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I really liked the theme, only question is if I can increase the width of the side menu to adjust my menu items because I see that they will not fit. Or if it is possible to scroll the text, because I did a test editing the DOM by the browser and I see that does not show all the content of a very large title. If you can confirm me if it is possible one of the 2 options please thank you

The is a variable called @menubar-width: 240px; in less/shared/variables.less. You can change this value and recompile the .less files.


I need to have offcanvas-actiobar like card sticked at the bottom on the canvas pane if the content height is not full height. How do I do that?


This is not standard supported by the theme.You could try it with JS.

How difficult is it to change the primary/accent colors of this design? If possible, what are the steps especially considering the variants?

The colors are defined in /less/shared/variables.less. If you change the colors, you need to recompile the .less files to .css.

Hi, Is there angular version for this template. we are looking to have which matches our concept

There is no angular version available.

icon is not working when download zip file

Icon is not working on firefox browser

Firefox has a strict “file uri origin” policy that is preventing access to web fonts from folders that are not in the root. This only matters when you’re working locally and not from a web server.

So once you put it online, the icons will display correctly.

Hello I just purchased the Material Admin Theme but I quickly found out after downloading it that this theme is much different than what I was expecting. It is very similar in appearance however I intended to use this with an existing Materialize CSS site and this is not that Material Admin theme (they also have one with the same title but Google brought me here), I feel there may have been a mistake and I do not intend to use this license, may I get a refund please?

Click here to find out more about refunds.

I am a developer, i suggest my client about this theme. client buy and gave to me. But i found all the mini icon is not showing like dashboard, email icon Can you please help me about this ?

Are you using Firefox?

Any tips on working with floating labels and javascript input? When using javascript to populate a form that has a floating label, the input overlaps the label and the label does not rise up. Thanks.

Hi there, for forms that has autocomplete, the label doesnt move up to display the input values. How do i solve this?

Hi, i need help to update some js modules. Select2 ajax option is not working now. Thanks in advance.

Uncaught Error: Option ‘ajax’ is not allowed for Select2 when attached to a <select> element.

Hi guys, is there anybody that could update select2 with the template styles?

First: nice template!

I know that is not in the purchased template, but do you know about something like a “menu navwalker” for WordPress, that works with your menu code?

(i am writing your template as a wordpress theme for a project and have problems with your menu)

I am sorry but I am not so familiar with wordpress


Is not working and returning this error

Fatal error: Method Parser\View_Twig::__toString() must not throw an exception, caught Error: Call to undefined method Error::error_handler() in /customers/1/a/4/codecovers.eu/httpd.www/index.php on line 81 Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Error::shutdown_handler() in /customers/1/a/4/codecovers.eu/httpd.www/fuel-1.6.1/core/bootstrap.php:63 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: {closure}() #1 {main} thrown in /customers/1/a/4/codecovers.eu/httpd.www/fuel-1.6.1/core/bootstrap.php on line 63

Thank you for letting me know.

the plugin has a useful feature to hide side menu items, however, now hidden I can not access to plugins menus to change anything?


Can you help us with our project for money?

Hello, few pages on the preview of your template don’t work, is there a chance for a fix? http://preview.themeforest.net/item/material-admin-bootstrap-admin-html5-app/full_screen_preview/10646222 Regards

Thank you for noticing. So kind of you to make me aware.

I have fixed the error. It was an error related to a version update in the backend. So there are no errors in the template files you can download.

How to you start the default project?


I just purchased the theme but there is no default entry for the app. How do I see the same demo as on the website?

You can pick any file in the folder materialadmin/html. On the website you start in the folder materialadmin/html/dashboards/dashboard.html

Good afternoon,

I am writing to ask you about your dashboard templates. The code will be released to us in an html/js files in a zip file, github…? We would be interested to have the code to modify and adapt the template to our needs, also, we would like to know if there are limitations in the number of programmers who can modify the code

Thanks regards.

Good afternoon, I am writing to ask you about your html templates in themeforest. The code will be released to us by an html/js files in a zip file, github…?

We would be interested to have the code to modify and adapt the template to our needs, also, we would like to know if there are limitations in the number of programmers who can modify the code.

Thank you, regards.

You can download the template as a zip file after purchase. You can then change the code as you see fit. Multiple programmers are allowed to change this as long as you use the template in a single end product as stated in the licence terms.


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