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Hi is there a way to change the background colour of the images? The default background colour is white and does not go with my theme. I tried changing it in system/library/image.php but it did not work so I assume that with this module installed it has to be changed else where. I have gone through mattimeo theme colour menus but still no luck. This really would enhance the look of my site so need it badly. Thankyou

Hello! When you crop an image background color is specified in the file system\library\image.php model RGB $this->image, 255, 255, 255 and FFFFFF You can change these values. After changing the image will need to upload to the site again.

Hi Katilina, Will you please respond to my two emails! Thank you!

Hello, You wrote to me through the form of sending letters but did not specify a return address. You installed vqmod But it does not work. In the folder vqmod/xml should be 9 files. Check the permissions on the folder vqmod/vqcache and check for the file there

Hey, Katilina, will you update the theme to oc 2?

Hi, in the near future, I can not do it

Thanks for the great theme ! For the custom menu links, can I add multiple levels of submenu to it ? Or I need to do it in custom html to make it work ? Thanks !

Hello! Customer submenu can only be done in html

Thanks! Did you mean I can only create one custom html? If I want to make more than one, I need to add by coding?

Yes, you can create only one

2.0 compatible soon, when?


I have some problems about the image of category in the menu.

In the view/theme/mattimeo/template/common/menutheme.php, I found that $categories doesn’t include [img] using print_r, so that when I add an image in the category, it can’t be displayed.

May I know where can I modify $this->data‘categories’ so that it can include the category image? Is it catelog/controller/common/header.php ?

Thanks !

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t why it still doesn’t work even I insert the code directly in the catalog/controller/common/header.php.

Would you mind to help me take a look ? Thanks.

send me link your site stripedcat@yandex.ru

sent, thanks !

hi.. opencart 2.0 theme update?

Hi will there be an opencart 2.0 update ?


I emailed you through the contactform on themeforest for support, but no respons. Can you please respond?!

Thank you!

Hi, we like your theme and want to buy it, but first we want to know: is there any chance that you will update it to opencart 2.0 soon?

Hello! In the near future is not planned. I’m sorry

Hello, Can this template implement payment by Credit Card and not Pay Pal only? Thanks