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Excellent theme:)

Thanks ;)

Very Nice Design, GLWS ;)

Thanks !!

Fantastic job!GLWS :)

Thanks !

Nice Onepage Template :)

Thanks metrothemes!

Good work bro keep it up :)

Thanks bro :)

Nice and Clean job, GLWS ;)

thanks :)

awesome work, I am loving it :D

thanks ;)

Great work, any chance of having a wp responsive version?

Thanks ! there will be wp version soon :)

Awesome work. All best!

thanks ThemeREX !

well done. a great theme. highly recommended!!

quick question, is there an easy way to change a feature in the “our-clients” section. want the flips to flip on click and NOT hover. thx.


Hi ahenry,

To make client box flip at click event please follow the steps below:

1) Open main.css file (assets/css/main.css)

2) find followning style:

.flip-container:hover .client-back, .flip-container.hover .client-back{ display:block; }

3) replace it with:

.flip-container.hover .client-back{ display:block; }

4) Now open main.js file (assets/js/main.js)

find following code:

$(’.flip-container’).hover(function () { $(’.flip-container’).removeClass(‘hover’); $(this).addClass(‘hover’); });

5) Replace it with:

$(’.flip-container’).click(function () { $(’.flip-container’).removeClass(‘hover’); $(this).addClass(‘hover’); });

That should do it.

If you have any more questions please use our support form (link below) and we will gladly help you out with any issues.


When will you guys have a WP version of Maximus? Btw – Great Theme!

Hi e4chess, Thanks for your kind words and your interest. The wordpress version will be ready in 2-3 weeks time.

Awesome looking theme and yes a WP version would be great. I am thinking about buying this right now anyway but my only problems is with the work section. Instead of just having a lightbox, having the option to go into a project page with each portfolio item would make this theme perfect!

Hi jonolow,

Thanks for your interest in our theme, we are adding 2 types of portfolio details options (ajax popup and separate detail page) in the coming update in 3-4 days. I will let you know when its up.

Awesome, thanks for the prompt reply… I’m in :)


Just letting you know what we added the portfolio pages, you can check the demo for the 2 options which are added. :)


the ABOUT US carousel is not working well in older Internet Explorer Browsers (for example IE8), it doesn’t display the text but only the hover.

Is there a fix for this problem?

Thank you,


Hello Remy,

Please visit our support form on the link below and create a support ticket there and we will get back to you with the solution asap.


Excellnt Work :D I like it !! Good Luck with sales

Thanks :D


On the buttons Learn More in the about section is it possible to have a link to the services section?



Hi Rob,

Thanks for the purchasing the template.

It is possible to link to services section, for that you have to do some modification in the js file. You can create a ticket on our support from and the developers will guide you how to achieve that.


Hii everyone

i purchase Maximus wordpress theme but when i tried to installed i get the below error:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


The template you purchased is HTML template as mentioned in the title, that is the reason you are getting the error message.

Is there an updated HTML version yet that addresses the lack of functionality in the OUR CLIENTS LOVE US section when viewed from iPhones?


thanks for purchasing the template.

I am looking into this issue, will get back to you with the solution.

How easy, or difficult, would it be to use this theme, with very little (ie. none at all) knowledge of scripting/coding/CSS/etc?

I have dreamweaver CS6, and I am hoping I can open it and simply replace the copy and portfolio images.


Let me rephrase that-

How easy, or difficult, would it be to use this theme, with very little (ie. none at all) knowledge of scripting/coding/CSS/etc? I’m not completely html illiterate, but my website building days ended with GoLive… yeah, it’s been a while.

I have the latest dreamweaver and while I’m sure I could figure out where and how the content should be added/swapped, I am hoping to avoid or keep any coding required to a minimum.

I’m itching to buy it and improve my current site by 1000x! (You dont even want to know how I made that one.)


The difficulty level depends on how much modifications you want to make in the template :)

If you keep the similar structure and just change the images content, that wont require any coding for that. But one thing i should make clear that the design doesn’t look exactly like the template in the dreamweaver, some content images can be change from the design view and some require changing form the code view.

So if you really like the template you can go ahead and if you get stuck at any point I can help you out with that :)

Wondering if there’s a way to disable the carousel on the About Us section. I’d like viewers to scroll down through all four items on mobile.


Currently there is no simple way to disabled the carousel, removing it would require modification in the html / css code.

Unfortunate, okay thanks.