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bitsquare does not currently provide support for this item.

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Good looking theme! Pre-purchase question… can the background me an uploaded image? If so, I’m sold! Thanks,


My slider is not working. I have tried both using a featured post and creating slides. Neither works.


reneebrowne, look at this:

The latest jquery version seems to not work with the theme. We’re are trying to release the update theme with the fix this Sunday. Till then, you can use a wp plugin like this one to load an older Jquery version for now: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-jquery-cdn/

This had working for me.


Thanks BlogPirate, I installed the plugin and now its working!

Any news with the Maverick subscribe widget? I have tried to activate it and I still get: “line 2: parser error : AttValue: ” or ’ expected in /home/techdepo/public_html/wp-content/themes/maverick/functions.php on line 423”. Can this be solved or has any workaround?

Thanks for this theme, so much bang for your buck :)

I only have one question: How do i create a (text)widget without the defined style? Only the padding has to go. I tried to fix this with a css class plugin and adding a new class in style.css and sidebar registration in functions.php but it seems like it’s not working properly because the theme is exploding.

Many thanks in advance, - vonH

Hello Lately the theme gives many errors. I don’t know what happens.
I enclose the error_log to see if you know how to fix it.


I await your response.
Best regards.

Hello, I love your theme and purchased it. My slider seems not to work anymore. The slider manager is set up and it was working until i last went on it, and there is nothing showing in the slider frame. How can this be fixed?

Slider not working :(

GReat Theme, one question. In category page, it seems that the order of the articles doesn’t take in consideration the flag “article in evidence” ? Is a way to implement it? Thanks (sorry for my english)

Hey is there a way to extend the search, so it include pages? I installed some search plugins, but I think it’s because of the search.php of the theme that they are not working.

Whenever I search something it searches only the posts not the pages. Really need to fix this!

Hey bitsquare,

I’m reaching out to see if you can contact me regarding some more custom work I need done with your theme.

Thanks, Mike

Is there anybody? it seems that there is no support for more than 5 months… Helloooo

Very sad no support this was an excelent theme :(

Hi I didn’t realised this theme has no support any more, but I have already changed my web and have many problems!! I write here in case someobe can help, thanks!!

TWITTER – it’s not working, I have change code as giltesa said, but nothing…

Having trouble with my slider as well. I’ve tried both settings (slider manager and from posts).. www (dot) webbexpert (dot) com..Thoughts? Does it require that 4 are posted or are 4 just the max? I’ve been poking thru code for a while today, and don’t see where it would be hidden. Thanks in advance!

I did not expected such cheat from an author like you, You have taken my money and wasted 3 months and now you are not even responding

This is my website using this theme: http://thisisthecommunity.com/ When browsing the various blogs in any given category, you can see if one has a comment or not. But if you click the comment link, you are only redirected to the top of the page and not to the comment. Any idea why?

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