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How do I change the Footer Colour?

I am using the large footer layout and would like the small bottom bar to be black and the large footer area to be the same colour as my Slider Background Colour.

I tried Footer Widget Background Colour to no avail.


How can I optimize this site for viewing on a smartphone? The rendering time is extremely long on my S3. Thanks.

I was very excited to purchase this item. I have had nothing but problems starting with the install. I bought this because of the slider and cannot get the slider or a home page to publish. Frustrated!!!!!

@Nizzy – Thank you for your help.

We all gree that this theme is “awesome”, but one thing for sure is, the support from the author is very poor. I have plenty of questions but whenever I want to ask for help, I change my mind instantly because what’s the point, the author does not reply to the comments, nor the support emails. Im disappointed and also, im very sorry but I have to rate this 1 STAR as should the rest of you, until we get a nice support for our money.

does anybody know if this theme supports multiple portfolio pages?

Good afternoon, purchase and install the theme, but my hosting provider tells me that this site is very resource and server crashes. My question is: the theme has some pluing that causes abnormal behavior? Thank you very much.

Important, Purchased buyers need to read this:

The support is on going as usual, please submit your question via help desk. I’m not gonna reply in comment section because of i am too busy, i’ll try my best to reply all your question ASAP.

Thanks and best regards


I’m trying to send you a message via your support page however each time I try, your support page tells me my purchase code is invalid… but it isn’t. It’s the one I got from you.

Can you please fix this so I can get my problem fixed.

Thank you for your help -

We just purchased this theme yesterday and I get the message today:

There is a new version of the Maxx theme available. You have version 1.2 installed. Update to version 1.4.3.

—> I used the “installable wordpress file”

Is there a way to send the subscribers a notification email every time a new post is published on the site?

Hi I have been looking at the Maxx website. http://properdo.com/ I wanted to give to my web site developer, I had previously been able to choose different colours, looking at it again I gone over the site again and again and just cant find where i would have been able to change the colour, just on the demo site so the web developer can get an idea of how the purple colours look, has it changed or am i just not looking properly?

I was thinking of buying this product but there does not seem to be too much support, what happens if you run into a wall, your project could just fall over and you would have to start from scratch, are there specialists who can support this product for a fee?

The Googlmaps don’t show in Internet Explorer?

Assist please !

Google Maps don’t show on the contact Page in Internet Explorer?

Please assist

Can I use a transparent slider image to see the background image where the slider image normally is?

Thank you.

I cannot disable comments on pages . . . My site looks funny with the landing page having comments (and I’m not using the site for the scrolling banner—it’s other features that I wanted for my layout). Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi Manh, is there a way to change the Transition effects on the Home page Slider? I’d like the slides to just simply slide from left to right or vice versa. Please let me know if there is a way to do so in the code?

Thank you!

@mozer install jetpack which gives you a widget to allow users to subscribe to be notified when a new post is added. You will need to have a wordpress.com account and link the 2 (all free)

about newsletter subscription form… where can we have, email from people who registate to newsletter form ?