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nice one mate :)
I hope you sales a lot

Thanks ;-)

nice theme can the buy now button be an outside link instead of paypal?


we can help you do that – simply sign up for our support forum and the programmer will help you out :-)



Nice theme, good idea. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

Thank you!

wow this is very nice.. good luck!

Thanks – glad you like it! ;-)

I have a feeling I will buy this one. Looks very exciting.

do not hesitate ;D

great theme… i wish I had a use for it just to used it!

haha, thanks ;-)

Looks fantastic!


Sweet! This is a great idea. Well done!

Thanks :)

Very nice work;)

Thank you!

Awesome work! Good luck :)


your server is down!


thanks for then notice – everything seems to be okay again!

Cheers Bebel


Great theme, awesome design.

Are you planning to add a way for people to submit their own events?

I think that would make this theme blow up?



thanks for the warm words :-)

no plans at the moment for a user submitting feature – that would be as complicated as creating a whole new theme ;D

But check out Matrix – it has some pretty cool features already! Cheers Bebel

can not see Paypal


We didn’t include a paypal event in the preview so no one accidently buys anything ;) (paypal’s terms don’t allow implementing it in our preview like that either)

It is very easy to implement though and we offer an easy step by step guide in our help file.

Cheers Bebel

wonderful work you deserve it thanks

Thanks man!

Can multiple listings/events be added? Will you consider adding Front end submission?


Yes – you can add as many events as you want. There is an overview page for events and users can also see the upcoming events in the timeline to the left (you can turn that off in the backend if you don’t like the timeline!) Front end submissions are not possible I am afraid. But you can always use a mail submission system (people can send you an emal about the events they want to add)

Cheers Bebel

Really great work here! Congratulations!

Thanks mate :)

Hi Bebel,

Amazing Theme!

Just two questions: 1. I’m looking for a way to add an extra tab such as gallery with additional content. Is there a way to do it? (maybe with an extra taxonomy?)

2. Is it possible to ask at event registration for a document? I want the users to be able to upload an image or pdf.

Thanks, Laurent.

Hey Daelorn!

Thanks for purchasing. For support and further information, please register at our support forums at

Thanks a lot!

Hi Bebel,

Is it normal that when I sign in I get into wp-admin?


yes – you are shown the user backend. Revisit the site to go to the forums :)

Cheers Bebel

Hello Bable,

I just bought the theme and install it.

It just keep giving me Error 404! Page Not Found.

Hello Bebel,

Can you please refund my payment? no answers no feedback no support. programmer is out of city.

I have been asking for support for the last 4 weeks and no answers.

I will be waiting for your reply.


sorry for the delay. We had some internal communication problems that are worked out now. All the support requests until today are taking care of now and the support will be up to its standards as of now :)


Bebel Team,

No one has replied or gave me support for the last 5 weeks, You have no support.

I have asked you several times to refund the 45$ and you keep telling me you support is sick, your support is out of the city.

FOR THE LAST TIME REFUND THE MONEY and dont tell me your programmer is PREGNANT now.

i have tried to contact u via support forum email and now here.No one has answered my questions. please if you do not offer support please tell us this. i would have never brought the theme if i knew i couldnt reach you

Hey Digitalbrandz!

Sorry for keeping you waiting! Our programmer is out of town for a couple of days, but he will be back very soon. I will make sure the first thing he will do is to take a look at the forums.

Please rest assured that supporting our clients is a top priority to us!

Thanks for understanding!

Thanks for speeding up support. When using an event theme it also means we have deadlines established :)


yes, we totally agree! However, our developer is currently due to an illness not available. We are looking for a replacement as we speak and will probably be able to resume support on monday.

Thank you very much for understanding!