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I really like your template. All works except the tabs. The first tab is not being set for some reason. It works only if I add the default jqueryui.css. How do I get it to work with your CSS?

BTW: It seems this is a common problem, but your demo shows it working. Any help would be

Jose @

Nevermind.. I used the jquery :first-child addClass(‘active’). We’re good.

Great template!

I am having some difficulty displaying a select menu with multiple rows. If I use <select size="10">...</select> it renders correctly but then immediately collapses back into a single line. How do I get around this? Thanks.

Hello, please could you tell me how I can add new font-awesome icons (such as those in version 3.2)? I have tried adding lines to the font-awesome.css file like:

.icon-shield:before { content: ”\f132”; }

but this does not seem to work.

Many thanks,


I’m having an issue with the menus when viewing on an iPhone. I am running the latest IOS 7 which is probably the issue.

Do you know if you have any plans on fixing it? I tested the template from themeforest and it is doing the same thing.

Basically the extra menu pops up on the phone but when you click it doesn’t actually take you to the page. It will just disappear.

Good afternoon. I am having a problem with the flot charts workin in IE8. Do you know of any compatibility issues with this browser? The charts do not render at all, and the browser shows the error ”’data’ is null or not an object” in file: jquery.flot.min.js.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Hello Mate, I have checked it in all browser & its working fine, if you have trouble in rendering you can take help from the float chart site :


Hi, thanks for the help. One other thing. I have a popover tooltip that is quite tall and the top of it is not visible as it overlaps the edge of the browser window. Is there a way to adjust the position to move it down a bit? Thanks!

please add this css into matrix.css { margin-top:2px;} by adding this css the tooltip is showing bit down, if you want it more down you can change in { margin-top: ()px; }

please let me know if any query


Great template – was wondering if there any plans on updating the Top menu to include a submenu which might pull open a secondary deeper menu?

This looks awesome.;

Do you show how to get the information for the graphs. I would like to pull in data from my database is that possible.

Nice Template but have a two issue 1. When I click on dashbord, open the dashbord but when scrolling Up, automatic dashbord is close. I am use android OS and Firefox browser.

2. When I click on the My Profile option but can’t click My Profile option.

hey we do not support angular if you have any query regarding html js, then you can contact us.

But it is js problem. scrolling Up, automatic dashboard menu is close.