely tag SECTION with id=”content”

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Thank you!

Hi there

Ive adding the Twitter feed to various areas on the website but it seems to be hanging and just says ‘loading tweets…’

Check it out at www2.limestoneassociates.co.uk

Any suggestions?

Cheers Greg

Hello, I’ve been trying anything slider as you have suggested and it doesn’t look anything like your samples. A code sample like you have on the site would be nice.

As well, with the recent update exactly what files would I replace?

Thank-you for your time.

Here is a sample of the slider. You’ll notice that it sits really close to the edges where your sample has a nice padding to it. I’ve even tried to get the padding by using a table and it still does not work. http://sbxdev1.com/acclaimed/

Hi Sbxstrategies,

Default padding for Anything slider frame is 10px. If you want change padding, you need set it manually for each slide via HTML view at editor by adding styles to your content.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

sbxstrategies you can try adding this to your css.

div.anythingSlider { padding: 0 10px; width: 900px !important; }

the default is 0 padding and width 920.

Thanx Geekspecialties – what folder do I find that CSS file in? I changed the main.css file with what you stated and it did some funky stuff to the slider.

Thank-you for the help.


There may be a bug when using H1 H2 etc. Apostrophes aren’t showing up.

‘It’s’ for instance shows up as ‘Its’

Is there a solution to this?


Hi Werideatdawn,

Please download this font file for cufon: https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D430876_7591127_90260

and replace old one with this at /matchpoint/js/cufon/font/ directory.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.