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Hi Kostiantyn,

That’s fixed it. Thanks for getting back to me.

Would there be a quick and easy way to get the logo to float over the top section without making it expand that top bar?

Hi Sbxstrategies,

You need edit styles for logo elements to make them float over header. You can try make css position:absolute and z-index properties for logo elements. I haven’t a quick solution for this customization.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


Can I get sample data Please?


Hi Innocube,

Sample data included at archive that you downloaded from themeforest – sample_data.xml

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hi, there is a problem in blog template. When I set the blog page in “Settings -> Reading”,the slides appears also if DISABLED in blog page.

I don’t want the slides in blog page,but now not can disable it.

help me please.

Hi Stefano84,

I’ve just made update that include fix for your issue. Just download new version of theme from your dashboard downloads section.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Hi Oleg, thanks for your fast update,on blog page it’s ok but no on single post. Appears same slides in single post.

If you are using global slideshow option, than you need set slideshow option to Disable at every page/post on that you don’t want to display slideshow.

I Just purchased the site. It is so nice!

I am having a problem with the teasers showing up.

I have the front page set to a static page. I have made three more pages to choose in the drop downs list. I have click on the button so that the teaser option is on and selected the three pages for the teasers from the drop down boxes.

They are still not showing up. Is there something that I am missing?

Thanks for any help.

Hi Karamuse,

Thank you for purchasing.

You missed assign template “frontpage” for your page.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Thanks, That was it.


I just noticed that the content on my pages are getting cut off if the side bar does not extend lower then the content. Example here http://www.acclaimedfurnace.com/acclaimed/sales-promotions/

Is there a quick fix for this? Seems odd.

You’ve modified main.css line 62 to: .container_12 .grid_8 { width:620px; height:100px;}

I don’t know why you set height properties, but it’s a problem for your issue.

One more question. For the teasers on the homepage can it be made so that they just display text? I have images on the top of the page and the images are being pulled to the homepage as well.

You can use separate pages for teasers.

For example you will create page “A” with content only for teaser (some preview text and button with custom url) and link it to page “B” with full content.

It’s more complicated way, but is more flexible for your content at same time.


Found one more problem with the read more text from the 1, 2, 3 boxes on the homepage. The read more buttons add an extra parameter onto the URL for example http://www.acclaimedfurnace.com/acclaimed/installations-services/installation-services/#more-341

When this is on the address it cuts off the top of the body content on the page.

If I remove the #more-341 from the address it shows fine. http://www.acclaimedfurnace.com/acclaimed/installations-services/installation-services/

Hi Sbxstrategies,

It’s how wordpress read more function works. If you don’t like this way, you can insert you own buttons with custom url at teaser.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

How do I get the slider to show in the front page?? I have added some catigories but there not showing up in the list for the slider to choose from?

Figured it out!

how do i set the slider to the home page only?

Hi Puremillions,

You need set slideshow options for page that you’ve used like frontpage, instead using global slideshow (Dashboard->MatchPoint->Slideshow disable it). You can set this options by editing your page (below main text editor area).


Hi I am having a problem with the content of the main page. It’s supose that on the html view when I use the 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4 I can add 2 3 or 4 columns.

Well, when I use the 1/2, the last column is comming down.

When I use the 1/3 I get 2 columns and the last one is comming down in a new line too.

When I use the 1/4, I get 3 columns and the 4th is comming down again.

Did you notice that?

http://www.myzenca.com/textilsarda/ (I am using two 1/2 and one 2/3)

Dont know how to fill the full width of the page.

Thanks for your help.

Kostiantyn, your support has been great. thank-you for the help and suggestions for this excellent and flexible theme!


Hi, I am still having problems to set the front page in 3 columns with the [icon_block] think as you show in the theme preview. Please can you send me and email with the code to set the 3 columns? I dont know what else to do, I always get 2 of them and the last one falls down in a new line.

I will appreciate your help!!!

The theme is awesome!

Hi Maizenca,

You just need use specific shortcode for last column (they have a “last” word at name), for example:
 [one_third] 1st column [/one_third]  [one_third] 2nd column [/one_third]  [one_third last=last] 3rd column [/one_third] 

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


Is there any way to fit more than 12 items (3 rows of 4) in the Gallery? I have 16 items (4 rows of 4) that I’d like to show on the same page.

With reference to the template, this would be the Portfolio—> Small page.


Thanks, Shawn


I am editing the site a bit and I change the location of the navigation menu to be in the header section right under the header widget. I am having an issue in fire fox. When I hover over the heading the menu drop down hides behind next section. Do you have any suggestion on how I might fix that. I have tried several different methods and none seem to work. If you need to see what I’m talking about you can go here to see a screen shot.


thanks, Kara


i love this theme but there is something weird…

on some pages and posts the first sentence gets added to the bottom

see here http://www.blackjack-online.nl/frontpage-bottom/ http://www.blackjack-online.nl/blackjack-spelregels/

its also on the homepage…

however on this page it does not happen


please have a look thank you


Hi Kristof,

It’s bug with MyReviewPlugin. You need to contact support of this plugin with next information:

Plugin outputting “review” micro-format data after content and hides it by next code style="text-indent: -99999em;" BUT inside this data plugin outputting tag BR and all content after this tag are visible.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

thanks for the tip

went looking for an alternative way to say style=”text-indent: -99999em;

and used height: 0; overflow: hidden;

now its working great

Hi how do I add content in the area under the teases where it is white same as you have displayed in the demo preview

Hi Wshaw2,

It’s content of page that you’ve set like a frontpage. Check provided documentation how to set frontpage, also.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

does this theme support widgets – is it widgetized?

Hi Jayesky,

Sure, it’s widgetized and support unlimited sidebars.

Cheers, Kostiantyn.