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Hello guys, WP 4.5 is coming soon. So is your theme ready for it or will you release a new version of Maxima for WP 4.5? regards René


We have to test it first. So you shouldn’t update it until we announce. You may follow on our FB page :)

it is safe to upgrade to wordpress 4.5?

As we tested we haven’t found any issues with WP4.5 so it should be fine to update. But if you find any bugs/erros, please feel free to let us know. We will fix it ASAP.

However, please also make sure that all your being used plugins are compatible with WP4.5 as well.

Hi, where can I find the file?

It’s the same one ;)

Where can I find the purchase code for the Layer Slider.

The purchase code for slider is not necessary. It’s used for auto updater. However, the slider that’s included in this theme is being used as ‘Extended license’, it’s considered as a bonus file which doesn’t support auto updater. If you need to use auto updater, you have to purchase slider’s regular license separately. But as I said, It’s not necessary, you can still use slider that come with the theme like its’ regular license and we still keep pushing slider’s update in future theme’s version as well ;)

Hey, any known issues with WP4.5 and blog pagination? I’m not sure as to the cause at the moment but was around the time we updated to WP4.5. Clicking the next page link seems to load the correct URL and the pagination links reference the correct page, however the posts shown are the same as a previous page.

Since we’ve had almost no issues with the theme I hadn’t even looked for updates. We’re on 1.06 and the latest I can download is 1.09, is the pagination fix later than that?

Yes the problem was fixed in v1.09 However, you can also replace only this file too ” include/function/blog-item.php ” this file fix the pagination problem.


Thanks – fixed.

the script of Accordion does not work, fields remain open, can you fix it, thanks .

Can you try to disable all plugins if it’s working? It might be conflicted with on of your plugin.


What is the last LayerSlider version on the theme ?


It’s 5.6.2. If you need the latest one, please send the query through the form in my profile page. I’ll send you the file.

Cheers! :)

Hello, wocommerce did a major update to 2.6.+ last weeks. Does Maxima 1.09 (latest version) support WC 2.6.+ or are there any known issues? Cheers René

If you’re using WC with this theme then it’s should be fine to update :)

However, there’s non known issues yet but if it’s occurred, please feel free to submit ticket so we can help checking.

No more updates for this theme?

Right now, this theme is pretty stable. But we also still provide update to make sure that it works with current WP version. However, if you find any bugs, please feel free to let us know. We’re willing to help fix it :)

Does this theme support WP 4.6? As you always have to use the latest version, you cannot sell themes for old WP versions?


Yes, you can update to WP4.6. Sorry but we need to update theme to run smoothly with lastest WP version. However, It MIGHT work with old version but we didn’t test it. But it’s a good thing to update your WP(for security reason in some time.)


Hello. I need the site to have chat. Do the templates have already a chat modulo, or is it possible to add it ? Thank you.


We don’t have chat module built in with the theme. You have to use third party plugin in this case.

Thanks for interest by the way :)

Hi ! Thank you very much for both your answers ! Best regards

Hello, I’m using Maxima V 1.09. Is it ready for WP 4.7?

We haven’t fully tested it yet. Will officially announce in our FB page.

Cheers! :)

Hello, Woccommerce 2.7 is coming soon and I’m running Maxima 1.09. Is your theme ready for new WC? Cheers!

I checked on their site and it’s still 2.6.14 so I suggest you to wait until they officially release it.

Now WC 3.0 is live with new product gallerie. Will Maxima 1.09 will work fine with new WC?


I think it should be fine ;)

Hello, I’m using Maxima V 1.09. Is it ready for WP 4.8?

We haven’t fully tested this version but we will announce in FB page once it’s ready ;)

Hi, please, do you have news about new Wordpress 4.8? Is compatible with last version of Maxima theme? Thanks. :)

Currently, it should be fine. We didn’t get any report about the crash with wp4.8 yet. However, if you have any problems, feel free to let us know so we can help fixing ASAP :)

Maxima theme v.1.10 works very fine in Wordpress 4.8. Thanks.


hjs2k9 Purchased

Hi there,

I downloaded the latest version (still was on version from 2013) and now I have the problem, that the fonts I select in the admin area are not used on the website. Looks as if Times New Roman is used no matter which font I select. Only the default option changes the look of the font. What is the problem here?

And another question: Can I make the main. div in the middle in which all the content is displayed wider so that I have more space to show my content?


Can you please send wp access + ftp access through the form in this page > ?

Please also copy the message into the form as well so we can recognise your case. We will help inspecting directly.


hjs2k9 Purchased

Thank you very much. But is this necessary? I am not allowed to give ftp access to the company’s server. :-(

Ok, at least please provide wp access first because we need to check on that directly.

Hey people! Its not support request.. But I founded a critical bug. After update to Wordpress 4.8 and last version of theme (1.10), the added itens in pages and posts are not saved (like message-box and others). When I try to open and edit the itens, these are empty. A big problem. Now I can not edit anymore my initial page :(

We’ve tested this and it’s fine on our side that’s why we need the access to test from your end direcrtly.

Cheers! :)

Right. I will create a new copy of my site and try to find the problem. Wait for my reply. I will try send you the access to files and wordpress of this new instance too.

Ok sure! BTW, you can also create a temporary account and send the one from your real site too. Many customers do this and we won’t touch, change any content from your site. Maybe just created a test page.


hjs2k9 Purchased

Can you answer this question? Can I make the main. div in the middle in which all the content is displayed wider so that I have more space to show my content? If so how?


hjs2k9 Purchased

Thanks for your answer, but that is funny. This code only makes the middle container wider. The header part, where the menu is, as well as the footer part remain small.

There must be something like a wrapper which wraps around all elements, right? How can I make that one wider without making the website look like crap :-)


hjs2k9 Purchased

How much would such a customization be? It would be really great to be able to make the whole box wider. Other themes allow for a custom width for the box.

What is your site url please? I’ll try to see if it requires that much customization or not.

I have buy this theme but I cant install again in a other wordpress to replace it in a new webadres of the same license. And give a error “bad autentic data” what must i do to let it work. What do I wrong

The reason the client wanted a new webadress so a new database and install of wordpress:(

Hello, my client would like to make the personnel boxes smaller on his website, could you please point to me where I can do that? This is the page: Thanks!

Sorry for late reply. Can you make this more clear please? Do you want the thumbnail a bit smaller or the whole box smaller? if the whole box, this can’t be done.