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I found 2 problems with the tmcmscontentproduct_page Module

404 on CSS (wrong file name) and JS (missing repertory)

Best regards

Please contact our support team at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ they can help

German translation is not fully implemented. There is a lack of 260 missing translations for the german language.

Is there a date when you fix this? We need this as fast as possible

Alright, let us know if you still have any questions. If you like our theme, please rate it 5 star. It helps us a lot. Thank you for purchase

I am missing some love of the details. Please have a look of the handling for radioboxes on Productvariations. Try to click it. The clickable size is just too small and the descriptiontext doesn’t handle the click.

Here is a Quickfix.

product.tpl Line 378:

<input type=”radio” id=”option{$id_attribute}” style=”width: 15px; height: 20px;” class=”attribute_radio” name=”{$groupName|escape:’html’:’UTF-8’}” value=”{$id_attribute}” {if ($group.default == $id_attribute)} checked=”checked”{/if} /> <label style=”font-weight:400; display:inline;” for=”option{$id_attribute}”> {$group_attribute|escape:’html’:’UTF-8’} </label>

Another point is that the 3 Subbanners ar located in header.tpl and not in index.tpl.

I’m rating yout theme with 5 Starts. But please make some improvments.

Please contact our support team at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ they will resolve it as soon as possible.


We bought this template, enter license key to module… but your service stopped working and back office is loading 20s each page!! (AJAX requests too)... so after 2hours of work i found that this is caused by your function for controlling license!

in modules/templines/notifications.php – commented CURL call in sendRemoteRequest()

Our customer is pissed off. Thank you 4 wasting my time.

Hello, Please contact to our technical team with all your details at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can perfectly guide you with all your theme related issue.