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Hi Nicole! Great Theme! Is it possible to insert a video into product page? It’s works by flexslider,which can play video from youtube or vimeo. Thank you!


Thank you. Even if flexslider supports videos opencart slideshow modules only supports images.

You can only add videos using welcome module by pasting the youtube embed code into content field but this has the limitation that it can’t be set per product, you can only add the same video for all products.

Thank’s for anser! Is it possible to change the slideshow module at product page to give it ability play video from vimeo or youtube? Or i have to chose the HTML version of this theme to do it by more easy way?

The slideshow from product page displays product gallery from opencart admin that only allows images to be uploaded, if you want to display the same video for all products then you can edit template/product/product.tpl and insert the video at the end of the slides directly in slider html code, if you want a different video then this is not possible.

The html version is just static, you need to either integrate into a cms or maintain the website manually by editing the html file for each product.

Hi Nicole. Is it possible to create different sized tiles. Is it possible to create a Profile Login & Register for users.

Not knowing this, Is there room for a credit refund?

Because of the nature of digital goods, refunds are provided only if the item is not as described, which is not the case, more info here https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

Thank You.

Hi, I really love this theme and would like to purchase but before I do I would like to know a few things:

- Can there be different size images on the grid (portrait and landscape mixed)? If not, can we have portrait and landscape within the product page itself (the product slider)?

-What are the restrictions/limitations for images I would need to know in general for both grid gallery and product page?

- When we purchase and install will the install look exactly like the demo or would we have to start from scratch?

- How would we change settings and options that in the ‘panel’ of your demo? where would those options be located?

- The menu shows as semi transparent white, can the semi transparency and color be changed easily?

-Is it possible to have a thin white border around each image?

-Any plans on being compatible with Opencart 2.0?

Thank you!


The image size ratio (portrait/landscape) can be changed from javascript

What kind of restrictions? there are no theme image size restrictions.

The theme is very easy to install, it only has one module on homepage on my demo (opencart latest module)

The panel from demo is also shown on your store for admin users and has the same options.

You can edit the semitransparent css in styles/ folder and change it to a different color, you only need to change some rgba colors.

You can add borders to grid items from masonry js options. This theme will not be compatible with oc2.

Thank you, very helpful. Can we add a mega menu type plugin easily? Something like this but compatible with your template:


If so, can you please send me a link to one? I’d like to have a mega menu instead of plain text drop down.

Thank you so much and great work!

The theme uses a custom menu combined with opencart category menu, it doesn’t have a megamenu module, I don’t think there is a megamenu module compatible with the theme out of box, it will require some tweaking to make it work.

I forgot to ask one other thing, in styles option there is only white, red, green, turquoise and black. Is there an easy way to add our own color that will change the entire template instead of having to change each individual color?

Eacy style is a css file, you can easly clone one of the css files and replace the color with your own, they are located in styles/ folder the new style will be automatically visible in the panel.

Hello I bought your theme but I am getting errors on homepage. Can you please help? I dont want to share the link in this comment box because it is in testmode…

This is the problem with mobile browsers that they don’t have a js console to show the error and if you don’t own the device to delete line by line and see the cause is just a shot in the dark and by looking at the code I can’t see anything that can break, I also don’t understand what is different on newer mobile devices, I thought it was the xhr permission thing but I fixed in the last update.

So what do we do now? Keep it broken?

Unfortunately I can’t fix something that I can’t reproduce or test.

Is there an easy way to get a boxed layout instead of full width? Also can you put up some portrait images in mixed with landscape so we could see how it looks on the grid?

Thank you!

The theme can’t have a boxed layout, aspect ratio can only bet set globally for all images from js/matrix.js

Can you upload a portrait picture in the matrix demo to see how it work? Or is only for landscape pictures? Love the theme it’s just what I need, but I have a mix of portrait and landscape pictures


The theme can’t show mixed portrait and landscape images, the setting for image ratio is global and can only show either landscape or portrait images, to change image aspect ratio you need to edit js/matrix.js line 309

var width_height_ratio = 1.6;

this is currently landscape with 1.6, for square you can use 1 and for portrait you need to use something under 1 for example 0.8, you can test various numbers until you get the desired aspect ratio.

Hi, thx for a great theme. I have only one issue. On the information page when I place a link to a file: download file the file is not being downloded, the binary body of the file is being displayed instead… is there a way to force the browser to download the file instead of displaying its contents?


You need to add download attribute to the link http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_a_download.asp

I did… didn’t help. I also tried to do some changes in .htaccess file to treat all PDFs as ForceType application/octet-stream. Still nothing.

Try putting them in the root .htaccess and also in the .htaccess where the pdf file is located you also need to add content disposition attachment header.

<FilesMatch "\.(pdf|mov|mp3|jpg|mp4|avi|wmv)$">
   ForceType application/octet-stream
   Header set Content-Disposition attachment


<Location "/uploads/documents/">
    <Files *.*>
        ForceType application/octet-stream
        Header set Content-Disposition attachment

Hello .. I bought and installed the theme …. but this giving error on the site:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Model Tool Image :: crop size () in /home/great627/public_html/catalog/controller/module/nicosequenceslider.php on line 57


Please use the account from which you made the purchase to ask support questions.


I bought the theme without checking the compatibility, how do I return it?

Hi there, you know on home page you have products. Can that be exchanged with categories ?


You can show any module on homepage, currently the theme is designed to work only with slider and products module, the theme does not have a category module that can be used on homepage.