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Any idea when the demo will be back online? Thanks. Kevin

i am also unable to ping the demo from command line… i get ping: unknown host

It works from ubuntu so I don’t think is something related to linux, there might be a problem with the dns server from your isp, my custom dns server does not respond to certain requests and maybe because of this some dns servers refuse to make name requests, I will investigate this.

You can temporarily add to your hosts file, server ip address is

# Comments Here
# End of /etc/hosts

Instructions here

cool. modifying the hosts files works. i can now see the demo. thanks

Hey nicole_89 beautiful template. I love it. I am having problems with firefox browsers. It works great on safari and chrome. Its slow on windows explorer but still works but on firefox the icons to click on the products on the homepage do not work. Here is a link to my site, please help.


Please ask support questions using the account from which you made the purchase.


Hi there!

Love the template!

Cant seem to get the contact box working. Do you know where i can insert a recipient email address for them to be sent to.


I’m probably missing something painfully obvious, just cant see it!


Thank you. The email used to receive messages sent through contact page is configured in opencart admin > system > settings > general > e-mail

If your email is configured correctly then probably there is a problem with your email server or your php email configuration.

You can change opencart email server configuration from opencart admin > system > settings > mail you can ask your hosting provider for correct email server configuration.

IS this an opencart theme? It says nothing about compatibility with opencart version.


This is the html version of the theme, you can find the opencart version here

Hi there,

the slider buttons are showing some strange characters online. they display correctly locally, they should look like this < and >

I cant seem to find the script that the slider buttons is.

can you help?



The slider arrows are ‹ & lsaquo; & #8249; and › & rsaquo; & #8250; probably the encoding of the html file is changed by your ftp server or http server.

To avoid this you can replace the characters with the html notation, edit nivo-slider.html and replace

prevText:"‹", nextText:"›" 


prevText:"& lsaquo;", nextText:"& rsaquo;" 

without space between & and html entity code I added the space to avoid parsing the html entity code in html.

Worked like a dream!

thank you so much!


Sorry to bother you again!

Just noticed the template doesn’t work on mobiles like it does in the example.

It responds fine when reducing the size of a window on desktop. But doesn’t do the same on mobiles. I have tested on apple and android.

any ideas?

thanks again


all the other pages are working as they should, just not the index.

I checked the theme javascript on your website and you have an old version of the theme, please redownload the theme from themeforest and update js/matrix.js

Let me know if it still doesn’t work after update and please clear your browser cache after update to make sure that the new js is loaded.

Thanks nicole!

all working perfectly!

Hi Nicole ! I just purchased this template, I really loved it. But, it seemed that I just got the same problem as Jay414.

In order to receive mails, where should I put my email adress in code ?

I didn’t understand your answer to Jay414. Also, there isn’t a form contact in the css or js file, and no php file either.

How should I process ?

Thanks, Camille

Hi Nicole ! Sorry for my late answer, I had a lot of work and I just started to put videos in our website. It works ! I changed the files you did mentioned. Just one problem, the video isn’t “responsive”. I have several project page. I wanted to put, instead of the first image, a vimeo video. We can play it online but it’s smaller than the size slider. How can I fix it ? Is it possible ?

I could simply change the size of the video in its but the video will be too big in smaller windows that some users use. (Hope I’m clear…)

How should I do ?

Thanks for your patience, Have a nice day, Camille

“in its i frame “


You can try this solution to make vimeo embed responsive

Ello, Lovely design! Does this template allow for tags and filters? I’d ideally like to have a number of different categories and have the ability to tag and filter within each category.

Thank you :)


Thank you, this is only an html template, it doesn’t work as a standalone website with filters and tags without integrating into a cms first.

Hi Nicole, love your template. Where do I go to enable the javascript to activate my contact form? I’m kinda a newb at this.



Thank you, this is only an html template and the contact form does not have server side code, however you can add a to form action to make it to send you emails, here is an example

Hi Nicole, we just bought this template, but the Ajax and effects part does not work at all when we go through effects pages.

We just get the same behaviour as the html version of your demo… but not the php version : - uploaded version : - your working version : - your broken version :

Can you please explain how to get the version working as in the demo ?



Php files are not included in the theme package because of themeforest review rules, I emailed you the php files used in the demo.

I want to remove the magnifying glass icon and have the entire tile be clickable. where do i go to change that code?

Please ask support questions from the account from which you made the purchase.

I want to remove the magnifying glass icon and have the entire tile be clickable. where do i go to change that code? and what would the code be?

You can remove the icon by either adding display none to

.item .actions {

in style.css line 2280 or by deleting the icon from html directly

<div class="actions">
    <a href="project.html" class="desc_view ajax_right icon-search"></a>

To make the entire block clickable or any part of it just add

onclick="loadUrl('project.html', true)" 

for example

<div class="item" onclick="loadUrl('project.html', true)">
     <div class="image">

first paramter is the url and second parameter true means the link will open on the right of the screen, this works only with ajax on non localhost.

If you wish I can send you the php files used in the demo, just send me a message using the contact form on my profile page and I will reply with the files.

Thanks. I was angle to remove the icon but i can not get the on click to work. I’m familiar with basic html and css but everything else I’m new to so I’m very unfamiliar with everything else. when you say this only works with ajax on non localhost what exactly does that mean?

IE11 support?


Template supports IE11.

I found a small issue.

When I click any image and it will pop up the details panel in right side.

However, after I close the details panel, you will find that it appears a lot of white space at bottom.

How can I fix it?

Thanks for the bug report, I fixed it and also sent you the fix.

Hi, can I get the PHP files from the Demo. Seem when I try to convert to PHP, it just sits waiting to load, but never does. Same code, just PHP files..


Send me a message using the contact from on my profile page and I will reply with the files.

Hi there,

Just bought the theme and love it. I was a little confused by seeing the open cart version and buying the html version (which I wanted).

But after seeing some of the features on the open cart version ie open product preview as well as slide out from the left. I have to say I would like that feature too. Also I like the full product pages. Is there HTML from that I can use if I buy the opencart version? Do you do any freelance work to build these?

Many thanks,



Those features were added later and the html version does not have them, unfortunately I don’t plan to add them to the html version.

I occasionally take freelance jobs but my hourly rate is pretty high compared to themeforest prices.

Understood. Could you email me with any info related to your hourly rate and your availability please. qporia [at]

Many thanks,



You can find a list of my services here you can contact me using the contact form on my profile page.

please Please would you give me a link to learn how to build an e-commerce in html? and then with the theme matrix html?


This theme is only html and does not have php modules, if you are using the php version of matrix please post questions on the item comments section here

my need is only to make available the research into the website

Can I please get the demo PHP files?

Hi, Looks nice. Any plans update it for Bootstrap 4?