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Huuuuuh i really like this one, something strangely appealing. Details are great! Very good job. good luck with sales!

thank you Anps :)

Beautiful theme! I have no doubt I will make use of this one soon. Thank you for such nice work.

thanks HuberUS. :D

Looks great but its kind of slugish.

thanks, but why can’t i see that .

WOW ! Stunting work!! especially footer section.

thank you . just showing the buyers the differences of widgets between sidebar and footer ;)

Is there a way to make the footer smaller?

of course yes. you can set in in theme option, it comes with 3 style, Large,medium and small :)

Beautiful theme. Only 1 thing I dislike about it, the breadcrumbs space is too big, we always have to scroll down before getting to the main content.

Any option to change that ?


Sorry no, you can hide the breadcums if you dont like it, also, if you want to customize i can do it for you :)


Let me congratulate you for Wonderful design.

Can we change menu from java to css only because drop-down is not working in demo when java-scripts are disabled. Also can we remove search bar from the menu and re-size menu bar so that menu items can accommodate whole menu bar?.

ok may be i’ll update the css in next update. and ofcouse you can hide the search bar on main menu in Interface setting. . now i’m going to update some screenshot of Option Panel :)

ok may be i’ll update the css in next update.

and ofcouse you can hide the search bar on main menu in Interface setting. :) . now i’m going to update some screenshot of Option Panel :)

Looks very nice, congrats :)

Hi, I love the theme and i m thinking of buying it !

I have a few questions !

1) can I move the logo to the center ? (will you guide me to move the logo to the center)

2) Will i be able to create unlimited portfolio pages ?

3) I would like to change the text “client” , “next project” and “description” on the portfolio item page ! can this be done ?

Thanks in advance


Hi salorboy.

if you buy my theme.

1 & 3 : i will help you to change these things. (no any extra fees) 2. you are able to creat unlimited portfolio pages.

cheers :)


Hey budd! Great work btw!

Have some questions before buying this theme;

1. As someone asked earlier, the breadcrumb and title of the page takes to much space in the “height”. Is it possible for you to customize it for us? We need the breadcrumb and title as you have, but it just taking to much height from the content above.

2. Widgets in footer, what can we choose from there? Couldn’t find any information about that. We dont wan’t the 3 alternatives that you have in the demo. We are an Web Agency and would like to have something like, latest works (from portfolio), contact details etc. Is there possible to have that?

3. I noticed you use two different h1-tags on index page (haven’t had time to check other pages). You use one for the top-logo-text and the other one for the first block (Who we are?). Is this something you can fix?

4. For an additional fee/cost, is it possible for you to develop the black bar at the very top? What we’re searching for is something similar that Shopify.com uses when scrolling down, the menu is following you. We want a duplicity of the original menu in the grey bar. Hope your understand what i mean.

Im looking forward to your answers so we can buy your theme and use it :-)

Replied via email !

G’Day, I’ve got a question regarding the forum. When someone visits the site and wants to contribute to the forum, they need to be logged in. Therefore they need to register. However there is no register link for the forum, how does this work? When I click login on the forum it takes me to wp-login.php.

I must be missing something!!!!!

Kind Regards,

Hi robbieball. currently Maxx does not support forum,

but you can customize your way.

If you are using bbPress plugin you can use its Forum login widgets.

And with registration link. you can use meta widget from wordpress built-in . or you can copy the registration link from meta widget and add it to menu.

Remmember you have to allow anyone can register in Setting -> General -> Membership.

if you have any question please drop me a mail. i will reply ASAP .


I purchased this but there is no PSD of the layout for this theme… Can you please send it so that I can make mods to the layout first?

Hi. can you drop me a mail via profile page ?


Your template looks great. I am very interested in purchasing, but I was wondering if I can EASILY do the following:

1. Make the site background plain white instead of the grey crisscross image you currently have;
2. Change the main highlight color to match my current website; and
3. Change the top toolbar to the main highlight color instead of its current black color.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Hi texmex

Thanks for your interests.

to know what you can change in theme option ? Checkout this link: Styling Options (and more demo in Item Description)

with the crisscross background. i will help you to hide it. very easy. just one small line of code to custom css in Styling Options.

so what are you waiting for ? ;)

Great theme … ! Guck luck ! :)

thanks guys ;)

Finally, it released. Congrats, mate :)

Hi Can you please tell me how the “Who we are” , “what we do” and “why Choose us” sections on the home page are created ?

Can you please give me the sample code to display the same?

I need to move the logo to the center and i do not wish to display the social links.

Please Help

(do u have a support forum where i can post these questions ? or is this the place to post ? )

Thanks in advance

Hi Sailorboy. have you read Documentation in main package ? if you haven’t yet, please read it. it will guide you how to create sample data like you see in live preview.

with social link. you can turn it off by setting in theme options.

to align the logo center please drop me a mail via profile page.

Thank you